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March 22, 2015 Updates

Here are some of the questions and answers we asked Robinson. Who was better Karl Malone or Charles Barkley? “I’d have to say Karl. He was remarkably steady. Charles was a force to be reckoned with most of the time, a Hall-of-Famer, but there were times when he was more trouble than he was worth.” FanSided

March 14, 2015 Updates

NBA legend Karl Malone knew how to dunk the ball with style as he would hit the air, put his hand behind his head and tomahawk the ball right through the basket. It was his signature dunk and Eric Griffin of the D-League’s Texas Legends paid tribute to “The Mailman” in a recent game versus the Reno Bighorns! Bloguin

March 7, 2015 Updates
February 13, 2015 Updates

Karl Malone on what he wants to get off his chest: “I want to say something that’s haunted me for a lot of years. I must admit something. I really and truly was so disappointed that the Mavericks didn’t draft me. It worked out great for me in Utah, so I’d like to come clean here and say something. I must admit that my first 10 years playing against the Mavericks I wanted to beat them really bad. I got to say that and get it off my chest.” Dallas Morning News

On why he wanted to play for the Mavs: “Because they had me out, before they [the NBA] had restrictions, seven or eight times before the draft to the point that I was just convinced they were going to draft me. But they didn’t. And I wanted to be close to home. But you know what, I was still close to home. I just went to Utah. I just always growing up wanted to play for the Mavericks because I had the opportunity to play at the next level. But they didn’t. So it hurt my feelings for about 10 years, but it worked out unbelievably for me in Utah as you know.” Dallas Morning News

February 12, 2015 Updates

Many have decried the former players' stance, including Barkley's "Inside The NBA" co-host Kenny Smith. The two even had a frank on-air discussion about it. Despite the backlash, Barkley has not backed down from his position, and neither did Malone on Wednesday. "Stop using the excuse about race," Malone said. "I am sick and tired that every time you turn around, that's what we dangle ... Our problem now is we do so much talking and beating things to death. Let's take ownership in ourselves ... stop waiting for someone to come in and march for us." Huffington Post

February 11, 2015 Updates

While he doesn't harbor ill feelings toward Bryant today, Malone said he's still willing to sort things out between them. "We had a little issue," Malone told host Marc Lamont Hill. "I don't hold grudges ... I love Westerns. I'm old-school Western. Back in the day, when you had a beef, you didn't go get guns and knives ... we just go back in the back with no cameras and knuckle up. Get it over with." Hill pressed Malone if he offered Bryant that route to resolution. "It's a standing offer," Malone said. "Look, I don't want no trouble. I don't have a problem. People say whatever they want to say and that's great. I'm 6-9, 272 [pounds] to be exact. I'm not hard to find. I don't want no trouble. But if something got to go down, I'm not playing fair." Huffington Post

Malone may have outscored Barkley by 13,171 points (and Barkley even trails Malone in points per game), but according to more advanced metrics, there’s little doubt that Barkley was the better player. Over a common range of ages (22-36), Barkley was worth about 2.1 more points per 100 possessions to his team’s efficiency differential than Malone (in the estimation of Box Plus/Minus) and produced about 10 more wins of Value Over Replacement Player (VORP). For BPM nonbelievers, Barkley also leads in Player Efficiency Rating (PER) and Win Shares per 48 minutes. FiveThirtyEight

January 1, 2015 Updates

Duncan pulled down 10 rebounds to move past Walt Bellamy for 10th on the career list, with 14,250. He added 16 points for the 814th double-double of his career, tying former rival Karl Malone for fifth on the all-time list. “He’s an incredible, incredible specimen,” Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said. “And when I say specimen, I don’t mean physical. Just mental toughness, his spirit, his professionalism. It’s unparalleled.” San Antonio Express-News

December 26, 2014 Updates

Mike Trudell: Kobe said he talked to Michael Jordan after passing MJ for 3rd on the scoring list, and among MJ's messages was: "Go get Karl (Malone)." Twitter @LakersReporter

December 15, 2014 Updates
December 14, 2014 Updates
December 13, 2014 Updates

But with a stated intention of not playing beyond next season, reaching Abdul-Jabbar’s 38,387 is almost unimaginable for No. 24. In fact, Scott doesn’t see anyone catching Abdul-Jabbar. “I think that’s gonna stand for a while,” Scott said. “I don’t think in our lifetime we’re going to see it being broken. … It’s going to be hard for somebody to break that. They’re going to have to play 20-something years I think to get that one.” Karl Malone is second on the career scoring list with 36,928. Orange County Register

December 8, 2014 Updates

If Bryant stays near his current pace for the rest of this season and next, he'll not only pass Jordan before his current deal is done, he'll start getting within striking distance of Karl Malone's 36,928 points, second on the all-time list. It will take more work than Bryant is currently under contract for to approach Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's NBA record of 38,387 points. (Bryant shared his feelings about passing Jordan, with whom he has a close relationship, in a solid bit of reporting last week by Bleacher Report's Kevin Ding.) It has not been a topic of conversation in the locker room. "When he does pass it," Kupchak said, "it's a testimony to consistency and playing at a high level for a long time. I think that's nice, but I think we all know that he would trade that for a team that competes for the playoffs or a championship." NBA.com

November 18, 2014 Updates
November 17, 2014 Updates
November 5, 2014 Updates

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