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The improvement from his sophomore year was not coincidental. Last summer, he returned to East Lansing, MI, where former Michigan State University teammate Travis Walton was waiting with a workout plan. Walton had poured over Green’s game film and compiled a routine for his friend. Five to six days a week, Green went through variations of lifting weights, putting up shots and scrimmaging. At night, he’d return to the gym to work out again. “There are countless numbers of hours in the gym,” Green told Basketball Insiders this season. “All summer, I never really took time off.” Basketball Insiders

He had improved over the summer, he was doing what he thought the coaches asked, but the results weren’t translating on to the court as much as he had expected. A few days later, the coaches met with him again. There was more going on with Green than his skills. “A part of that was I was coming into a contract situation. It’s normal for that to be on your mind,” Green said. “(Kerr) and Gentry sat me down and they said listen, ‘We know the situation you’re in. We know you’re in a contract year, and you better believe we’re going to do everything we can to help you in your contract year.’ Coach Kerr said, ‘I’ve played in this league 15 years, I’ve been a GM, I understand all that stuff.’ That kind of helped me settle down. It was like, alright don’t go out there worrying about that. It’s the completely wrong thing to be worried about.” Basketball Insiders

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Green is about to be pursued, and paid, and that brings up a question: Would Babers-Green prefer to see her son playing 70 miles away next season, wearing a Detroit Pistons uniform? "I want him to stay in the place that will be the most productive for his career, and I want what makes him happy," she said. "The Bay loves Dray, and Dray loves the Bay. I've got NBA TV." Detroit Free Press

She said she has received countless racist, lewd and otherwise inappropriate comments from adversaries on the social media website. Sometimes, she'd like to get raw, too. That is, beyond the time or two she invited someone to dive off one of those bridges with an anchor as a necklace. "There are days I type out stuff and erase them 10 times," she said. "I'll be about to act out, but I respect myself and the Warriors' organization and what they've done for my son too much. I wouldn't dare." Detroit Free Press

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Mary Babers-Green rocks back and forth on the cream-colored sectional in her Saginaw, Mich., living room, staring down the 55-inch flat screen on the wall. In close games she kneels. At key moments she covers her eyes, peeking between her fingers. She screams at players, including her youngest son, Warriors forward Draymond Green. “Get him out of there! Put in somebody who wants to play!” She is not at Oracle Arena because she still works as a middle school campus patrol officer, and she does not allow anyone in her house because she prefers to watch alone. Her phone is her only companion. “I need Twitter because it makes me feel like I’m with the crowd,” she says. “What I write is what I’d yell in the stands.” ​The NBA’s Twitter queen, who calls out everybody from Popovich to Charles Barkley, learned her hoops at Civitan Rec Center in Saginaw. “This is going to sound like a little trash talk, a little smack, but I had game,” Mary says. She could play every position, same as her 25-year-old son, but she did not respond to instruction. She was nicknamed Too Too because she was double trouble for everyone; her junior high coach cut her because she didn’t appreciate her attitude. When Mary tried out again in high school, another coach threw a ball at her—and she hurled it right back in his face. She was never more than a park player. Sports Illustrated

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