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May 23, 2014 Updates

After meeting with Minnesota Timberwolves president Flip Saunders on Thursday, Memphis coach David Joerger is scheduled for a sit-down talk with owner Glen Taylor that could ultimately clear the way for him to become the Timberwolves coach, league sources told Yahoo Sports. The Grizzlies are likely to ask for a second-round pick in exchange for letting Joerger out of his contract to coach the Timberwolves, league sources told Yahoo Sports. Yahoo! Sports

November 22, 2013 Updates

"It took us some time because we tried to change (the offense) and I don't think it really (worked)," Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley told USA TODAY Sports. "We went fast, and I think we got a little bit out of control for everybody. We're still playing a little bit quicker, but when we get to our offensive sets, we're able to slow it down to a pace that's better for our bigs, and it's working. "We knew that there were some plays from last year that we probably should keep. They're still working, so why not keep using them? They just hadn't been put in yet. We were going through a whole new set of plays, and I think it was just easier to just jump into something that we knew. ... After three or four games, we started to adjust and to get a little bit of old Grizzlies back in there." USA Today Sports

First-year head coaches often are stubborn, insisting their system remain in good times and bad because of a fear for how it might look to admit that something didn't work. To Joerger's credit, he listened when some of the critics resided in his own locker room earlier this month. "He has done a fantastic job of trying to have to change his mindset," Conley said. "I know he's learning, going through some bumps and bruises here and there from the learning curve of being a head coach. For being young and new, I think he's doing a pretty good job at it." USA Today Sports

September 11, 2013 Updates

"Coach Joerger has been there for six years," Gasol told ESPN.com on Wednesday. "He knows us pretty well. He knows how we play. He knows us personally, how we like to play basketball. He, of course, wants to push the tempo, which has been a problem for us, getting up and down the floor to score easy buckets. Because when you always go inside, everybody collapses on you in the paint and it's hard to operate down there. He's going to push the tempo and have a lot of plays from his pocket that he's told me [about]. And I'm excited about next season." ESPN.com

August 25, 2013 Updates

Joerger said he wants to continue to open and honest communication that players have become accustomed to, and doesn’t want to make major changes — even when it comes to offense. “We do some things really well offensively. I don’t want to lose those things. I want to add to them,” Joerger said. “On the front end of it, I want to add more pace. I want to add more ball movement. With the ball movement comes a continuation of offense. The ball can’t stop. When there’s eight seconds on the clock, the ball can’t just come out (and get stuck in isolation). We have to keep going. I’m trying to push the basketball. Other guys are going to have to be able to make decisions with the basketball at times. The ball needs to move.” Memphis Commercial Appeal

June 27, 2013 Updates
June 25, 2013 Updates
June 23, 2013 Updates

How will Joerger relate to a group of players that even insiders agree can be very difficult to coach? Plus, one has to wonder why Joerger interviewed with Charlotte, Houston and Portland over the past few years and didn’t get the head job. And Joerger ends up being only a candidate in Memphis when there will be a dozen head coaching changes this year. Memphis Commercial Appeal

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