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Forward/center Ed Davis will opt out of the second year of his deal with the Lakers before July, foregoing $1.1 million for a shot at a bigger contract. "I'm going to test free agency," Davis told The Times in a telephone interview. "Hopefully I'm back with the Lakers, as long as everything is equal with all the other teams." Los Angeles Times

While he hopes to return, the Lakers have to get through the NBA draft in June, then the initial star-chasing of free agency in July before turning to Davis. "This is where I want to call home," said Davis. "The city, the coaching staff, the owners, the [general manager], everything like that -- I'm definitely comfortable." Los Angeles Times

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April 10, 2015 Updates

SLAM: When the Lakers signed you before the start of the season, you had to look at the roster and think that you guys could make a little bit of noise. What were your expectations? Ed Davis: I knew it was going to be an old team with some veteran leadership. At the time, when I signed, we didn’t have a coach. I knew once we got a coach in here and set up that I would have an opportunity to be able to play, help contribute and just try and pick up from where I left off before I was traded from Toronto. I just wanted to show teams that I could play and I’m not a guy that’s going to be at the end of the bench his whole career. SLAM

SLAM: Even with the injuries this season, you still had a chance to be around guys like Kobe, Steve Nash, Carlos Boozer. That’s a lot of experience and longevity between those three alone. Has there been anything you taken from anyone of them that you can use going forward for the remainder of your career? ED: Once I signed—maybe a week or two after that—we started to work out with Kobe in Orange County. You hear the stories, but to see it up close with how hard he works out being 19 years in., getting in early. This is late July, early August with how hard he’s going and putting his body through these tough workouts. He was beating me up and down the floor in sprints. I’m in my fifth year and he’s in his 19th. His mentality and drive is something that really woke me up. SLAM

Speaking of positivity, I have to ask you is there a favorite Nick Young moment for you? Ed Davis: Favorite Nick Young story… [Laughs] That’s a good one right there. Let me think about that. Give me a second…. I don’t have one off the top, but he’s a different dude. He’s a funny dude, but he’s a different dude, man. That’s one thing that I can say about him is he’s always positive. Even with everything that’s going on around him, he always came to practice everyday with a smile on his face, upbeat and never was down, no matter what. Whether he was playing good or struggling, he’s always the same. SLAM

April 8, 2015 Updates

Pelicans All-Star Anthony Davis says a Golden State Warriors player told the host team's bench in a spate of trash talk before a 103-100 victory for New Orleans that it would be an easy win for the West's No. 1 seed. "They came out and said it was going to be a scrimmage game," Davis said of the Warriors in a TV interview after the game. "We kind of took that personal." In the locker room, Davis would not publicly elaborate on who the Warriors player was. ESPN.com

April 7, 2015 Updates

Davis will get a bump from the minimum this summer, but executives agree he should come in well below the midlevel. He’s a good buy-low candidate — someone who could emerge as a solid third big man and start for a loaded team with the right personnel. Grantland

Nobody knows better than Boss Davis how the league has moved away from bigs who can’t shoot 3s or protect the rim, to the point that such players are undervalued. He is, now and always, a man without a home. Davis turned down a multiyear contract from Memphis in 2013, per several league sources, only to wind up signing a minimum deal with the Lakers, firing his agent, shooting 61 percent, and prepping for free agency again. Grantland

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Davis said in an interview with the Los Angeles News Group that he will opt out of his player option worth around $1 million that would secure his Lakers’ future for the 2015-16 season for one specific reason. “I’m hoping for a long-term deal,” said Davis, who has until June 25 before formally deciding his move. “I’d love to return here. I know this will turn around eventually.” Los Angeles Daily News

Davis has switched agents from Kobe Bryant’s representative Rob Pelinka to Leon Rose, whom Davis will defer to on weighing whether to take an offer from the highest bidder or accept a hometown discount with the Lakers to secure a multi-year contract. Davis said he “definitely” understands the risk that move entails. Los Angeles Daily News

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