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JR Smith: "With 45 games games in the rearview mirror since the trade, I’ve been able to reflect on things, and now see it as a blessing in disguise. For me, being away from New York, my hometown, has led to far fewer distractions. In Cleveland, there just isn’t much to do after 9 p.m., so the days of fashion shows, shopping, and the nights out have been replaced by one thing and one thing only: Basketball. There have been unfair rumors that lead people to have misconceptions about me: that I don’t care; that I don’t take my job seriously; that I am not committed to my craft. It’s unfortunate, but people have been saying this about me during my entire career. It obviously bothers me and naturally would bother anyone to feel that people don’t take you seriously as a person. I see it in media commentary during each season, and I experience it firsthand when I’m on the golf course in the offseason, everywhere. Then after 18 holes, or lunch, or a meeting, without fail, someone tells me I am a completely different person than who they perceived me to be. Look, I get it. I understand that my appearance, the way I carry myself, the past ways I have handled myself on social media — all of these impact the way the public sees me." Medium

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Shortly after the Cleveland Cavaliers' 109-97 win over the Detroit Pistons on Monday, J.R. Smith was interviewed by the Quicken Loans Arena's in-house emcee. He was asked for his thoughts on LeBron James' second triple-double of the season and 39th of his career. "Who? The real MVP?" Smith said, his message echoing to the sellout crowd of 20,562 who were making their way to the exits. "There's a lot of speculation about who should get the award, but we all know who the real MVP is." ESPN.com

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Back when he played for the Knicks, J. R. Smith was a regular at 1Oak. Last season, when he was in the midst of getting in trouble with the league for untying opponents’ shoelaces, Smith was photographed at 1Oak pretending to untie the shoelaces of another patron. The photograph made the rounds on social media. New York Times

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One would think as an 18 year old in China with deep pockets, extra down time, and all the foreign media attention on him, there would be a few stories here and there popping up of Mudiay run-ins with the law, extravagant parties, or even just late nights out in the city. Nope, none. I asked numerous knowledgeable trusted sources in China to find any interesting behind-the-scenes story that they could provide on Mudiay, but to no avail. Clean as a whistle. A far cry from another American import a couple years earlier – JR Smith. HoopsHype

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