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January 26, 2015 Updates
January 25, 2015 Updates

He loved playing for the Warriors and was embraced by Bay Area fans — and the organization, too. But it didn’t last. “The old ownership that they had, they didn’t know what direction they wanted to head in,” Ellis said. “I figured my time there was wearing out. So I had to do something. “When the new ownership came in, they had an idea of what they wanted to do. And so I just was like, ‘I know my time is done here.’ “When you’re in a place where everything stops running through you, then you know that it’s about time to leave. So I was ready and prepared for it.” Dallas Morning News

“If you don’t win, that’s when you go in a dark place,” he said. “I’m a great competitor, and I want to win. That’s who I am. And if I’m not winning, I’m a different type of person. That’s one thing that Golden State couldn’t understand. It was like they were accepting losing. And they wanted me to accept and embrace losing. I couldn’t do that. “If you’re mad at your best player because he’s tired of losing, then it should be a question about your character and what you’re trying to do.” Dallas Morning News

Jerry West knows the feeling Klay Thompson was feeling Friday night. He has often reflected about a game in which he made 16 of 17 shots and also made all 12 of his free throws. But the 76-year-old Warriors executive assistant was quick to say that Thompson's 52-point outing against Sacramento, particularly his 37-point quarter in which he made all 13 of his shots and was 9 for 9 from beyond the 3-point arc, was a feat so unprecedented and exciting that it kept him up all night. "I flew back (to his home in Los Angeles) after the game, and honestly, I couldn't go to sleep," West said Saturday. "I was replaying in my own mind what I had just witnessed. It was incredible to watch. It's something no one's watched, to be honest with you. The people that were fortunate to be there saw something that's probably not going to happen for a long, long time if it ever happens again." Contra Costa Times

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban suggested the NBA should do away with fan balloting for the All-Star game, saying the leading total of 1.5 million votes for Golden State's Stephen Curry was so low it was "embarrassing." Cuban said Friday the roster should be expanded to 14 players from the current 12. He said coaches or general managers or both should choose the teams. The outspoken owner said the low total for Curry was evidence that the "system's broken, absolutely, positively broken." "And fans are allowed to vote more than once, right?" Cuban said "That's embarrassing. To think that we couldn't get people to vote enough times. No one even tried to hack it. That's how bored they are." USA Today Sports

January 24, 2015 Updates

SO: What was your reaction? Mychal Thompson: Mouth agape, eyes bugged out, just couldn’t believe, like any basketball fan, just could not believe what I was seeing, the shots he was taking. And you know, if you play this game long enough, and you’re good enough, we’ve all been in a zone where you just feel like everything you throw up’s going in. But I have never seen someone hit, what, nine threes in a row, something like that. SO: Klay said, “My dad’s going to say I should’ve got 60.” MT: Well, I can’t fault him this time, because he didn’t play (much of) the fourth (quarter). If he’d’a played the fourth quarter, definitely you gotta get in the 60s. San Francisco Chronicle

SO: Did you talk to Klay after the game? MT: For a minute. He was out with his brothers in a noisy environment, so I told him I’d call him this morning. He was out having fun with his two brothers. SO: What will you tell Klay? MT: Definitely enjoy it, and understand the historic significance of it. To do something that four of the greatest scorers in the history of the game—George Gervin, Michael (Jordan), Kobe and Wilt (Chamberlain)—never did, that’s surreal. Definitely enjoy the moment and appreciate it and respect it, and embrace it, too. You have one of those kind of games, the main thing you’ve gotta do is stay humble and stay focused. Enjoy the moment, but tomorrow you’ve gotta come out and perform all over again, can’t live in the past in the NBA. San Francisco Chronicle

Forget 15 minutes of fame. Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson only needed 12 on Friday against the Sacramento Kings to make history. Thompson’s third-quarter was the stuff of video games: a perfect 13-of-13 on field goals, including 9-of-9 from 3-point range. He finished with 37 points in the quarter, breaking the record George Gervin set with the San Antonio Spurs in 1978 when he scored 33 against the New Orleans Jazz and Carmelo Anthony tied in 2008 for the Denver Nuggets against the Minnesota Timberwolves. For The Win



Wilt Chamberlain never won a championship with the Warriors, but his monstrous stats make him the clear pick for No. 1 player in franchise history.


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