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April 22, 2015 Updates

Green stayed in the starting lineup, and Lee lost his job, in essence, because of the injury. Green, as always, was willing to share his candid view of it all. "It meant a lot," he said of Kerr's decision. "It showed that his only agenda was winning … It's no disrespect to David – the guy has been an All-Star, and to stick with what we'd been winning with? I'm not saying David wouldn't have filled back in and we wouldn't have kept winning, but it was proven that we were winning. (Kerr's move) meant a lot to me. It just showed everyone that his only agenda was winning. "(What Kerr did) is not normal. You won't see it much. But guys accepted their role. David could've been an (expletive) about it and been a cancer. But he accepted his role and continued to try to help me USA Today Sports

April 21, 2015 Updates

Stephen Curry was sprinting through the Oracle Arena hallway into the Warriors locker room, so everybody had to move aside. Even Mark Jackson had to move. Maybe especially Mark Jackson. I didn’t see Curry make any gesture to Jackson or even slow down on his way through the locker room doors before Saturday’s Game 1, which Jackson worked for ABC. San Jose Mercury-News

I saw Jackson’s reaction, though: The former Warriors coach was startled at first, smiled quickly as Curry blew past him, and then walked away with a small shrug. These two men are still friends; Curry still credits Jackson for lifting the Warriors out of the muck; and in fact, Steve Kerr gained credibility with Curry by praising Jackson from the moment Kerr took the Warriors job. San Jose Mercury-News

And Kerr has allowed the Warriors leaders to keep remnants of Jackson’s tenure, including the “Just us!” chant at the end of every team huddle and the poster that remains in the locker room: “mUSt be jUSt about US”. Jackson, of course, never would’ve allowed a slogan from a previous administration in his locker room. But when Curry and others asked Kerr to keep some of these Jackson traces, Kerr quickly agreed. “I guess it would’ve been weird if he didn’t (let the players keep some traditions),” Curry said, “because there’s no denying the foundation we built the last couple years under Mark and culture change that he was responsible for. San Jose Mercury-News

“And of course, you’ve got guys like (Steph) Curry who’s blowing up into a superstar and (Klay) Thompson has a huge year and Draymond Green, is looking like he may be the steal of the draft two years ago, and (Andrew) Bogut is a solid foundation defensively on any basketball court. “The two teams that I thought stood out, in my mind, were the Clippers and Cleveland, and Golden State, I think to me, is also a team that right now is substantially probably a little bit better than anybody else and if they can keep the orchestra playing with everybody involved, they’re my favorite right now.” CSNBayArea.com

Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer was named the NBA’s Coach of the Year, the league announced Tuesday. Budenholzer, in his second season with the Hawks, led the team to a franchise-record 60 wins and the top seed in the Eastern Conference. He guided the team to 38 wins and a playoff berth last season in his first year. The 22-win improvement garned him 513 points, including 67 first-place votes. The Warriors’ Steve Kerr was second with 471 points, including 56 first-place votes. Jason Kidd of the Milwaukee Bucks was third with one first-place vote and 57 total points. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Jeff Zillgitt: Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer named 2014-15 NBA coach of the year, edges Warriros coach Steve Kerr by 42 points Twitter @JeffZillgitt

Fans showed their knowledge of the day’s events after Pelicans coach Monty Williams wondered aloud about the legality of the noise levels at the arena. They drowned out the Pelicans during starting lineup introductions. They were a menace even as the Warriors got off to a slow start, waiting for their moment to explode. Contra Costa Times

That was just too easy for Warriors coach Steve Kerr, who made a joking plea to Warriors fans a couple hours before tipoff. "I'm just going to make an appeal to our fans to be as quiet as possible," he said. "It's the least we can do." The sellout crowd paid no heed to Kerr's faux instructions. Decked out in yellow "Strength in Numbers" T-shirts, fans roared at every opportunity. The Pelicans kept coming, but so did the crowd. "It was unbelievable," center Andrew Bogut said afterward. "At one point it got to where we couldn't even hear the whistle. That's what we want. We love that from our fans and the atmosphere they provide. We wouldn't want to play anywhere else in the world." Contra Costa Times

Kerr seemed puzzled by the notion that the noise could reach illegal levels. "I know the NBA likes to control a lot of things, but I don't think they can control how loud the fans yell," he said. Contra Costa Times

Warriors swingman Andre Iguodala got seven first-place votes, 16 second-place votes and 17 third-place votes for a total of 100 points in the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year balloting — and finished fourth, 402 points behind winner Lou Williams of Toronto. “I was hoping I didn’t get it,” Iguodala said before Monday’s Game 2. “I really didn’t have a good year, so I’m glad Lou got it. That’s my man. He had a great year for their team, and he’s deserved it a few years.” San Francisco Chronicle

Green is a Defensive Player of the Year candidate and perhaps the best trash-talker in the league. Judging by reading the tweets of @babers-mary, it isn't hard to tell where he got his skills from. "I only have to be mindful and respectful of my son and not be belligerent," Babers-Green told Yahoo Sports in a phone interview early Tuesday morning in Saginaw, Mich. "But I am staying in the guideline of the rules. His rules. "I myself have no rules. I myself will [say something]. But I have to respect him." Yahoo! Sports

Lloyd said on Twitter that Green didn't get his vote for the NBA first- or second- All-Defense team because "a handful of players I polled recently scoffed at the idea of Green even being on the list." Babers-Green responded to Lloyd on Twitter by saying, "Tell him to jump in the Lake w/ weights!" Babers-Green deleted the Tweet, but it still lives on in cyberspace. When asked if Lloyd deserved that response from his mom, Green said: "Yeah. He was hating." Yahoo! Sports



Wilt Chamberlain never won a championship with the Warriors, but his monstrous stats make him the clear pick for No. 1 player in franchise history.


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