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March 22, 2015 Updates

Magic Johnson knows greatness when he sees it. The Michigan native led Michigan State to a National Championship before embarking on one of the best careers in NBA history earning MVP honors and championships with the Los Angeles Lakers en route to a spot in the Hall of Fame. And he sees greatness in Saginaw native and current Golden State Warrior Draymond Green. "He's one of the best overall players we have in the game of basketball," Johnson said. "If you take probably LeBron, Klay Thompson, probably right now (Russell) Westbrook. I would say he's one of the Top 5 all-around players in the league." Booth Newspapers

Kilpatrick played 42 games this season with the Delaware 86ers and Santa Cruz, Calif., Warriors in the D League, where all kinds of crazy things have been known to happen. But getting a call to the NBA on four hours’ notice? “This is unusual,” Kilpatrick said. “I was just trying to fit in. You just go out there and try to play defense. You want to do the right things to stick out and that’s something I wanted to do.” He knew none of the Wolves’ offensive or defensive calls, so he blended in as best he could. “It was totally different, the play calling they were doing,” he said. “I was just happy I was able to contribute.” Minneapolis Star-Tribune

He also said Nash was the player who came to mind the first time he watched Stephen Curry play in college. "It's a fair comparison," Kerr said during his pregame news conference. "I first saw it when I was in Phoenix and I scouted Steph when he was at Davidson. I think he was a sophomore. "We walked away going, 'That's the next Nash.'" San Jose Mercury-News

March 20, 2015 Updates

Andrew Bogut: Iguodala's my locker partner. He's right next to me in the locker room. He's a great intangibles guy for us. This is a guy who was an All-Star at one point and put up huge numbers scoring-wise, but he accepted his role. He's the leader of our bench. He's probably one of our highest basketball IQ guys on our team and one of our best defenders. He brings a lot of things that some other guys don't have on the team that he's willing to do. He's been absolutely huge for us. CBSSports.com

You reached out to Larry Sanders to wish him well. What'd you think of his video? Do you think that's a message that needs to get out a little bit more — that basketball isn't the only thing that you guys care about? Andrew Bogut: It's a tricky one because we're paid a significant amount of money to play basketball and most people that support the game are passionate about it, they'd love to do what we're doing. So for someone to come out and say that it's my job, people probably can't relate to it as much. Which is unfortunate. Because it is, it does become a job after a while. I still enjoy it, I think most people that play it enjoy it, but it has its ups and downs. I think what Larry was trying to say is he doesn't want basketball to define him, he wants to define himself. And I think that's when we go back to what guys are doing off the court and all that, you gotta have outlets that aren't just predicated on basketball because you'll drive yourself crazy. You'll get to a point where you retire, and you want to know what happens to a lot of those guys two or three years out of retirement? They get depression and then all hell breaks loose financially and emotionally and socially. So I think he made the right decision. CBSSports.com

Andrew Bogut: A lot of people think he's crazy leaving that money on the table, but mental health is an interesting one. I have some friends and family that had similar issues. And it's a tough one because you can't see it. It's not not like a broken leg where you have a cast on and people can feel sorry for you. It's in your head. And people kind of call you soft and a pussy for it. That's just the reality of being a professional sportsman. You're supposed to be tough and be able to fight through anything. But I think what Larry did is an even tougher thing than what most people could do. The time I spent with Larry, he was a really good teammate. I got along with him just fine. He was a young player, I had no problems with him and I really do wish him the best. CBSSports.com

You've said you don't want to have kids until you're out of the league. Andrew Bogut: I kind of don't want to raise them around this environment because I don't think it's a healthy environment in a way for children. Because everything's monetary, everything's about money and flashiness and what car you drive. Not to disrespect how other people live, but it's something that I don't think is appropriate for children. I don't think a child should have a Luis Vuitton bag at four years old or have a cell phone at six. That's something I don't think is right, and it's not the way I'll raise my kids the day I have ‘em. Yeah, it's an interesting one. I'll just try to keep my kids level-headed and make sure that they work just as hard as I did to get to where they are. There are going to be no free handouts and I'll want them to have a normal childhood. CBSSports.com

March 19, 2015 Updates
March 18, 2015 Updates

Thompson, who was injured stepping on the foot of the Los Angeles Lakers' Tarik Black in the third quarter of Monday's win, won't be re-evaluated for at least seven days, according to the team. "It swelled up after the game, and obviously we'll be very careful with it," Kerr said Tuesday. "This morning when (trainers) looked at it, they decided we better give it some time. ... It turned out to be a little more (swelling) than we expected." Contra Costa Times

March 17, 2015 Updates

By next season, Lee certainly will be eager to make his mark in a contract year during which he will receive about $15.5 million as he winds up a six-year deal. Unless Golden State tries to trade him before then. "It's definitely a challenging new role, and tough to find a rhythm sometimes," Lee said. "But I wouldn't trade it for anything with how our team's doing. I just see this as an opportunity to prove that I'm a team guy, prove how much I care about winning." USA Today Sports

Golden State guard Klay Thompson will sit out against East-leading Atlanta with a sprained right ankle. The West-leading Warriors say Thompson will be re-evaluated in seven to 10 days. USA Today Sports

The Golden State Warriors announced today that the team will be giving out Rick Barry Bobbleheads to the first 10,000 fans who enter Oracle Arena on Monday, March 23 for the team’s game against the Washington Wizards, courtesy of adidas. In addition to Rick Barry Bobblehead Night, March 23 will serve as a celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Warriors winning the 1975 NBA Championship. NBA.com

Mychal Thompson, the father of Warriors guard Klay Thompson, is unhappy that the team was able to rest healthy players including his son at Denver on Friday. “This is a disgrace to the fans,” Mychal told 95.7 The Game as he was in town to broadcast the Los Angeles Lakers game Monday. “It is a disservice to the fans. “My cousin has nine kids. He bought his tickets. He didn’t ask Klay for his tickets. He bought his tickets to take his kids to the Denver game for the first time for them to get to see Klay play in person. He gets there. No Klay.” Contra Costa Times



Wilt Chamberlain never won a championship with the Warriors, but his monstrous stats make him the clear pick for No. 1 player in franchise history.


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