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May 13, 2015 Updates

Because Dwyane Wade said last year that he’s eager to see how much he can command next summer, when the salary cap rises considerably, everyone has expected he would not opt out of a contract that would pay him $16.1 million next season. Opting in seems to make the most sense. But it's curious that Wade was non-committal after the season ended, and his agent this week declined to say if he will opt in. If he surprisingly opted out, he would figure to re-sign here on a multiyear deal, and the Heat thus wouldn’t have cap space (even if Luol Deng also opted out), assuming Goran Dragic stays. (Unless Miami dumps additional salary such as Josh McRoberts or Mario Chalmers.) Miami Herald

April 22, 2015 Updates

Wade has the option of becoming a free agent again this summer; the expectation is that he will forgo a deal worth about $16 million for next season and work on a longer-term deal with the Heat. But no decision has to be made until late June, and Wade — who averaged 21.5 points on 47 percent shooting this season — is in no rush. "I signed my deal the way I did for a reason ... and the organization did it for a reason," Wade said. "It's my option. I'll decide when the time is right. Everyone knows I always try to do what's best for the organization, but I also have to do what's best for Dwyane Wade as well." AP

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April 6, 2015 Updates

In a week or sometimes soon thereafter, Dwyane Wade will formally be able to sum up the experience that has been the whirlwind of the Miami Heat's 2014-15 season. But based where the Heat stand at the moment, it's not as if the assessment is going to be decidedly different when that final analysis comes. "There's been times," Wade said, "when it's been awful." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

"That's the story of the 2014-2015 season," Wade said. "We'll talk about it and hopefully move on past it in years to come. But that's the story of this year." Wade said hope remains, even with just five games left, to change the final chapter. "We're still in it," he said. "We've got five games left. We still have an opportunity. We're still in the playoff hunt. We can't think too far out of this season. We've still got to keep going." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

April 4, 2015 Updates
April 3, 2015 Updates

Wade’s knee hit the court at Quicken Loans Arena in the second quarter, and he did not return. Afterward, he seemed mildly optimistic about playing Saturday at Detroit. “I’ll do treatment around the clock and see if it gets a little better,” he said. “We’ll see when Saturday comes. If I’m good enough to go, of course I will. If not, I’ll see Sunday.” Palm Beach Post

Jason Lieser: Wade seems mildly optimistic about playing Saturday: “I’ll do treatment around the clock and see if it gets a little better. We’ll see." Twitter @PBPjasonlieser

Dwyane Wade said his bruised left knee, which happened when he fell and banged his knee against the floor, “could have been worse. I knew I was in trouble on my way down.” Wade, who left for good when the injury occurred in the second quarter, wasn’t sure about his availability for Saturday’s game in Detroit. “We will see when Saturday comes. Hopefully it gets better.” He said on Instagram after the game: “God is good because it could have been a lot worst. I pray that I can join my team at some point on this road trip because we are still in this playoff hunt. Keep believing...” Miami Herald

March 29, 2015 Updates

Surya Fernandez: Spoelstra says Wade had some fluid drained from his knee last night and that the team will know within the hour if he will play tonight. Twitter @SuryaHeatNBA

March 28, 2015 Updates
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March 26, 2015 Updates

Upon being asked about his impressions of the play two weeks after the fact, Iasiah Thomas did not take issue with Wade’s aggressive defense. He attempted to make a play on the ball and caught Thomas at a bad angle. Wade’s actions after the play did catch the ire of Thomas. "It is what it is,” Thomas said of the foul. The only thing I didn't like was how he looked at me after. You can't control that. He tried to block the shot, but the only thing I thought about when I watched the film was how he looked at me after." Boston Globe

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March 23, 2015 Updates

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