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August 26, 2014 Updates

Saturday, Timberwolves president of basketball operations Flip Saunders took time out of the news conference announcing the Love-to-Cleveland trade to retell the story. “Garnett didn’t want to leave,” Saunders said. “Garnett was here for 12 years, signed three contracts, had no trade clause, actually turned down trades early at first. But then when he found out this was going to be a total rebuild anyone that knows Kevin, Kevin wants to win. He wanted to be in a winning situation. So the perception that Love left because Garnett left, that’s not the right perception. (Garnett) loved it here and he gave a lot to this organization and wanted to stay here and be here. Like I said, anybody that’s here for 12 years, it shows his commitment to the organization. We feel that we’ve got players who are going to have that same type of commitment.” St. Paul Pioneer Press

August 25, 2014 Updates

As the draft concluded without a deal, the Wolves appeared to be in danger going into the season with a player who didn't want to be there and a fan base that was preparing to boo him at every turn. "We went through who we considered were cornerstones of trades with any team that'd call. If cornerstone wasn't involved, we probably weren't going to pursue that," Saunders said. "I believe that the No. 1 issue was, as the season progressed and maybe more so when I took over as coach, teams then believed we were not hesitant to bring Love back." Associated Press

Moving on from the second-best player the franchise has ever known was not an easy decision, and it wasn't a smooth process to make it happen. Once it was over, they wasted little time turning the page. "One thing you can't do in this business as coaches, general managers, presidents, you can't fall in love with players because the dynamics change," Saunders said. "What happens is you make decisions based on the personality and not based on the facts. "Kevin, he looked and he made a decision that he felt was a business decision for himself and there were a lot of factors that led into that decision, not just what happened this past year." Associated Press

August 24, 2014 Updates
August 23, 2014 Updates
July 28, 2014 Updates
July 24, 2014 Updates

Marc Stein: Only Cavs, of teams in Love hunt, can offer potential superstar in Wiggins' class. But Flip Saunders, as we know, is a big Klay Thompson fan Twitter @ESPNSteinLine

July 15, 2014 Updates

With most of the NBA in Las Vegas for summer league games, the two sides have had a chance to meet face-to-face to talk about a deal mentioned as a possibility for more than a month. The person requested anonymity because both teams are not publicly commenting on trade discussions. Timberwolves president and coach Flip Saunders was seen talking to Warriors GM Bob Myers at the arena on Sunday as the two sides look to bridge the gaps that caused discussions to stall. Booth Newspapers

July 9, 2014 Updates
June 30, 2014 Updates

Don't expect Timberwolves President of Basketball Operations Flip Saunders to sprint out of the starting blocks when NBA free agency commences Tuesday. An active start will be shelved in favor of flexibility, Saunders said. The Wolves have a mid-level exception available to sign a player for about $6 million, but with the fluid nature of Kevin Love's future with the club, moving early makes no sense. "We will wait," Saunders said. "Right now, there are not a lot of guys that are out there that I think are better than players we have on the team. We aren't just going to spend it just because we have it. If someone pops down and we think it's worth it, we'll do it." St. Paul Pioneer Press

June 26, 2014 Updates
June 25, 2014 Updates

With the NBA draft bearing down on the process, the Celtics are knocking on a door that may be locked to not only them but the rest of the league, as well. There remains some possibility that Minnesota will trade Kevin Love by tomorrow night, but involved sources told the Herald that Timberwolves president of basketball operations, coach and part owner Flip Saunders is growing more entrenched that he should let things play out with his All-Star forward. Boston Herald

Love told the club he plans to exercise his opt-out and become an unrestricted free agent next summer, and, according to a source, he repeated that statement when told Saunders might be taking over the coaching reins. Boston Herald

Saunders, though, seems comfortable with putting off his nuclear options. As of yesterday, it seemed to be growing by the hour that Minnesota would be doing nothing more exciting than drafting tomorrow night. Still, sources hastened to add that such could change if the killer offer Saunders seeks comes through. Failing that, those same people are saying the club is better off standing pat, for now. (There is also talk that the club believes now it acted too hastily in trading Kevin Garnett to the Celts six years ago, missing the chance to get at least as much, if not more, by waiting to move him.) Boston Herald

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