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Morey said the Golden State Warriors, who own the NBA's best record and swept the season series against the Rockets this season, should be the favorites to win the title. "We won't go in as the favorite," Morey said. "I think Golden State, deservedly so, gets to be called the favorite. They've had a very historic season. I think the Golden State training staff hasn't been talked about enough this year. That team has been healthy and really that showcased everyone in Golden State. Coach [Steve] Kerr has done a great job. We won't go in as the favorite. We do feel like we can beat anybody in a seven-game series, and we're pretty excited to get going with the playoffs." ESPN.com

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But Morey disagrees with the idea that there's a chance for Stepford Wives thinking within and between teams because of the similarities in front offices. "I think there are massive variances, driven by ownership," he says. "Short-term versus long-term is just one example. The dominance of the point guard, you could say we've got to have a point guard or we have no chance to win. Or you could run an offensive system where the point guard is minimized. Or you could have a lot of like-sized players that just switch a lot like Golden State. I think the opposite is happening. I think there's a lot of interesting thought going on in the league." NBA.com

"If everyone looks at things the same way you'll absolutely wind up not leading," Morey says. "If every general manager says 'I need a center with post up ability,' then the center with post up ability will be overvalued. That's why Atlanta is an interesting team right now. They're obviously well coached and the pieces obviously fit together, but there aren't the obvious superstar plus players there. I think it's exciting for the league right now. I think there's lots of teams doing some great things out there." NBA.com

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Rockets general manager Daryl Morey told Adam Silver he’d like to see some of those rules change. “I actually brought it up with the commissioner, and he thought it was int – but there’s some practical reasons why the league won’t allow that, even though I think there might be a way to overcome them,” Morey said. “I think that could allow teams to not ever have fear. Like if that Harden trade had, oh, if he becomes an All-Star, you have to send yet another future first-round pick. Or if he fails, we get back a pick. I think that would grease a lot of deals.” NBCSports.com

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