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January 23, 2015 Updates
January 20, 2015 Updates

Three point guards on the floor at the same time might cause some to raise eyebrows. Last summer, the idea made Isaiah Thomas raise his hand and say "pick me." "That's what I signed here for, was to play with those other two guards and to cause havoc on both ends of the floor playing with Goran and Bledsoe," Thomas said on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM. NBA.com

December 27, 2014 Updates

Sean Cunningham: VIDEO: Isaiah Thomas on return to Sac, firing of Michael Malone & looking to have season's best game vs #NBAKings news10.net/videos/sports/… Twitter @News10Sean

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December 23, 2014 Updates

This is still a good team — a speed demon that feasts on corner 3s and plays close to league-average defense despite fouling a ton. They just don’t look to be good enough, and that’s fine, considering how young they really are. The Suns will be on the hunt for some help, but they should prioritize next season and beyond in talking deadline deals. Teams will call about all of their point guards, but the feeling around the league is that Phoenix would be most open to moving Thomas. Grantland

"We just play harder on the road," said Isaiah Thomas, who is the only player besides Green to prompt crowd noise with an encouraging gesture. "We're more together on the road." Arizona Republic

December 22, 2014 Updates

David Aldridge: With the way Goran and Eric played here last year, why did you think you'd find enough minutes in Phoenix? Isaiah Thomas: I really went home, talked to my family, prayed on it. I really tried to envision how it would really work, 'cause it didn't make sense. But when they put it on paper and they told me I was going to be a big part of what they do here, I believed them. I felt like they were genuine. And we've had ups and downs this season, but at the end of the day we're trying to do the best we can to make it work. And if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. We tried. But we're doing the best we can to make it work and we're doing the best we can for this team. NBA.com

David Aldridge: How many times have the three of you been on the floor at the same time? Isaiah Thomas: Last two games. Before that, it would be stretches where it would be two or three minutes here or there. But not as much as I envisioned. When I signed here I thought we'd be playing a lot together. Maybe that changes. The last two games, we're on a two-game winning streak (three after winning in Washington Sunday night), Coach has changed it up a little bit to where we're ending the game together, the last seven or eight minutes of the game, we're all playing together. Hopefully that happens a lot more, 'cause I do feel like we could use that to our advantage, and it could work. NBA.com

David Aldridge: What do you think about what's going on in Sac right now? Isaiah Thomas: I mean, it caught everybody by surprise. I'm real close with Mike Malone. We talk all the time, every few weeks. It's tough. It's a tough situation. I didn't think it was going to happen. You can ask all the players there, it probably caught them off guard. 'Cause everybody fell in love with Mike Malone. He really changed the culture over there, and from the start they were having over there, it looked like things were changing for the better. But, I mean, you know how the NBA is. It's a business, and it seemed like they were butting heads a little bit, and they made their decision. NBA.com

December 21, 2014 Updates

Phoenix Suns guard Isaiah Thomas is a sneaker free agent, but says he's close to signing a deal with Jordan Brand. Nick Metallinos of Starting 5 Online gets the scoop in the interview above, during which Thomas also speaks on his favorite Jordans to wear in-game, Phoenix's sneaker scene and the post-retirement Air Jordan sigs. Sole Collector

December 20, 2014 Updates

The Phoenix Suns, who visited the lowly Knicks on Saturday, are in a bit of a quagmire with free agent-to-be Goran Dragic, rival executives say. Multiple teams already are inquiring as to what it would take to break up the Suns' three-headed guard rotation of Dragic, Eric Bledsoe and Isaiah Thomas -- with Dragic, a prospective free agent, garnering the most attention. Coincidentally, executives have gotten the impression that Dragic is the one Phoenix would most like to keep if they do, indeed, decide to make a move. CBSSports.com

December 17, 2014 Updates

With news of Thomas firing his agent, Andy Miller, two weeks ago and with him becoming trade-eligible this week, the dot-connectors went to work after Thomas' comment to cbssports.com last month that the Suns situation "was not what I expected." Miller negotiated Thomas' four-year, $27 million contract with Phoenix in July. "It's unrelated to the Suns," Thomas said of firing his agent. "I lost trust in the guy. That's all it is. Professional reasons. Personal reasons as well. People, I've seen, say I want to be traded and things like that. Nah, that happened two weeks ago." Arizona Republic

Asked if he was good with the current situation, Thomas said, "I'm not OK with losing, so I don't think anybody is OK with what is going on right now. We've got to figure it out." Asked if he was good with his individual situation, Thomas said, "My family loves it. So if they're happy, I'm happy. Like I said, we're losing now. And, no, I'm not OK with the situation right now because we are on a six-game losing streak. I'm not OK with it." Arizona Republic

December 16, 2014 Updates

The Phoenix Suns wore "I Can't Breathe" T-shirts during warm-ups and on the bench for their Monday night loss to Milwaukee. Suns point guard Isaiah Thomas organized the idea for the Suns to follow the lead of other NBA players and teams who have worn the protest shirt at games. Arizona Republic

December 15, 2014 Updates

Phoenix has committed $70 million over five years to Bledsoe and $27 million over four years to Thomas. Bledsoe and Thomas will earn a combined $20.5 million next season. Dragic, an All-NBA third-team selection, could command $15 million a year or more on the open market in July. Would the Suns pay three point guards a combined $35 million, more than half of the projected cap? Would they let Dragic walk away for nothing? The answer to both questions is "probably not," which is why team executives across the league expect the Suns to trade one of the three. Some interviewed for this story said Thomas was the most likely candidate. "I do think that they're going to look at it, [but] only if it makes them better," said another Western Conference executive. Bleacher Report

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