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Perhaps the best example is from the Bucks’ 92-85 win over the Celtics in Milwaukee on Nov. 30. Antetokounmpo sprinted downcourt to block a Jordan Crawford layup at one end, then sprinted back to the other end, caught a pass and threw down a huge slam, sending the Bradley Center crowd into hysterics. “I enjoy it,” Antetokounmpo said. “I love the people who love me, the people in Milwaukee who love me, the fans. I thank them because they give me confidence whenever I go out there, and it’s a very nice feeling when you feel like the guys want you here and love you here and cheer for you.” New York Post

He even said playing in a small-market city like Milwaukee, as opposed to a bigger one like New York, Chicago or Los Angeles, has allowed him a better opportunity to get acclimated to life in the NBA. “It’s very nice city,” he said. “It’s a city that doesn’t have many things to disturb you. It’s a city where you need to practice hard. I’m very happy I’m in Milwaukee.” New York Post

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But Antetokounmpo wasn’t done. After teammate Zaza Pachulia grabbed the loose ball and outletted it to Luke Ridnour racing up the left side, Antetokounmpo sprinted down the court and, after taking a lob feed from Ridnour near the free-throw line, delivered a ferocious one-hand flush. The crowd erupted again. “Not many players in our league have those type of attributes as far as length, speed and the skills to handle the basketball like him,” Bucks point guard Brandon Knight said. “It’s very rare that you come across a basketball player his size who can do all those things. “He can block a shot and then get out and get a dunk on the other end, all on one play, because of his God-given abilities and physical stature. Not a lot of us have been blessed like that. There are few players in the NBA who can do that.” Racine Journal-Times

Not only is Antetokounmpo’s game growing, so is his body. When the Bucks drafted him in June, he was 6-9. Now, just more than five months later, he has added more than an inch to his lanky frame. “I am now 6-10 and one quarter,” Antetokounmpo said smiling. He then paused before adding, “I still have 3½ years to grow.” Racine Journal-Times

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The interest from NBA personnel departments helped the brothers earn spots on the Greek National Team. An issue had to be resolved, however. In order to travel they needed passports. To have a passport, they needed citizenship. Giannis, Thanasis, Kostas and Alex (the four children) were all born in Greece, but as children of Nigerian immigrants they were never recognized as Greeks. Nothing was ever steady, certain. They faced evictions, moved from place to place. They had survived together as a family, the boys selling sunglasses, hats and bags on the street. (Mother) Veronica babysat, (Father) Charles worked as a handyman. Once Giannis and Thanasis picked up basketball, they shared the same shoes. “For 20 years they were illegal,” he continued. “It’s very hard to live for 20 years without papers. Very, very hard. You have children and you have to go out and work without papers. At any moment, the cops can stop you and say come over here and let me send you back to your country. For me, my parents, they are heroes.” OnMilwaukee.com

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