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Sources said Noah has been in Anthony’s ear as often as possible, and he has told other Bulls to push hard for Anthony this summer. But there is one condition: Backup big man Taj Gibson can’t be sacrificed. And there’s the kicker. For the Bulls to keep Noah, Gibson and point guard Derrick Rose, Anthony would have to be willing to sign a contract in the $14 million- to $15 million-a-year range, and general manager Gar Forman and vice president John Paxson would have to get creative with the rest of the roster. Chicago Sun-Times

May 1, 2014 Updates

The biggest clash of all came last summer. That's when Forman decided to let go of popular assistant coach -- and Thibodeau confidant -- Ron Adams. It was a choice that left bad feelings on both sides, although several team sources insist that Forman and Thibodeau have tried to mend their relationship throughout this season. The big question comes down to whether they could coexist in the future. ESPN.com

“D.J.'s a fit,” said Forman. “He's been a fit as far as his makeup and character, how he fit with our other guys, and I think his game is a fit because of his ability to create and to score. We're hopeful we'll be in a position that D.J. will consider coming back and that we're in a position to have him back." NBA.com

“We value Kirk and Kirk's been a big part of what we've done over the last nine or 10 years,” added Forman. “So it would be our goal that we have Kirk back, also.” NBA.com

It’s Forman’s aim to take advantage of what he calls a “big summer” ahead to move another step in that direction. “Obviously we’re going to try to strengthen our team and I think we’re going to be in a position where we can do that,” said Forman. NBA.com

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Nick Friedell: Things seem calm on the Bulls' front. Gar and Pax were just down on the court watching the end of practice. Twitter @NickFriedell

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Several sources indicated that the trade deadline could be a quiet one, and that was backed by Bulls vice president John Paxson and general manager Gar Forman last week. “You have to put yourself in the other team’s position,’’ Paxson said. “People just don’t give up great players.’’ Chicago Sun-Times

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The Bulls power forward was unhappy with how he was being utilized late in games. General manager Gar Forman was at a "Hoops to Homework" community event on the west side of Chicago, but couldn't escape inquiries about Boozer's comments. "I'm disappointed that Carlos didn't keep that in-house," Forman said. "I think we've seen Tom does a terrific job managing guys' roles, managing their minutes. In that situation, Taj has played very, very well." CSN Chicago

January 12, 2014 Updates

“It’s always difficult,’’ ­Forman said of the decision to send Deng to the Cleveland Cavaliers. “There’s a human element to any transition you make. I’ve heard people say it’s a ­rebuild. It’s not a rebuild. I consider it more of a retooling.’’ Chicago Sun-Times

Forman also reiterated that while the move allowed the team to dip out of the luxury-tax threshold so it can avoid the repeater tax, the organization has plans to go back over that threshold once it believes the roster is championship-ready. “By getting out of the tax this year, it will give us the ability to go back into the tax in future years when we feel we have a team that’s capable or continuing to build towards that championship,’’ Forman said. Chicago Sun-Times

January 9, 2014 Updates

Rudoy told the Sun-Times that last week Bulls general manager Gar Forman offered Deng a take-it-or-leave-it three-year, $30 million contract, knowing the veteran would turn it down. “I think the purpose of it was for us to say no,’’ Rudoy said. “They probably had some deal in the process already. That was the purpose — to make an offer that we absolutely would turn down without question, and then get into their trade process. Again, that’s fine. “Lu was surprised he was traded. They had certainly made it clear to him that he would be a Bull forever, but he also understands that this is a business. And that’s what he’s doing, he’s moving on.’’ Chicago Sun-Times

Rudoy also wanted to clear up the assumption that Deng was looking for a deal that would pay him annually in the $14 million-$15 million range. While the agent didn’t deny that he would have “asked for a lot of money,’’ he and Deng never were given that chance, even going back to the summer, when the Bulls first broke off the contract talks. “We never asked for anything,’’ Rudoy said. “Let me make that clear. We talked with them just before the start of the season, and we were told they weren’t interested in doing an extension, which was fine with us. Then I got a call this past weekend from Gar giving me a three-year ­offer, and one he said was non-negotiable. It was their final offer, take it or leave it, and Lu decided to not accept it. I was never given an opportunity to propose a dollar figure. Never once. Never had that discussion. Chicago Sun-Times

January 2, 2014 Updates

Adams does so after general manager Gar Forman didn't renew his Bulls' contract in late June in an unusual move that drew widespread league attention because head coaches typically handle their staffs and the Bulls were coming off three straight playoff berths. It also raised questions about the working relationship between Forman and coach Tom Thibodeau. Adams, who said he's enjoying working with Stevens and the Celtics, addressed Forman's decision for the first time publicly in an interview. Forman declined comment, as he has since addressing the matter generally at the time. "It's still a bit mystifying to me," Adams said. "And I don't understand it. And if the intent was to be hurtful to me and my family, it succeeded." Chicago Tribune

Baxter Holmes: Celtics veteran assistant coach Ron Adams returns to Chicago for tonight's C's-Bulls game. Bulls GM Gar Forman let Adams go last season. Adams to Globe: "Some places are fun, but this one is a little bit more problematic. I’m on good terms w/ everyone there, except 1 person.” Twitter @BaxterHolmes

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“Honestly, I wanted something to be done. I wanted to be here. I really felt we were going to. I don’t know how the money works. I don’t know what needed to be done. I really don’t know any of that stuff. But after the spinal tap, I went away and everything, I think I was waiting to hear from the Bulls. I was waiting to hear from Gar, and I really thought there would be weeks, maybe months of going back and forth, and trying to get it done. I felt like I’ve been here since I was 18. I’ve worked hard. They’ve seen me come in and do everything. But for whatever reason, Gar felt like it wasn’t the time yet,” he explained, shedding some light on the negotiation process, or lack thereof, without bitterness. CSN Chicago

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