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November 19, 2014 Updates

The Pistons, who host the Phoenix Suns at 7:30 tonight, are 29th in the league through five home dates with a 14,485 average. Only the Milwaukee Bucks (14,047) are drawing less. Even the 76ers, who are not remotely trying to win games, have averaged 910 more fans per game than the Pistons. Booth Newspapers

November 18, 2014 Updates
November 17, 2014 Updates

"They were very aware they had a big hole to dig out of," current NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, then President of NBA Entertainment, said of the Pacers. "They committed enormous additional resources to doing that. I think there is no magic formula for undoing the kind of damage that the brawl did. "In part, there were concrete steps they could take but I think there was also a realization that a certain amount of time needed to go by, almost as in any mourning process before people were ready to turn the corner." USA Today Sports

The NBA also revised arena guidelines that restricted "the size (24 ounces) and number (two) of alcoholic beverages sold per individual customer" and also banned the sale of alcohol during the fourth quarter. In addition, the NBA defined a nine-point code of conduct for fans that still is displayed throughout arenas and announced before games. "This was certainly one of the most difficult events that we encountered," said Russ Granik, the former NBA Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer. "We had never seen anything like this. We realized immediately that it's going to have a very large impact on the league and it would require a very significant response. I don't think there was any doubt about that." USA Today Sports

Also, 10 years later, the NBA has not experienced another event as devastating as the brawl — a credit to the league's response. "Out of a horrible incident like this," said Stu Jackson, former NBA Senior Vice President of Basketball Operations, "some positive changes came about. As bad as the incident was, it was also an opportunity to define who we were as a league, as teams and players, and make a statement that this type of incident wouldn't be tolerated. I think all we could expect of ourselves at the time was that we address the situation appropriately and move forward." USA Today Sports

November 15, 2014 Updates

Jennings is shooting 49.3 percent (37 of 75) over the last five games, including 53.1 percent (17 of 32) on 3-pointers. He scored 32 points in Wednesday's loss at Washington, then 29 more in Friday's win at Oklahoma City. "You look at his shooting percentages, particularly over the last five or six games, you look at his assist-to-turnover ratio, and he's only 25 years old and he's starting to get it now," Van Gundy said after the Pistons' 96-89 overtime win at Oklahoma City. "He's starting to play efficiently, not just throwing up a lot of shots and getting points. His shooting percentages are going up." Booth Newspapers

Reggie Jackson wanted to shoulder the responsibility, because I assume that’s what he read it says to do in the Alpha Dog Handbook. “I failed my teammates,” Jackson said, somehow low-talking even more than he normally does. “They played great. We were never supposed to go to overtime. I let them down tonight. If anyone rests uneasy, it’s my fault.” DailyThunder.com

Jackson was talking about the look he at at the end of regulation, a clean opportunity at the buzzer to put the Pistons away and seal a big win for the Thunder. He shook Kentavious Caldwell-Pope on an iso at the free throw line, but seemed to stumble just slightly. He was open, but didn’t have enough time to reset, so he faded and let it fly high, hoping for one of those traditionally favorable Chesapeake bounces. It circled the iron and fell out, and the Thunder were off to an overtime they never gave themselves a chance in. “Loved it, loved the look I got,” Jackson said. “I was wide open. Just didn’t go in.” DailyThunder.com

November 14, 2014 Updates

But after being asked his frustration level, he spoke of playing the long game. "I'm good. As long as we all stay in it, we'll be fine," he said Wednesday night after the Pistons' 107-103 loss to the Washington Wizards. "It's not an individual game and everybody has their streaks of shaky moments. "It's an 82-game season. I'm not getting down on myself. Just gotta continue to play, and I'll continue to do the right things, and things will start to fall for me." Detroit Free Press

Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy said that Drummond has relinquished ideal post position on post-ups. He also said teammates have missed him when he's established proper position. "I don't control that," Drummond said. "I don't control the touches I get in the game. I just control what I can do at both ends of the floor. I just do my best." Detroit Free Press

Jennings was 7 years old when Bryant made his Lakers debut in 1996, and it’s not like many Southern California kids in the late-1990s were picking the moribund Los Angeles Clippers. “(Growing up in Los Angeles at the time) you’re going to become a Kobe fan,” Jennings said, agreeing when I compared Jennings to Snoop Dogg in that sense. “He’ll for sure have a statue. Like Magic Johnson was saying, he’s one of the greatest Lakers ever. … They might give Kobe one with his kids and everyone on it.” “I got a chance to watch him work out when I was in high school, and after that, I just became a Kobe fanatic, a big fan.” For The Win

He doubts he’ll get a chance to play with Bryant, though both could be free agents in 2016 if Bryant decides to hold off on his long-predicted retirement. But he wishes he had. “If I came into the league playing with Kobe, I’d probably have two or three rings right now,” Jennings said, his grin turning into a full smile. For The Win

November 13, 2014 Updates

Bryant is only 372 points from passing Jordan for third all time in career scoring. But the numbers don’t do justice to Bryant’s legacy or Jennings’ passion for him. He doubts he’ll get a chance to play with Bryant, though both could be free agents in 2016 if Bryant decides to hold off on his long-predicted retirement. But he wishes he had. “If I came into the league playing with Kobe, I’d probably have two or three rings right now,” Jennings said, his grin turning into a full smile. For The Win

November 12, 2014 Updates
November 11, 2014 Updates

So he preached what he has preached with regularity lately -- transition defense, blocking out on rebounds, adhering to defensive game plans, setting good screens -- at his post-game press conference Sunday and again at his pre-game press conference Monday. He then watched the Pistons fail at every single element as Chicago took a 60-44 halftime lead. "We didn't guard anybody," Van Gundy said. "They had 60 points, they had 12 fast-break points, at halftime. We didn't guard anybody. We didn't compete." Booth Newspapers



The Bad Boys beat the stars from Larry Brown's 2004 team at the top of the ranking.


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