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Rivers said the Clippers made the necessary inquiries about West’s time in China and the NBADL, and decided offering him a summer league slot was relatively risk-free. “You check all of that out — no doubt,” Rivers said of West’s behavior. “I got calls from several people in the D-League and in China who said he’s ready for this. He has a baby and a fiancee now. A lot of things have been going right for him. “I just think he’s far more mature now,” he said. “He’s given up a lot in his life, and he wants to do well. He still has a disease that he has to fight every day. I know he’s doing everything he can to get back into the league, and it’s nice to see him here. “But to be honest, it doesn’t hit you like, ‘Wow, Delonte is back here in the summer league.’?” Boston Herald

“No strings attached,” West said to the now-Clippers coach while making a pitch for a spot on Rivers’ summer league team. OK, Rivers decided. Summer league doesn’t require any commitment. “He just wanted a shot — he just wanted a chance with no commitments to try and make it,” Rivers said last week. Boston Herald

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Does LeBron returning to Cleveland evoke any nostalgia for you? Delonte West: You know, Cleveland is still home for me. Cleveland is one of those cities. It's blue-collar, it's been through so much, and I can relate to all that. Anytime I been anywhere in the world, I ain't been to too many places, tell 'em I go through Cleveland. Clevelanders, you know, they just good people, man. And they deserve some greatness. And LeBron knows that and he's doing the right thing. It's great, man. It's great. ESPN.com

Delonte West: You know, [Mark] Cuban used to talk to me all the time, talk to me all the time, even afterward. He would call me, "Whatcha got going on? You still working hard?" And that's what's up. He was a mentor to me for a while even after I left Dallas with the whole Twitter thing, finances and tax situation. He'd go, "I know you're in a tough financial spot, but you can't focus on the contract. You should focus on basketball. He told me once or twice. The third time he was like, "Look dude, this is the direction we're going to go." So I understood that. ESPN.com

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Though he is clearly disappointed and confused by the lack of interest from NBA teams, West seems to be in good spirits now. He told me he no longer takes medication, but he stays in touch with Dr. Eppright in Cleveland and is surrounded by family and friends in Prince George’s County. He believes he’s matured a great deal in the last few years, especially since meeting his wife and becoming a father. West is Christian, and he referred often to the idea of the “via dolorosa,” the sorrowful way that Jesus walked, showing his followers how much pain they can bear with God’s help. West, who has several tattoos of his own design, has the phrase written across his chest. Slate Magazine

This is a theme that West returns to often. He seems genuinely stunned by the casual cruelty that the Gloria James rumor prompted from all corners of the Web, not to mention people he sees on the street. “That shit affects you. It affects you as a person,” he says. “You go across the world somewhere and somebody says, ‘Is it true, man? Did that really happen? With you and LeBron’s mother?’ And questions like that—that shit crazy, man.” West denies the rumor flatly, and everyone I spoke to who worked for the Cavaliers or covered the team at the time dismissed the gossip. Slate Magazine

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After two full years out of the league, veteran guard Delonte West is making the bold, necessary pivotal step towards resurrecting his NBA career by electing to participate in the Las Vegas Summer League and reaching an agreement to suit up for the Los Angeles Clippers, league sources informed CSNNW.com. His unwavering desire to once again play at the highest level is a goal he’s fixated on procuring for next season, one of the sources explained. The sources spoke on the condition of anonymity due to an official announcement yet to be made by the team. CSNNW.com

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The Chinese Basketball Association season is currently in its playoff semifinals, meaning a slew of former NBA players could be available as free agents in the coming weeks. There has been interest in former Celtic Lester Hudson, who scored 40 points in Xinjiang’s victory over Dongguan. Former Sacramento King Bobby Brown tallied 45 points in that game. Other ex-NBAers in China are Shelden Williams, Delonte West, James Singleton, Donte Green, Yi Jianlian, Dominique Jones, and Hamed Haddadi. Boston Globe

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David 'Dubi' Pick: Former NBA PG Delonte West, now in China, becomes available this weekend. He averaged 23.2 points, 5.6 assists & 5 boards per. Twitter @IAmDPick

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Among current pro athletes who have professed a fear of flying are Dustin Pedroia of the Boston Red Sox, the NBA's Delonte West, James Harrison of the Cincinnati Bengals, Cortland Finnegan of the St.Louis Rams and pro golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez, who once said: "I hate flying. Sometimes I go into such a sweat, it looks like I've poured a bucket of water on my head." SportsonEarth

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Free agent guard Delonte West has signed a one-year deal with Fujian Xunxing of China, a source informed CSNNW.com. West, 30, will have the opportunity to latch onto an NBA team once the Chinese Basketball Association's season concludes in February. CSNNW.com

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