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The Knicks (15-26) have lost four straight — all by double digits — and fell three games behind the red-hot Nets (17-22) in the standings. There were chants of “Let’s Go Nets!’’ and “Brooo-klyn’’ in the World’s Most Famous Arena, mixed in with boos and a late “Fire Woodson!’’ chant. None of those chants can be good for Woodson’s future job security. Joe Johnson, not Carmelo Anthony, was the best player on the court as he scored 20 of his 25 points in the first half. New York Post

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“That’s probably been the biggest thing in those situations. When I get the ball, I’m looking strictly to score. I’m never looking to pass, honestly, unless a defender is coming to where there’s two defenders on me, then I’ll pass. But I’m looking to get a bucket. . . . Four or five seconds is an eternity in basketball.” New York Daily News

The “clutch” shooting percentages for Kobe Bryant, Paul Pierce and Kevin Durant all pale in comparison to what Johnson has done the last two seasons. The Nets guard has been the league’s best closer, dubbed “Joe Jesus” by teammate Kevin Garnett because, “He may not be there when you call on him, but he’s there when you need him.” “Maybe because I’m a pretty good one-on-one player, or maybe because I’m bigger than 95% of the guys who guard me,” Johnson, who is 6-7, says in a recent sit-down with the Daily News. “All that probably plays a factor into it. I didn’t even realize in late-game situations until about the fourth year in the league that guys are not helping with five seconds on the clock. They don’t double you. New York Daily News

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Still, they needed one final clutch basket from the guy who's made so many of them. In the past season-plus, during the final 30 seconds of a game in which the margin is no more than three points, Johnson is 12-for-14. Naturally, he asked Jason Kidd for the ball. And Kidd obliged. "We believe in him. He has the resume," said Paul Pierce, who started at power forward as Kidd teamed him with Deron Williams (season-high 29 points, six three-pointers, five steals), Shaun Livingston, Johnson and Kevin Garnett. "When you have the resume, everybody's trust is in him. You know, we trust him that he's gonna get the good shot. It's good to have a guy like that on your team. "We believe. I mean, it don't matter. I could have been on fire. D-Will's on fire. This is our guy down the stretch. Like I said, the resume is there. He's our guy, and if he's 1-for-15 or 1-for-20, we want him with the ball with five seconds left on the clock." Newsday

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It was Wade's second block of the night and both came against Walker, which got me thinking. Among Wade's 675 blocks, which player has been victimized the most over his career? Thanks to NBA's StatsCube database, we can look it up. Turns out there are two players whom Wade has blocked nine times in his career, the highest total for any of Wade's victims. Who are those two players? The first one may not be too surprising: Joe Johnson. They've faced off 26 times in the NBA, which makes sense considering Johnson shared divisions with Wade for seven seasons in Atlanta. It's an impressive feat since Johnson is one of the biggest shooting guards in the game. ESPN.com

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