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Nick Friedell: Butler says he has spoken to teammates about performance. "I'll stay on us about it. I'm supposed to be the primetime defensive guy and I haven't been guarding a soul. I've been worried about offense too much and I need to change that quickly or it's going to be my fault." Twitter @NickFriedell

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Butler, in theory, could play next season on a qualifying offer of just more than $3 million in the hopes of getting to unrestricted free agency and a higher maximum contract of four years and roughly $97 million in 2016 when the TV money makes the cap jump. Butler also could opt for a trade or a creatively-structured shorter deal with a trade kicker and player option. For instance, a four-year, $70 million deal with a player option in the final season could get Butler to unrestricted free agency in the land of unprecedented salary caps earlier. The Bulls almost certainly would match that offer. That's the thing about both sides betting on themselves. No harm, no foul, it's just the price of doing business. It's now a matter of how many millions Butler's jump will cost the Bulls. Chicago Tribune

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But it’s almost always hip-hop. Some Drake, Kanye West, sometime’s it’s edgier stuff. Sometimes it’s throwbacks like Biggie, Tupac, DMX. And if it’s Jimmy Butler’s turn in the Chicago locker room, it’s some country too. “I get my own playlist in warmups sometimes,” Butler told ProBasketballTalk. “My teammates don’t like it very much because it’s country music, but they get over it.” Country? Yes. Starting with Taylor Swift. “I like Taylor Swift,” Butler said. “I like music as a whole, but her music is kinda catchy. I’m sure she’ll hear this interview now and be like ‘what’s going on?’” NBCSports.com

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