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Now he's up to 29 minutes a game, almost 12 more than his career average. "We have to get him back to playing that [energetic] way, and I don't know how we do that right now," Scott said, adding that a minutes reduction might be necessary. Hill's recovery time also has been slower than expected. "He's not recovering in that 24 hours or 48 hours, whatever the case may be, as fast as we want him to or as fast as his body should," Scott said. "It's something that we've just got to try to figure out." Los Angeles Times

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No one on the Lakers would argue they are better off with Bryant. But his team-leading 24.6 points per game average has come on a career-low 33.5 percent shooting. “He’s tired, man,” Lakers forward Jordan Hill said. “He’s trying to go out there and give it his all and help win some games.” Los Angeles Daily News

Serena Winters: Jordan Hill: "We've got to play for each other, trust each other." (Jeremy Lin also echoed "play for each other" last night) Twitter

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A contract that once looked overwrought now appears eminently fair, to the point where the Lakers are considered likely to exercise the $9 million option they hold on Hill’s deal next season. On a roster widely viewed as devoid of trade assets, sources told Sporting News that Hill is the one guy about whom the Lakers get realistic trade calls—but that LA has no plans to move him. Sporting News

When LA was criticized for the size of Hill’s contract, he mostly shrugged it off. He had been pursued by the Heat and Rockets—among others—but Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak told him to make sure he checked back with the team before he signed elsewhere. “I heard all that, but I didn’t pay any attention,” Hill told Sporting News. “I knew I had the skills to do it, I just needed the minutes. With D’Antoni, it was hard for me to find the minutes. He wanted me to do the things he wanted me to do to get the minutes. I couldn’t really do what I wanted to do, to play the way I know I could play. "So, things happened and now it’s a whole new year. Now, I am one of the main focal points of the team, so I can go out there and do what I am capable of doing.” Sporting News

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Hill isn't the scoffing type. But he came as close to it as possible while discussing what changed this season. "I got the minutes. This is what I've been waiting for," he said. "I knew once I got the minutes I was going to progress and show them what they bought." Then he mentioned former Lakers Coach Mike D'Antoni, who helped Hill get career-highs almost across the board last season but wanted him to stay in one spot — the post. "D'Antoni wanted me to stand down there, just try to clean up and do the dirty work. I was already struggling for minutes with him so I couldn't do nothing but listen to him," Hill said. "Now I've got Byron Scott, who trusts me, and I can play my all-around game." Los Angeles Times

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The Lakers certainly can’t win with Bryant taking all the shots, either. He took 34 shots, making 15 and was 11 for 16 from the line. Jordan Hill was 4 of 9 for 15 points and three others had 10 points a piece. “I’m more than willing to sit back,” Bryant said. “If you think I want to shoot this many times and be as aggressive at 36 years old, you’re freaking crazy.” Orange County Register

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After attracting interest from Houston, Miami, San Antonio and Orlando in the off-season, Hill expressed gratitude over the Lakers granting him a relatively expensive two-year, $18 million deal. “I’m glad to be wanted,” Hill said. Yet, the Lakers have an option on his second season. That puts the onus on Hill to ensure he no longer relives last season’s frustration. “Last year, I was thinking too much about playing,” Hill said. “If I messed up, I wondered if I would see the floor again. Right now, Byron is relying on me and I’m one of his guys. That really builds more confidence in me to come out this year and play my game.” Los Angeles Daily News

Yet, the Lakers coaching staff often attributed that imbalance to Hill’s fluctuating fatigue. So the 27-year-old Hill said he has stopped drinking alcohol, admitting it hurt his efforts on becoming the Lakers’ renewable energy source. Hill said the lifestyle change helped him drop from 253 pounds to 240. “It was that time to step out of my old ways and to grow up,” Hill said. “Now I feel really, really good. I can run and down more often. My wind is back. My body feels good. I feel like I could go for days.” Los Angeles Daily News

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