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December 1, 2014 Updates

Jason Richardson is projected to return to the court right before the NBA All-Star Game in February. The Sixers guard hasn't played since he injured his left kneecap in January 2013. He suffered a stress fracture in his right foot in October while rehabilitating his left knee. "I'm the type of guy, I'm not settling for that," Richardson said of returning right before the All-Star Game. "In the worst case, it could be the end of this month. It just depends on how my body reacts, how my foot reacts, how my knee reacts. It's a waiting game." Philadelphia Inquirer

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November 19, 2014 Updates

Richardson, a 14-year pro, said he'll “definitely be back before the all-star break or January or maybe even before this year is over with. I'll see how my body takes all this training and getting ready for it.” Richardson said he's making progress with the right foot and left knee, though he has to ramp up his on-court work and get into game shape/drop a few pounds after months of shooting standstill jumpers and being in a walking boot. The Intelligencer

Devin Kharpertian: Only four players were suspended for domestic violence or abuse charges in the David Stern era, for a combined 14 games. The four: Jared Sullinger (1 game, though charges were dropped), then-Ron Artest (7 games), Jason Richardson, Glenn Robinson (3 games). Twitter @uuords

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Tom Moore: #NBA releases official rosters. Johnson, Davies and Sampson make it. Embiid, J-Rich and J Grant on inactive list. #Sixers Twitter @tmoore76ers

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"Here, you have some pretty good players for sure," Turner said. "Most of the guys in Philly are young, young, young, young dudes, unfortunately. Sometimes, we're a step ahead from that aspect in terms of the leadership here. Their leaders over there are MCW [Michael Carter-Williams] and Jason Richardson, who's not really around the team, 'cause he's hurt right now. It's way different." NBA.com

September 7, 2014 Updates

Jason Richardson looks good in the gym. He's trying to recover after a serious knee-injury Sportando

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February 6, 2014 Updates

Injured guard Jason Richardson is getting his first taste of on-court activity in 12 months, and said he’s looking toward mid-March as a possible return date for the 76ers. Richardson, who underwent left knee surgery Feb. 19, 2013, started taking short jumpers Monday. He’s doing that an hour a day for one to two weeks. If that goes well, and without incident, he’ll graduate to sliding and shooting, catching and shooting and beyond. Sixers Dish

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