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It was that kind of night for DeRozan and his team, a night of frustration, suffering their second disheartening defeat in as many games. "I think tonight was just frustrating," admitted the Raptors guard, who was ejected from Wednesday's 109-93 loss after being assessed a flagrant foul 2 for the aforementioned play. "The last two games, we're not playing like ourselves. We showed we can do it, we did it in four games in five nights last week, the type of team we are. We just have to be consistent with it and it's just frustrating when little things might not go our way and we let that trickle down to other things." TSN

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The wall is the fatigue level that creeps up on him and every player during a game. Only since his rookie year, he has been able to fight through that wall and continue. Right now he can’t. “Coming back I knew with all that rest I had, I would have that energy the first couple of games but I knew adversity would hit eventually,” he said. “I knew I would get fatigued. It’s easier when you are in complete shape through summer and training camp. You get into the season and when that fatigue hits you can fight through it. Now when it hits me it’s like hitting that rookie wall that you’re not used to when you first get in the league. That’s all it is.” Toronto Sun

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DeMar DeRozan had zero points in Milwaukee, six in Memphis and eight last night and if he’s had a worse week in his career, I can’t remember it and I’ve seen just about every week since he got here. The kid feels it, he knows his responsibility and his role and it’s killing him. The thing is he didn’t get to the free throw line last night at all, he shot two free throws in Memphis and only two in Milwaukee and that’s not good enough. Now, he’s being guarded differently playing with Lowry and Vasquez than he was playing with Lowry and Ross but he’s got to be better. He knows it. “It's not really about me playing the three, just my whole rhythm and feel of everything. Just get that back on track and let it come to me natural, like it was before. I kind of find myself looking for fouls now, instead of it coming naturally to me.” Toronto Star

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His return on Wednesday night, exactly 47 days after he last played, was met with the expected excitement from the Air Canada Centre fan base, which gave him a standing ovation as he was announced with the Raptors’ starting five and then again when he got his first touch in the game. DeRozan wound up playing just under 29 minutes in the Raptors’ 100-84 win over the Philadelphia 76ers, contributing a team-high 20 points to the cause on 9-of-14 shooting. The return was seamless, almost effortless, or at least DeRozan made it look that way. “I just wanted to stay level-headed,” he said after the game. “Treat it like a normal game, as I normally would. Not get too high. I understood I still had to go out and play and not do too much. I just wanted to play within the rhythm of the game.” Toronto Sun

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DeRozan has no idea when that will be — or at least if he does, he’s not saying — but he sounds close. To watch him workout or walk you would not know he is just over a month removed from a severe groin strain which in doctor speak is actually a torn adductor longus tendon. It’s not just the first serious injury of DeRozan’s professional career, it’s the first serious injury he’s ever had playing basketball. In the five NBA seasons before this one, DeRozan missed a total of 11 games. Two of those DNP’s were because his coaches chose to rest him. Toronto Sun

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