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December 2, 2014 Updates

How did y'all turn things around? It looked pretty bleak there the first couple of weeks. Ty Lawson: It started bad at first. We cleaned up a lot of things. Everybody has their role. Coach made everybody's role defined. At first, everybody was trying to go out there and be a 30-point scorer, and be searching for the ball. He defined everybody's role. And we all bought in at the defensive end ... now we're making sure that players aren't getting into the paint, and they're not getting a lot of paint points. NBA.com

How was BShaw in terms of both listening to the players and making adjustments after that tough start? Ty Lawson: He was great. We definitely had a couple of talks, needed talks about everything that was going on here. And he definitely changed up what he wanted to do at first, and he was definitely receptive. He's definitely a player's coach. You can go and talk to him about anything, I feel like. NBA.com

November 29, 2014 Updates
November 28, 2014 Updates
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November 24, 2014 Updates

Despite denying it, Kobe Bryant considers it highly important to pass Michael Jordan's career scoring mark. So says one of Bryant's closest ex-teammates. Bryant is only 218 points from passing Jordan for third on the NBA all-time list after scoring 27 on Sunday against the Denver Nuggets. "I think that he'll probably just say that it's just another milestone, but it's obvious that Jordan was somebody that Kobe idolized and looked up to," said Nuggets Coach Brian Shaw, who won three championships with the Lakers while helping mentor a barely 20-something Bryant. "I think that would be one of the things that's right up there, when you can kind of get at the same level or surpass somebody of that magnitude and somebody that you patterned your game after. Whether he says it or not, I personally feel that it would be one of his greatest accomplishments." Los Angeles Times

November 22, 2014 Updates

JaVale McGee tried to save a long rebound after a missed three-pointer by lunging into the first row, and fell down into an empty seat. He planted a kiss on a fan’s cheek before springing back on the court and joining the play. For The Win

November 19, 2014 Updates

Don't expect Brian Shaw to go anywhere during the season. And I'd also caution against making a final determination on what the Nuggets are after just 10 games. There are still 72 to go. Many, many things can change. Or they may not. But we really don't know much about what the Nuggets actually are while we're still in the first full month of play in the NBA. Save for a couple of games where fouls or injuries have altered things, Shaw has settled in on the players he's going to play the most. Denver Post

November 18, 2014 Updates

Sportando: Nuggets F Danilo Gallinari said to La Gazzetta dello Sport that he doesn’t know why he is not starting but coming off the bench this season. Gallinari: I don’t know why I’m not starting. I am not used to that because never happened to me. It’s not easy. But I have to get used ASAP Twitter @sportando

November 17, 2014 Updates

Several sources around the league insist the Nuggets' hand was forced with regard to Faried. After the signing of Hickson to a three-year, approximately $16 million contract soon after Connelly's arrival, the sense was the bouncy big man was insurance against Faried's departure in free agency in 2014. Faried was a fan favorite in Denver, but multiple sources with knowledge of the Nuggets' thinking maintain the team "isn't crazy about him," particularly Shaw. But with Faried's boffo showing last summer with Team USA and a loyal following in Denver, the media-conscious Nuggets caved, adding yet another imperfect 4-man to their lot. "[Faried] is a helluva player and plays hard, but he isn't well liked [in the organization]," a league source said. "That gets glossed over. He says crazy s---. He thinks he's the guy, and other guys take exception to his contract." ESPN.com

Eighteen months later, Denver is getting smoked nightly. It's a 2-7 team with no discernible identity, redundancies all over its roster and a morose, first-time coach who has expressed frustration with the fortitude of his team. Several sources around the league, a few close to the Nuggets, say the organization is "rudderless" under the controls of a young front office, led by general manager Tim Connelly, that has neither the experience nor the savvy to survive in a league whose executive ranks are teeming with predators. ESPN.com



Carmelo Anthony is way up there, but can't beat two legends from the run-and-gun teams of the 80's.


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