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February 11, 2015 Updates

"I asked the commissioner (Adam Silver) to set up a meeting with (Dolan), make a step forward," said Oakley. "I want to know what I did to be hated so bad by an owner. The dad (Charles Dolan), I never heard him say nothing bad about me. I asked players I played with to go talk with (Dolan). He said he don't want to deal with me." Oakley said Knicks fans are the ones hurting these days, because Dolan's product stinks and fans are "paying their money to watch" terrible basketball. "It's all gimme basketball now," said Oakley. "One guy can't make a team better. We had a lot of high IQ guys playing. There's no leaders. When I was here I treated people with respect," said Oakley. "How can I be that bad?" New York Daily News

February 10, 2015 Updates

Speaking at the 14th annual Cal Ramsey Distinguished Lecturer Series in Sports Management at New York University, Stern was asked what he would have done with Dolan if he were still commissioner. “Would I discipline James Dolan for that email?” Stern asked. “Why would I do that?” “We have our own brand of due process,” Stern later added. “In terms of all the things that people should be held accountable for … if you are looking for every email that gets sent to a fan who sends a nasty email, I’m sorry … that’s almost beneath the commissioner’s duties.” ESPN.com

Stern, who retired after three decades last February and has been staying busy as the CEO of DJS Global Advisors, said Dolan’s email isn’t even a blip on the radar when it comes to serious concerns the NBA has had to deal with over the years. “That’s a nothing,” Stern said. “There have been some serious issues in our time from Magic (Johnson’s HIV) to Ron Artest to you name it, we’ve dealt with it. This doesn’t raise … this is just New York at its best, which is let’s make something out of nothing.” ESPN.com

Irving Bierman, the 72-year-old Knicks fan and email target of James Dolan, said he doesn’t need an apology from the Knicks owner, just an NBA title. “I’m not looking for an apology, all I want is improvement and to win a championship,’’ Bierman told The Post Monday from his Myrtle Beach, S.C., home. “We’re not even competitive. They have not won one in [42] years. You think they’re going to turn it around in six months? Right now they’re sitting on the balls of their behinds.’’ New York Post

His wife, Joan Bierman, said the irony of Dolan accusing him of alcoholism is he doesn’t even drink. “He won’t even have an occasional glass of wine,’’ she said. Bierman said he still plans to keep rooting for the Knicks, and not switch allegiances to the Nets, who aren’t planning on making a publicity stunt and offering Bierman free Nets gear and courtside seats. Bierman moved to South Carolina a year ago after living in Westchester. “I’m Brooklyn born and raised, still a Brooklyn Dodgers fan from 1955,’’ Bierman said. “I’m still going to root for the Knicks. [Dolan] doesn’t control what I do. I’m not rooting for the Nets.” New York Post

February 9, 2015 Updates

Ian Begley: Not that you need me to confirm what Adam Silver's already said, but I am told that James Dolan will not face NBA discipline for his email. Sources say Dolan wasn't fined because his email wasn't vulgar & didn't broach subjects that may cause the NBA to act such as race, gender. Twitter @IanBegley

Carmelo Anthony said it’s not proper to respond angrily to fans who express their disappointment at the Knicks’ losing ways, but admitted, “We all have those moments.’’ At the morning shootaround Monday at AmericanAirlines Arena, Anthony was asked about owner James Dolan’s vicious email to a fan in which he accused the person of being an alcoholic. The email, written last month, became public Sunday. New York Post

Last season, Anthony also cursed out a heckler during a game at the Garden. He realizes the importance of the fans, but wants them to know the players are experiencing the same feelings. “I said this earlier in the year, it’s frustrating for the fans, for me, for us, for the team,’’ Anthony said. “I get the frustration coming from the fans … but we’re the ones going through it, too, and we have to deal with it, too. We have to come to work everyday and play hard and stay focused whether we’re winning or losing. Yeah, I feel for the fans. They’re the ones who spend the money and one of the reasons we’re able to do what we do. But I want them to know we’re going through the same thing.’’ New York Post

February 8, 2015 Updates

New York Knicks and Cablevision CEO James Dolan lashed out at a lifelong fan over email, suggesting the fan was an alcoholic who should start rooting for the Nets "because the Knicks don't want you." Dolan's response was extraordinarily disproportionate given the relatively mild-mannered—and accurate!—criticisms levied by the fan, who says he's been a Knicks fan since 1952. (We received copies of the emails from filmmaker Aaron Bierman, whose father was the target of Dolan's wrath.) Here's the email that was sent to Dolan: Deadspin.com

Howard Beck: This Jim Dolan email published by Deadspin is legit, sources confirm. Dolan wrote it. deadspin.com/dolan-start-ro… http://t.co/yI4C0XPPiB Twitter @HowardBeck

October 29, 2014 Updates

"Phil definitely has the intellect to be a very good general manager, but it's going to depend on what Dolan lets him do," Krause said. "Phil has to scout, too, and I don't know if he can physically do that at his age [69]. When I was the Bulls GM I did more scouting than the scouts did. I didn't have any scouts when I was hired. Phil's also going to have to work it in the draft, and he's going to need some luck there." ESPN.com

October 13, 2014 Updates

Knicks president Phil Jackson believes owner James Dolan has been "forced to meddle" in basketball decisions in the past. But Jackson said he has received assurances from Dolan that it won't happen again as long as he's running the team. ESPN.com

Jackson said Sunday that he spoke to Dolan about having full autonomy to make basketball decisions before he accepted the job as Knicks president. "I was point blank and honest with him and said, 'If I walk into your office or call you up on the telephone and tell you that I want to trade X player who's an All-Star or Y player who's the fans' favorite, if I think it's the right move, I want you to feel confident that I can do this, will you give me the liberty to do this?' And he said yes, and that's really the key," Jackson said while speaking at The New Yorker Festival in Manhattan. ESPN.com

October 12, 2014 Updates

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