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May 21, 2015 Updates
May 19, 2015 Updates

A league source says that almost 80% of this season’s hacking was done to five players: Jordan, Andre Drummond of Detroit and Howard, Josh Smith and Joey Dorsey of Houston. The coaches keep apologizing for doing it, saying the rules oblige them to do this… then voting against changing the rules. Forbes.com

May 18, 2015 Updates

Unfortunately, not everyone agrees it’s an issue. In fact, team officials who do may be in the minority. “Change the rule? For what?” asked an Eastern Conference GM who is on the NBA’s Competition Committee. “For DeAndre Jordan and Dwight Howard? Learn to shoot free throws.” A league source says that almost 80% of this season’s hacking was done to five players: Jordan, Andre Drummond of Detroit and Howard, Josh Smith and Joey Dorsey of Houston. Forbes.com

May 14, 2015 Updates
May 11, 2015 Updates

Rockets forward Josh Smith: "It's a decision that the coach made, and you have to just roll with it. Whatever he decides to do." Howard: "I don't think that was the reason (they lost the game). I don't think it had an effect on the game." For McHale's part, he said that Howard's early foul trouble inspired the move. "We were just trying to see if we could muck up the game a little bit," McHale said. "We didn't. We came back in and we kind of had to play small, so we just thought maybe we could get them out of their rhythm a little bit." USA Today Sports

April 26, 2015 Updates

Smith wants the Mavs to man-up and tip their hats to what the Rockets have done to them in this series, which Houston leads 3-0. “At some point you got to stop making excuses,’’ Smith told Houston TV station KRIV. “The postseason is a very physical game. “We're just playing basketball that's all. Sometimes you have to say ‘touche’ instead of always coming up with a lot of excuses.’’ Fort Worth Star-Telegram

April 23, 2015 Updates

ESPN: Josh Smith will be a free agent after the season, how open are you to wanting to bring him back? Morey: We’re pretty focused on now, but obviously pretty much everyone on this team, we’re going to be focused on trying to bring them back. We got quite a few free agents, Josh Smith is one, we're going to address in the offseason. We feel if our team can keep executing, we feel like we can keep getting better with the group that we have here. ESPN.com

April 22, 2015 Updates

On a night when Harden could never get his rhythm, Howard was a monster with 28 points and 12 rebounds and Smith was his running partner with 15 points, nine assists and eight rebounds. These were the good old days, resurrected with the Rockets. Josh Smith will be a free agent this summer, but he doesn't want to leave here – nor does Rockets general manager Daryl Morey want to lose him. Yahoo! Sports

They had run him out of Atlanta and Detroit, and now Josh Smith had run the Dallas Mavericks out of Houston with a 2-0 series lead, with a deeper regret for failing to sign him in January. "This is why I came here," Smith told Yahoo Sports. Yahoo! Sports

"I don't need to be, but it does give people the opportunity to be reminded how versatile I can be," Smith told Yahoo Sports. "People tend to always point out the negatives in situations. Everybody has flaws. People try to magnify them [with me] more than other players. And I don't know why. "But I stay positive. And I keep positive energy around me." Yahoo! Sports

April 18, 2015 Updates

The Rockets have four players - Dwight Howard, Josh Smith, Clint Capela and Joey Dorsey - who shoot below 60 percent from the free-throw line. As the Rockets prepare to play the Mavericks in the first round of the playoffs Saturday night, they know the hacking strategy might be in play. "We definitely understand and know they are going to throw every curveball possible that they have at us to throw us off our game plan, but we are mentally strong and mentally prepared," Smith said. "Guys have been coming in, getting extra shots in, extra free throws to be focused for those moments. Hopefully if it comes, we can make them pay and knock them down." Houston Chronicle

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April 11, 2015 Updates
March 7, 2015 Updates

Mark Berman: Hakeem Olajuwon on Josh Smith:"1st of all I was surprised that he was released(laughs),was a shock.I was very happy he didn't hesitate. He wanted to come to Houston right away. I think he came to the right spot. There's no question on his impact & help for the team. He's really (making)a huge contribution for the success of the team." Twitter @MarkBermanFox26

March 6, 2015 Updates

Smith will be facing his former team tonight for the second time since the Pistons shocked the NBA by releasing their highest-paid player Dec. 21 with about $36 million remaining on his contract. The Rockets have already faced the Pistons once since then - Smith had seven points and was booed often in a 114-101 loss Jan. 31 at The Palace - so tonight's game isn't that big a deal as far as he's concerned. "It's water under the bridge," Smith said after this morning's shoot around at the Toyota Center. "We're focusing on something big here and I just want to be able to focus on ... continuing to gradually incline in the standings and not necessarily focus on who the opponent is." Booth Newspapers

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