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After 39 years as an NBA referee, Bavetta announced this week he’ll be retiring at age 74. Jazz fans will need to find someone else to upbraid. But they’ll never forget him. He’s the referee that waved off Jazz guard Howard Eisley’s 3-point basket in Game 6 of the NBA Finals against Chicago, ruling it was after the shot clock had expired. He later allowed Bulls’ guard Ron Harper’s 2-point basket to count, though that time the shot clock had expired in the fourth quarter of a tie game. Bavetta was also on the court when Michael Jordan bumped Bryon Russell before scoring the game-winning basket. Conspiracy wonks have been analyzing it ever since. So naturally you would think Jerry Sloan would be doing cartwheels. His officiating nemesis is history. “I thought he was a good ref,” the former Jazz coach said this week. “Anybody who can stay with something that long has to be good at what they do; those guys are hard to come by. He stood the test of time; it’s not an easy job.” Deseret News

The catcalls were never personal to Bavetta, though Jazz fans wanted them to be. Sloan said he didn’t think Bavetta’s calls/no-calls in 1998 were driven by an agenda and he doesn’t dwell on it. “I think you’ve got to put it behind you and go about your business. To be so concerned about something like that — you have no control over it whatsoever — so you just have to hope your team gets the benefit of the doubt,” Sloan said. Deseret News

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What do you think about the Jazz honoring coach Jerry Sloan and putting his name in the rafters? Andrei Kirilenko: They should have done it a long time ago. He definitely deserves it. Coach Sloan, Karl Malone, John Stockton ... that’s a huge era for Jazz basketball and it definitely needs to be shown here in Salt Lake City. I give huge credit to Utah. It’s always been a team who really worried about team chemistry, being a family, rather than just teammates. The tradition continues. Of course it’s a little bit different, but all the memories are still there. Deseret News

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Back working for the Utah Jazz this season — after more than two years away following his abrupt resignation in February 2011 — Sloan isn’t about to make any long-term promises this time. "I don’t think it’s a number of years thing," the Hall of Fame coach said Friday. "I think it’s just a day-to-day thing, as far as the way I look at the whole thing. I’m Utah Jazz, I think everybody knows that. But the light gets a little dimmer as time goes by because I’m 71 years old." Salt Lake Tribune

So far, Sloan’s job has consisted of some scouting duties and providing some insight to his replacement, Jazz coach Ty Corbin. "I’m here to help any way they might ask me and to be out of the way when it’s my time to be out of the way," Sloan said. Sloan has indeed been hesitant to impose. "Too much so," Corbin said. "The one thing especially early on that I didn’t want to happen, and I know how much he loves basketball and loves the Utah Jazz, is for him not to come around because he was afraid of getting in my way. I love having him around because he’s a great guy." Salt Lake Tribune

Asked Friday night if he had any regrets looking back on his coaching career and the Hall of Famer quipped, "I’d have called a different play when we played Chicago [in the NBA Finals] coming down the stretch." Sloan is without question of the game’s all-time greatest coaches and, after coming up short against the Bulls twice, he may be the greatest to have never won a championship. Salt Lake Tribune

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Jody Genessy: Jerry Sloan once hit a recorder out of my hand while showing how to get through a screen. I'm lucky he wasn't teaching how to take a charge. The recorder hit the court and pieces scattered. Sloan: "If I broke that #%*@ing thing, I'll buy you a new one." The lesson then continued. Twitter @DJJazzyJody

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Sloan is third among the NBA’s all-time winningest coaches, with 1,221 career victories that place him behind only Lenny Wilkens and Don Nelson. All but 94 of those victories came with the Jazz. “He really imposed himself onto his teams, and he had the people who would follow,” Adelman said. “I’m happy for him. He’s in the Hall of Fame and certainly he should be up there, too.” The Jazz hasn’t honored Sloan until now because he didn’t want the team to make a fuss about him. “That figures,” Adelman said. “That sounds like Jerry.” Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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