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May 21, 2014 Updates

Milwaukee Bucks general manager John Hammond received some support from the team's new ownership group after the lottery drawing Tuesday night. Wesley Edens and Marc Lasry sat in the front row with family members during the lottery telecast, while Hammond and assistant general manager David Morway were a few rows away. Edens said Hammond would continue as the team's general manager for the near future but avoided making a firm commitment in the long term. Hammond has two years remaining on his contract, as does coach Larry Drew, who suffered through a 15-67 finish in his first year with Milwaukee. "This is like Day 3 since we've been the owners of it," Edens said. "We're very focused on the draft and working with these guys closely. "We're very happy to have those guys working with us." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

May 20, 2014 Updates

The futures of Hammond and Morway are uncertain after the recent sale of the team to finance executives Wesley Edens and Marc Lasry, and the new owners have at least held initial discussions about possible replacements, per sources around the league. But the growing consensus is that the current front office will have another year to make this lottery pick and hope the nucleus it’s put in place begins to perform. But this is one of two jobs all the lurking GM candidates are watching — a group that includes all the names that are always mentioned, plus wild cards like Bryan Colangelo, who would be open to returning to a GM position, per several league sources. Grantland

May 17, 2014 Updates

Appearing on The Big 920's Mike Heller Show with Heller and Ted Davis on Friday afternoon, Stein didn't claim to have all the answers on how Lasry and Edens will approach their first summer in charge, but he did offer his best guess on the most pressing question facing the organization ahead of the all-important 2014 draft: "Well it's obviously early in the game, we're just getting to know these guys, although Marc Lasry is a fairly well known person in NBA circles. Not personally by me, but I know a fair few people around the league know him. "The early sense I get, and again I want to stress this is early and by no means binding, but the early sense I get is that I think John Hammond and Larry Drew will have a chance to stay in place and kind of show what they've got. I don't foresee changes between now and the draft, but I think if the coaching carousel that we've seen so far has taught us anything, what might seem like the most reliable rumbles or whispers don't always play out... "I think we have to find out more about the new owners, but at this point the early word going around is don't be surprised if Larry Drew and John Hammond have a chance to stick around and make their case basically." Brew Hoop

February 13, 2014 Updates

Bucks GM John Hammond will choose the player he thinks has the best chance of being a star. Right now it's a three-man race, but sources indicate Hammond loves the skill, size and rapid progression of Embiid. The Cameroon native is new to the game and has tremendous upside. Embiid can help the Bucks on both ends of the court, and while he recently told ESPN.com he might return to school, most feel that he'll be in June's draft. ESPN.com

September 6, 2013 Updates

They arranged a conference call with the two-time NBA All-Star from Racine and wanted to know if he had any reservations about playing for the Bucks. “We were basically telling Caron how bad we wanted him and how it would be a great fit for him,” Hammond said. “At one point in our conversation, Caron stopped me in my tracks and said, ‘You don’t have to convince me. I’m excited about playing for the Bucks. I want to be there.’ “The conversation went on a while and he said, ‘I just have a request, one favor.’ And we said, ‘Sure. What is it?’ “Caron said if we were going to have a presser he would like to have it in Racine. He said, ‘Can we do that?’ And we said, ‘Of course.’ “It just made sense. Racine is home for Caron.” Racine Journal-Times

Butler had barely settled into a home in Scottsdale, Ariz., before the Bucks came calling. He called his mother about the news. To Paden, it was Christmas, New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July all rolled into one. “When he called me and told me he was being traded to the Bucks, I started screaming and shouting and jumping all around the house like a little kid,” Paden said. “My husband (Melvin) said, ‘What’s going on? What’s happening?’ “I told him, ‘Caron is going to play for the Bucks. My baby is coming home. I said, ‘Thank you God in the name of Jesus’ about 20 times. I was so overwhelmed, so blessed.” Racine Journal-Times

September 4, 2013 Updates

General Manager John Hammond announced today that Jim Cleamons, Scott Williams and Josh Oppenheimer will complete Larry Drew’s coaching staff as assistant coaches. They join Bob Bender and Nick Van Exel, who were named to Drew’s coaching staff earlier in the summer. In addition, Scott Barthlama has been named head athletic trainer, Chris McKenzie has been named director of physical therapy and athletic trainer, and Robert Hackett has been named strength and conditioning coach. NBA.com

August 29, 2013 Updates
August 26, 2013 Updates

Hammond officially announced the hiring of David Morway as the team's assistant general manager, replacing Jeff Weltman, who left earlier this summer for a front-office job in Toronto. Morway was general manager of the Indiana Pacers from 2009-'12 and also has a baseball background, serving as assistant general manger of the San Diego Padres in the 1980s. "He was with them (the Pacers) for 14 years," Hammond said. "I've always looked at the Pacers and admired what they've done. I think David is going to be a great addition to our organization." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

August 20, 2013 Updates
August 6, 2013 Updates
July 30, 2013 Updates
July 17, 2013 Updates

Bucks GM John Hammond worked under Dumars for a number of years, so a relationship is there but Dumars divulged their conversations centered on having similar pets, nothing more. “We were both talking about our dogs,” Dumars said. “That trade rumor is not true.” Detroit News

July 13, 2013 Updates

The Milwaukee Bucks have signed free-agent guard O.J. Mayo (6-4, 210), General Manager John Hammond announced today NBA.com

July 3, 2013 Updates

The 18-year-old is particularly happy that he can finally provide a way for his family to escape the poor neighborhood that he and his family grew up in back home in Athens. But how can anyone be expected to handle such a radical culture shock and then go to work and do his job? "It's difficult," Hammond admitted. "I don't want to keep saying that the basketball, the being on the floor between then lines is going to be the easy part. But to a certain extent, it will be. it's can he handle everything that goes along with getting to the floor." 620 WTMJ Milwaukee

And that's the big question that will need to be answered, along with the question of can someone who so little is known about turn into a star. But, just by virtue of securing a guaranteed contract, Antetokounmpo is a star provider in his heretofore poor family. "We're going to have a better life," he concluded. "My brothers will get to go to better schools." 620 WTMJ Milwaukee

June 28, 2013 Updates

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