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December 21, 2014 Updates

Now sources tell PBT that though the team is still very interested in hiring Karl, they are hesitant to pay an expected asking price in the range of $5 million per year or more. In the meantime they have allowed themselves to be connected to former Warriors coach Mark Jackson, staging a not-so-secret meeting at Sleep Train Arena following Thursday’s nationally televised game that Jackson called for ESPN. NBCSports.com

December 16, 2014 Updates

The Kings have yet to attempt to speak with Karl or his representatives on a formal or informal basis or to appear interested in any such conversation. USA Today Sports

George Karl discussed being a candidate for the Sacramento Kings coaching position on his Sirius XM NBA Radio show: “It’s always interesting for me when a job opens up and your name is in the mesh. First of all, I understand... I’m humbled. If they are interested in me, I would have interest in them. But there is a process to it. And part of the process right now is I don’t like really talking about it out of respect to Mike Malone. His legs have been cut out from under him and I’ve been that guy before. There should be a mourning period. Instead of stirring up all the gossip there should be a time to respect the coach. And then the process is, I’m sure they have questions that they want answers (to) and if I would have the opportunity to talk to them I would probably have questions would like them to answer. It’s something that, happening in the middle of the year makes it a little more difficult. Sacramento Bee

George Karl: "But there’s no question that I have a hunger to be back in the gym and I have a passion to coach the game of basketball again. I love the gym and I love the NBA and if this would fall into place I would, again, I would be humbled to talk to them and see where it goes.” Sacramento Bee

December 15, 2014 Updates

NBA coaching sources have identified ESPN analyst George Karl as a serious target of the Kings to replace Malone in the longterm, thanks in part to his association with Sacramento general manager Pete D'Alessandro from their days working together in Denver. Yet it remains to be seen how interested Karl is in Sacramento specifically as well as how long the Kings want to give Corbin as interim coach. NBA coaching sources say Karl, 63, is generally eager to return to the league and ‎has been searching for the right fit to launch his comeback after his ouster by the Denver Nuggets following a 57-win season in 2012-13 which earned him Coach of the Year honors. ESPN.com

Karl is D'Alessandro's old coach with the Nuggets, and the clear frontrunner to become the Kings next head coach. Karl has tried to get himself involved in almost every possible vacancy in the league – where there are openings, and where there were simply vulnerable coaches. Karl wants to break Don Nelson's record for career victories, and needs to be back on a bench soon to have a chance. Yahoo! Sports

Tyrone Corbin will take over as the interim coach, likely for the term of the regular season. Around the NBA, there's a strong belief that general manager Pete D'Alessandro will pursue ex-Denver Nuggets coach George Karl, but a high-ranking Kings source insisted Sunday night that it is unlikely a full-time replacement will be hired during the regular season. Yahoo! Sports

December 10, 2014 Updates

Seattle in the early 90’s was a three-sport city, but after the Sonics fired head coach KC Jones halfway through the 91’-92’ season, the team hired a coach who would become an icon a decade later. George Karl came from Spain to replace Jones and the Sonics soon became the main event in town once again. Before the coaching change, Seattle’s enigmatic young stars, Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp, were under fire and fans squawked for the pair to be traded. But where fans saw trouble, Karl saw potential for greatness. “Karl lit a box of dynamite under this city,” says Gastineau. The Sports Quotient

December 9, 2014 Updates

"His basketball IQ is probably off the charts," Karl said. "He's got to package it with his team, with his comfort zone, with his coaching staff, with his preparation, and it just doesn't happen in 10 games. I mean, for a rookie coach, it might take a season. He might not feel comfortable until the 75th game of the season." Before coaching his 17th, last Thursday at Madison Square Garden, Blatt acknowledged "there's a lot to learn" about the "particular characteristics and nuances," from the rules to the length of the game, as well as "the severity of the season." Bleacher Report

George Karl is not alone among those recognizing something else: that the European principles Blatt had been expected to bring to Cleveland are revolutionizing NBA offenses. "You know, the European style is draw-and-kick basketball, open space up, let the ball attack the defense and find the mistake," Karl said. "And [the Cavaliers] have a lot of that in their offense. But I'm not into this European thing. You know, I steal from everybody. And I guarantee the NBA has 90 percent of the best stuff, and Europe might have some. But I think they've stolen from us more than we've stolen from them." Bleacher Report

December 3, 2014 Updates

The point is Karl wants back in. He’s a regular host on SiriusXM NBA Radio and on Wednesday said what he has said before: He wants to be back on the sideline. “I think I’ve got one more stint in me. I would like to try to get to the mountain top one more time. My lifetime goal was always to be a NBA champion and I’ve gotten close a couple of times but I’ve never gotten there. I would hope to give it one more whatever – 3, 4, 5 year stint with some team. And if I have the energy, which I think I do right now – I’m probably as energized and as healthy as I’ve been since about 15 years ago – I’m ready to go, just find me a team.” NBCSports.com

October 17, 2014 Updates

Former Nuggets coach George Karl has been spotted on CU’s campus in recent weeks, hanging around the gym with CU coach Tad Boyle. Denver Post

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