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January 13, 2014 Updates

"We get to experiment with some different styles on offense and defense," Morey said at last week's D-League Showcase, where all 17 teams took part. "Since we've had the Vipers (as single-affiliation) over the four years, we've tried to do different things and incorporate them with the Rockets over time. It's just seeing how teams react (to the three-pointers), how to defend it, so that you can learn how to counter their counter. "There have definitely been things that we've done in the D-League that we've then done with the Rockets. … It's been really great for us." USA Today Sports

December 20, 2013 Updates

Morey said he spoke to Asik personally on Thursday. “It’s pretty likely that Omer is here for quite a long time,” said Morey. “A lot of the dynamics that went into things not working out don’t change, in terms of the contract and things like that. We did feel like we owed it to Omer to give a strong look at it, but nothing ended up materializing.” Clutchfans

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You said that there was a core group of teams that were already ahead of the game on this initiative. Do you know what the lag was for the rest of the league being readily able to adopt it? Adam Silver: I think it was, maybe, a little bit on the expense side for some teams. Where, because they were busy also trying to make a business out of their team and weren’t able to spend as freely. But I think there were some philosophical differences among some teams. I think it was no different than the way ‘Billy Ball’ evolved in Major League Baseball that certain GMs and certain coaches were early adopters. Obviously [Celtics Assistant GM] Mike Zarren here in Boston, Darryl Morey who comes from Boston and is taking his technique to Houston. But I think also, it spread, seemingly to me, more quickly through this league maybe than other leagues. CLNS Radio

October 27, 2013 Updates

During his time in the NBA, Silver has been a passionate supporter of the analytical movement that is taking over the league. He has embraced new technologies with a keen interest in how a data-driven approach will affect fans, not just teams and players. Here are his thoughts on how the game – and fan access to information – is changing: What led you to latch onto the analytical movement so quickly? Adam Silver: I come at it, historically at least, more from a fan standpoint. And one of my big pushes over the last several years is about making more of this statistical data available to our fans. Because there increasingly seems to be a real hunger by our fans to get deeper into the game and in many ways, we’ve lagged behind other sports, certainly baseball. There hadn’t been that same tradition, maybe, in basketball of getting deep into the statistics of our players and teams and using that data to analyze trends on the court. And so, I was an early adopter of the [Houston Rockets General Manager] Daryl Morey [M.I.T. Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston]. I remember early days, at M.I.T., when the conference was still in a couple of classrooms as opposed to the convention center where it is now and they have thousands of people. But Daryl was one of the people, early on, that came and spoke to me at the league and said he did see a real opportunity here. Again, not just for the basketball folks to do a better job analyzing their teams, but ultimately to grow our business by creating data that was increasingly interesting to the fans. At that point, in my career, approaching it wearing my NBA Entertainment hat, I saw an opportunity to improve our broadcasts. Washington Post

October 26, 2013 Updates

Daryl Morey had heard the chatter in NBA circles that his time as Houston Rockets general manager and unofficial poster boy for the next front-office frontier might be nearing an end if he didn't turn things around soon. But he paid it no mind because the rumblings never came from the man who had brought him to town six years ago: Rockets owner Les Alexander. "I heard second hand those rumblings, and it never made sense to me," Morey tells USA TODAY Sports. "Maybe because I knew Mr. Alexander had a lot of faith in what we were doing and was really an architect in a lot of the strategy, so we were executing on a plan and the owner knew it. USA Today Sports

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