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March 4, 2015 Updates

The interplay between Smith and the Philips Arena crowd was lively throughout the night. Smith, an Atlanta native who played his first nine NBA seasons with the Hawks, was booed loudly whenever he touched the ball. The catcalls grew louder in the third quarter, after Smith drained a 3-pointer that rattled around the rim several times before dropping in. Smith then shushed the crowd by placing his finger over his lips as the Hawks called timeout. "I mean, those fans are fickle, very fickle and bandwagoners," Smith said. "It really doesn't mean anything to me." ESPN.com

“There were a lot of questionable calls down the stretch that dictated the outcome of the game, but we have been in situations where we had to fight through adversity before and you know, we just fell short tonight,” Smith said. Houston Chronicle

“It was chippy and that was what really got us going,” DeMarre Carroll said. “If they were quiet and just did what they did, they wouldn’t have woke up Jeff Teague, they wouldn’t have woke up myself, they wouldn’t have woke up Paul (Millsap). I think that’s when it got chippy and Josh Smith was doing all this.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

March 3, 2015 Updates
February 28, 2015 Updates

Rockets forward Josh Smith has decided there is no other choice for the NBA's Most Valuable Player honor than his teammate, guard James Harden Another MVP candidate, LeBron James of the Cavaliers, comes to town Sunday, but Smith is adamant Harden deserves the award. "What frustrates me the most - I wasn't here the whole season, but I watch the NBA and follow it closely and they always bring up new MVP candidates, but this is a guy that has been doing it since the beginning of the year, not just one or two months," Smith said. "He has done it consistently at a high level since the season started. It's ridiculous to hear them try to put names in front of his. This guy has been a notch up on other MVP candidates all year." Houston Chronicle

February 25, 2015 Updates
February 1, 2015 Updates

Smith considers himself misunderstood. “Maybe because I really don’t talk as much as people want me to or I’m not a social media junkie,” Smith said. “I kind of stay to myself and stay reserved to regular things in life like family and concerning myself with the people I love and surround myself with.” Said Harden, “He’s done a great job. He’s been a leader. Obviously he has a different role and that’s coming off the bench. He’s very vocal. He’s playing well. All he wants to do is win, everybody on this team has that same mind-set. It kind of makes it easier for each other.” Boston Globe

Smith said before the game he had no ill will toward his former team, which went on a seven-game winning streak immediately after cutting him. "I still have friends on this team, where we hung out and we had fun times and fun memories together," Smith said. "I have no hard feelings. When they went on that winning streak, I knew the process and the hard work that we had to put in right after Labor Day weekend, all the way into training camp — it was finally kind of paying off." USA Today Sports

January 31, 2015 Updates

Smith returns to play the Pistons in Auburn Hills tonight, and he's playing his best basketball in years. The Rockets haven't imploded with Smith. They've thrived with him. The idea of a contract extension this summer appeals to him, because the roster is talented and deep, his role's increasingly defined and most of all: "I'm comfortable here," Smith told Yahoo Sports. Yahoo! Sports

With three years and $27 million left on his contract, Smith confesses now: "I was shocked." He knew Detroit had discussed trades, knew that that frontline of Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond was unworkable, but Josh Smith never expected to shake Van Gundy's hand and leave the gymnasium a free agent that morning. Yahoo! Sports

His family was incensed and Josh understood it. His family has forever taken the criticism harder than him. Better than everyone else, they know him. They watch and listen to everything about him, the way loved ones do, and his father, Pete, warned Josh: "You're going to get scrutinized … It's going to make you look bad," and with the world barking louder and louder, trashing his character and dismissing his considerable talent, Josh Smith told his father simply: "I don’t care." Yahoo! Sports

He's never cared much about selling an image, never played into the modern branding game. Perhaps people don't see it, but Smith apologizes for nothing when he declares himself "Old school" for his distaste of the self-serving and self-promoting nature of social media. He has no interest in filling your timeline with news that he's "back on the grind," or shoutouts to half-assed celebrities and jocks with whom he’s supposed to pretend to be friends. “I don't agree with the world knowing my every move, my every step," Smith said. "I don't need to broadcast it. I grew up in poverty. My parents really had to work hard to put food on the table for my sisters and brothers. I don't see the need to take pictures of me on vacation, or with a new car. Kudos to the people who do it, I guess, but there are so many people who are struggling. It's a slap in the face to them. Yahoo! Sports

"I was the first one to work out with Hakeem Olajuwon. But no one would ever know that, because I didn't post a video of him and me working out. I didn't show people how I was working out with Calvin Murphy in Houston early in my career. There was no need for it." Yahoo! Sports

And while the Rockets certainly heard the tales about some of the challenges Smith had in Detroit and prior to that Atlanta, the slate has been wiped clean in Houston. “I wouldn’t necessarily call it a clean slate,” Smith said. “I’m a person that’s always … anybody in this league is always criticized. I really can’t take that into deep thought. I have to go out and just play. I’m with the Houston Rockets now. I’m extremely excited to be in this position. I’m trying to make the most out of my opportunity here instead of always answering questions about the Pistons.” CSNNE.com

And it is that desire to be successful, something he has done little of as a pro, is what’s often overlooked when the narrative of Josh Smith is laid out. When asked if he believes he’s misunderstood, the veteran forward didn’t hesitate to respond in the affirmative. “Oh yeah, for sure,” he said. “I think so. Maybe because I really don’t talk as much as people want me to or I’m not a social media junkie. I kind of stay to myself and I kind of stay reserved to regular things in life as far as just family and concerning myself with the people I love that I surrounded myself with.” CSNNE.com

January 29, 2015 Updates

We tracked trade rumor mentions on HoopsHype (which we humbly consider the go-to place for these matters) in the last three years to find out which players appeared most often in the trade mill without actually getting moved. Kharpetian's assertion was not far off: Nets center Brook Lopez is No. 3 in mentions of trade rumors that didn't lead to a deal. Only Pau Gasol and Josh Smith are ahead of him in the past three years. HoopsHype

January 22, 2015 Updates

Gores said he gave Smith the golden parachute because he believes in his coach. "Even before Stan came on, we talked about the future and building the future," Gores said. "Stan didn't just call me one day and say, 'This is what we have to do.' We had been talking for a few months about how we were going to get this team into the future. "Josh is a great talent but we had so many other great talents on the team that we really needed the ball being in more hands. So as much as a lot of people think this decision was made overnight, really it was made over a good month and a half. "We weren't delivering. We weren't winning. It was a process." Booth Newspapers

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