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Jared Jeffries could sit back in a cushioned folding chair next to a wall in the Nuggets' practice facility, watch the players be put through their paces and not get more than a slight twinge of wanting to join them. And he got only that because he loves the competition. Otherwise: His right knee is bone on bone. Taking anti-inflammatories had become as common as eating his favorite food. Constant rehabilitation was the norm. "I don't miss being in pain," Jeffries said. "I don't miss shootarounds. I don't miss the stress of wins and losses, everything that goes into being a player." He paused. "It's been great though." Denver Post

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Waiving Jared Jeffries Neil Olshey: Jared was well aware that we were always going to have to waive him. He was part of a sign-and-trade where we had to do three years. His second year would have been guaranteed within five days after the end of the season. We felt it was appropriate to handle while he was here. He was a player that we we were going to have to renounce anyway to create the maximum amount of cap room. As we told Jared, we'll look into it again at the end of the summer. If we have a need and he doesn't have a job, it's something that we can discuss. Right now, where this organization is going, we need every ounce of cap room we can get to create the best roster possible. Blazers Edge

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Chris Haynes: #Blazers GM Neil Olshey says Jared Jeffries was always aware that he would be waived. Blazers have 11.6M in cap to work with this summer. Twitter @ChrisBHaynes

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The 31-year-old veteran admits he has lost a step or two due to various knee injuries and surgeries, but he says he is not retiring at the end of the 2012-13 season after only appearing in 38 games. He wants to play a couple more years and he realizes Portland might not be the right fit for him going forward. CSNNW.com

“If my role is to be similar to this year, just to do that, then I would have to make a decision,” Jeffries told CSNNW.com. “But I would like to play. I feel like my knee responded well and I feel like my knee feels good enough. Coming into this year, just getting the chance to be on this roster and being in a good situation was what I was looking for. But how I feel physically right now, I want to see if I can play a couple more years.” CSNNW.com

A job in the NBA front office or coaching is in his future, but he says that will always be there. He made it clear, right now it's about getting the most out of his playing career before he doesn't have anything left. “I feel better than last year,” he said. “Last year my knees felt so bad. So far it's been good, maybe it's the result of not playing that many minutes, but whatever I can do to elongate my career, play a longer career in less pain, I'm with it.” CSNNW.com

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Immediately following the game, there wasn't much talk coming from the Trail Blazers' locker room, so Jared Jeffries used that silent time to address the team. He basically gave his reasoning to why the Trail Blazers have been struggling of late and he offered a solution. “I said we got to stop this bleeding,” Jeffries said. “We got to stop (expletive) around at the beginning of the game. You can't let a team come in and get into a rhythm. If we let guys come in and get a rhythm and get comfortable, you let Martell [Webster] get comfortable and as soon as Crawford checks in the game, he gets comfortable then you wonder why he makes a shot like that. It's because you didn't take him away early, you didn't mess with his confidence at all.” CSNNW.com

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Over the summer, Jeffries roamed the wild in pursuit of the small (pheasants), the big (buffalo) and the exotic (alligators). Over the years, he's hunted everything from deer to rabbits to raccoons to turkeys. He's even pursued wild pig. Jeffries' prized catch came in the summer of 2011, when he landed a gigantic buffalo that produced 583 pounds of meat. "We might not ever eat it all," Jeffries said, laughing. During that hunt, Jeffries traveled to an Indian reservation in South Dakota and immersed himself with the natives, roaming the land and soaking in the outdoors and culture. "It was awesome," he said. "I hung out on the reservation, met everybody. We walked and stalked (the buffalo)." Oregonian

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Jeffries says he's going to miss the Big Apple, and not just for basketball. "I'm excited about the talent Portland has," he told ESPN New York. "But I'm gonna miss New York, man. I will miss the fans and city so much. I spent so much time in New York." Off the court, Jeffries said he's heard the fishing is good in Portland, but he's actually more excited about -- hunting. And he's done it before. "Portland has awesome hunting," he said. "I hunt for pheasant in South Dakota most years and also some bigger game." ESPN.com

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