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Forward Ed Davis, now an unrestricted free agent, confirmed Monday what I wrote last November when he didn’t come to terms on a contract extension with the Grizzlies. “I did have an offer from Memphis,” Davis said, “and I turned it down.” For the record, Davis didn’t sound bitter about his time with the Grizzlies. He acknowledged that Memphis wasn’t the best situation basketball-wise and said this circumstance only serves as motivation. Memphis Commercial Appeal

June 30, 2014 Updates

Ronald Tillery: Ed Davis says owner Robert Pera called him 2 days ago to inform him of UFA status. Davis understands decision; says confidence still high. Davis: "I respect Pera 100 percent. He called me and I didn't have to read about it on the internet." Twitter @CAGrizBeat

May 26, 2014 Updates

It was the first of several early season clashes between Joerger and Pera. When the Grizzlies opened the season 2-3 -- including double-digit defeats to Dallas and New Orleans -- Pera flew to Memphis and held individual meetings with players, sources say. He began offering bizarre suggestions. He suggested Mike Miller, a longtime Grizzlies player who was re-signed in the offseason, could become a player-coach. He brought up the idea that Joerger could wear an NFL-style headset and take instructions on the sideline. When the Grizzlies faced Golden State in early November, Pera insisted that Joerger give significant minutes to fourth-year power forward Ed Davis. Davis played just one. Again, according to sources, Pera insisted that Joerger had to go. Only after it was explained how dysfunctional the franchise would look if it fired a first year head coach six games into the season did Pera back down. SI.com

May 4, 2014 Updates

The inconsistent playing time Ed Davis received in his first full season in Memphis would suggest that there is a measure of uncertainty within the organization whether the former Toronto draftee really is the ready-made replacement for Z-Bo (if necessary) he's been billed by some to be. The safe bet, though, is that Davis' agent, Rob Pelinka, will be able to generate an offer sheet in free agency that comes in higher than Memphis was hoping to spend on the 24-year-old. Stay tuned. ESPN.com

January 17, 2014 Updates

The Grizzlies engaged in discussions surrounding a contract extension for Ed Davis before the season, and the productivity of negotiations gave the 24-year-old confidence that he’s viewed as part of the core. Behind Randolph and Gasol, Davis’ minutes fluctuate sometimes and he admits frustration sets in when time becomes scarce. And even so, he understands his position and has sought Randolph and Gasol for personal advice and provoking support. “Unfortunately, we couldn’t get a deal done, but it wasn’t a big thing because I’ll be a restricted free agent in the summer,” Davis told RealGM. “Hopefully, we’ll get something done this summer and I’ll be back.” RealGM

December 3, 2013 Updates

Q: Do you feel that there are chemistry problems with the team right now? Ed Davis: I wouldn’t say it’s chemistry but when you two All-Stars out you’re gonna lose something especially Marc Gasol what he does offensively and defensively and then you have Z-Bo being out you know he’ll give you 18 and 12 a night so obviously you’re losing something there but I wouldn’t say chemistry is our worry but I say you’re losing a lot of production. 3 Shades Of Blue

November 29, 2013 Updates

Several executives mentioned Davis as a potential trade target, but from where I sit, it only happens if Memphis is unable to move Zach Randolph and the $35.2 million he is owed this season and next. The reality for the Grizzlies is that Z-Bo has more value to them on the court than his contract has on the trade market. And until Davis gets a chance to shine with more minutes, his trade value is limited, too. Here's the real problem for Memphis, though: Davis' agent, Rob Pelinka, is notorious for working the system when it comes to gaming the system in free agency. So if the Grizzlies do trade Davis, it won't be because they want to. It'll be out of fear that Davis turned down their extension offer because Pelinka already has found a landing spot for him. CBSSports.com

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