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“I’ve been giving it thought,’’ Dudley said. “For me, it’s about adding more years. You obviously want to play longer. I want to come back here. Definitely. I mean, this team is building each year and will get better. People think that just because I was out in Phoenix and L.A. — and those are great cities and have great teams — I wouldn’t want to be here. But it’s all about winning and being in the right situation. I’m in a great situation. Great training staff. Great head coach. Young guys who want to learn. They need a veteran who can help them out and, with that being said, I’m playing well. So I can’t ask for anything more.’’ Racine Journal-Times

Take the response Dudley had two summers ago, when he was a part of a three-team trade that involved Phoenix, the Los Angeles Clippers and Milwaukee. Dudley went from Phoenix to L.A., which he was extremely delighted about considering the alternative. “I don’t want to —— on a team ... I didn’t want to go to Milwaukee,’’ Dudley said at the time. “You want to go to a team that has history and prestige and L.A. was a perfect fit.’’ Racine Journal-Times

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The team then waived Delfino and Raduljica, creating roster space and room under the hard cap to sign Hedo Turkoglu, Chris-Douglas Roberts, Ekpe Udoh and Jared Cunningham. “At first I was disappointed. It’s just that there was something I had to prove. I felt that health-wise, I was never 100 percent to be able to do what I do out there. After a couple days of reflecting, I thought this might be a better situation for me,” Dudley said. “… For me, I was going to a young team where I thought I could play a lot. When I heard from (Bucks coach Jason Kidd) and the player’s coach he is, I was excited.” Orange County Register

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More than one source around the league independently suggested the Bucks weren't the highest bidder for Dudley and the pick, but that the Clippers felt they were under the gun to act. In retrospect, the Eric Bledsoe deal -- orchestrated on the Clippers' side by a combination of Roeser and Rivers with a sign-off from Sterling -- amounts to Bledsoe, a No. 1 pick and Caron Butler for J.J. Redick (who could have been available for the mid-level), two guys waived under the stretch provision and a second-round pick that was originally theirs. There's also the familiar refrain that Rivers' taste in reserves is uninspired, and his filling-out of the Clippers' roster has displayed none of the flair of the Spurs' work on the margins. San Antonio might be an unreasonable measuring stick, but if Rivers says the Spurs are the standard, then they're the standard. ESPN.com

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The 29-year-old small forward arrived in Milwaukee on Tuesday and said he sees an opportunity after last week's trade sent him from the Los Angeles Clippers to the Bucks. "Going from a contender to a team that's rebuilding, to me that really doesn't matter," Dudley said. "As a professional, you've got to come in with the right mind-set and play in the right way. "The way I've conducted myself throughout the league, that will be the same thing here. This team has a lot going good for them with Jabari Parker coming in here and what he can potentially do for this franchise. That's a huge upside." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

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Jared Dudley: RT @espngabreezy: @JaredDudley619 how you feel about getting traded? honestly. ( great opportunity for me) Twitter @JaredDudley619

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