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The team and its players are also conscious of its role and influence around the world. That is why Serge Ibaka, Thabo Sefolosha and Hasheem Thabeet, all of whom have roots in Africa, will be traveling to the continent from August 29th-September 1st to take part in the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders program. The event, held in Johannesburg, South Africa, is a basketball camp for 60 of the top 18-and-under players throughout the African continent. In addition to learning the game of basketball, the young participants will be involved in life skills seminars, while the Thunder trio will be working with NBA Cares to give back to communities in need. NBA.com

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There’s a popular bumper sticker on the streets of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, that reads, “This car is protected by the blood of Jesus.” But there’s one teacher at the International School of Tanganyika who needs one that reads, “This car is protected by Hasheem Thabeet.” On one occasion when that teacher was stopped at a red light, a group of children ran up and started cleaning her windows — a common occurrence in the streets of the country’s largest city. But as she tried to tell them she didn’t need that assistance, the light turned green and they ran from the car, leaving the windshield wipers up. She quickly pulled off to the side of the road to fix the wipers and talk to the kids. That’s when a luxury car pulled over behind her and Thabeet unfolded all 7 feet, 3 inches of himself from it, asking if everything was all right, if she needed any help. They spoke to the kids and got her car’s wipers sorted out and then Thabeet was off. New York Times

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“Life's tough. I've got little cousins. I've got a goddaughter who just started kindergarten. … People who have children know how this stuff feels.” Thunder center Hasheem Thabeet was born in Tanzania and played collegiately at Connecticut in Storrs, which is roughly 80 miles northeast of Newtown. Rookie guard Jeremy Lamb also played at UConn and currently is with the Tulsa 66ers, the franchise's Developmental League team. Oklahoman

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Here’s Thabeet’s side of things. “It was a basketball play. I wanted to challenge the shot. We got tangled up a little bit. I was trying to hear what (Harden) was saying and the ref came over and whatever happened, happened.” Thabeet said Davis told him he pushed him. But Thabeet said the contact was unintentional. “When the situation like that happened, I was just focused on trying to see what was going on between me and James. So my peripheral was completely gone and I threw my hands and he said I pushed him. It wasn’t intentional.” Oklahoman

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New Oklahoma City Thunder player Kevin Martin has been observing something very interesting about Hasheem Thabeet’s behavior. Martin’s point of view is especially intriguing as the two were teammates together for the Houston Rockets during part of the 2010-11 and 2011-12 seasons. “I was with him in Houston. It’s like night and day when he was in Houston,” Martin told HOOPSWORLD about Thabeet. “He wants to be in every practice drill now. I can tell he gets to the gym earlier. He’s just excited. “Whatever they did to him, it definitely worked in his favor,” he said, grinning, referring to the Oklahoma City Thunder franchise. HoopsWorld

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A native of the Republic of Tanzania and a collegiate product at Connecticut, Thabeet had no say in his three previous pro stops. The Memphis Grizzlies drafted him and eventually traded him to the Houston Rockets, who dealt him to the Portland Trail Blazers. Three teams in three years equaled no fun and little success. “Definitely this is a great opportunity for me,” Thabeet said. “Every situation in the past doesn't really matter. The present is what I've got to face. I've got to deal with what I can control, come in and work hard and just be a part of the team. “It's another situation, so I've got to come in with a different mentality and be ready to work hard.” Oklahoman

As long as Perkins is physically capable, he's the starter, and he let that be known after a Thunder Fit clinic at Deer Creek Middle School last Wednesday. “We're all teammates, but at the end of the day, the center position over here is mine and that's the way we're going to keep it,” said Perkins, wearing a brace on his left wrist. “Any other way, backup minutes or whatever they want to go about, that's their problem. Once I hit the court, I'm going to make it known — and it's going to be known — that that's mine. “It's no beef, but at the end of the day, that's what it is.” Oklahoman

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Hasheem Thabeet recently signed with Oklahoma City, his fourth NBA team in as many seasons. The 7-foot-3 shotblocking specialist is expected to compete with former lottery pick Cole Aldrich for a back-up job. “It’s another opportunity for me,” Thabeet said. “(I want to) establish my position somewhere. I haven’t been consistent. That’s what I’m working on just to stay consistent and have a spot somewhere.” Connecticut News

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(Latavious) Williams said he hasn’t decided where he’ll play next season. It’s unlikely that he gets a training camp invitation from the Thunder because OKC is set up front after signing Thabeet, and, more importantly, if Williams comes into camp and gets waived the Thunder loses his draft rights. The Thunder can’t, or better yet won’t, let that happen. Williams said he would prefer to play overseas, however, which is what I assume he’ll do once again. I asked Williams how tough it’s been to stay patient while waiting his turn and he said “I’ve been patient this long so I’m just going to keep it rolling and just do what I’ve got to do and see what’s next.” Oklahoman

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Thabeet was the top center prospect after dominating most of his college competition. He was a lock to be a top three pick but was anything but a can’t-miss prospect. I remember writing about 53 stories examining Thabeet leading up to draft night. Some were warranted. Some definitely were overkill. But the big man was a fascinating ballplayer, one who possessed defensive skills the Thunder sorely lacked back then. Opinions varied on Thabeet, but everyone, it seemed, had one. One person I work closely with who shall remain nameless even remixed The Go-Go’s 80s hit “We got the beat” by circling the office crooning “Don’t draft Thabeet, don’t draft Thabeet, don’t draft Thabeeeeet. Don’t draft Thabeet.” The guy was just a polarizing player. But he had so much size, so much potential. The Thunder was enamored with Thabeet and, clearly, still is to this day. Oklahoman

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