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Spurs small forward Kawhi Leonard may not yet be the face of the Spurs' franchise, as coach Gregg Popovich predicted he might one day be. But Leonard is officially the feet of Nike's iconic Jordan Brand. The 22-year-old signed a deal to sport the Air Jordan shoes — the line produced for and made famous by Hall of Famer Michael Jordan since 1985 — and other Jordan Brand apparel. San Antonio Express-News

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Q: Were you surprised by Kawhi Leonard? Manu Ginobili: "When he came I got really angry because I enjoyed playing with George Hill. I was frustrated that they had traded him for a rookie. But I didn't know who he was. Ever since his first year, despite the lockout, he showed some things. But in the second half of last season, it was crazy. You had to take your hat off. The guy can play, he deserves to have the ball in his hand and earned our respect. If you ask him, even Pop's going to say he was surprised." Ole

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Having added a logo-only uniform last season, the Spurs are expanding their wardrobe even further this season with a special camouflage alternate to honor San Antonio’s strong military roots. Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard shot pictures behind closed doors following Monday’s practice. Green said he’d already seen the jerseys, giving them an endorsement. “It’s a fatigue-type style,” he said. “They’re pretty nice.” No immediate word on when or how often the Spurs will wear the jerseys, images of which were not yet publicly available. The logo jerseys had originally been intended for select dates last season before serving as the team’s de facto home uniforms for long stretches. Camo alternates aren’t uncommon in pro sports. Toronto became the first NBA to wear them, in 2011-12. Now, fittingly, the Spurs will join them. San Antonio Express-News

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It’s HEB commercial day once again at the Spurs facility, where a film crew of almost 40 people have descended to produce another batch of the popular spots. It’s not high art, to be sure. But as far as local commercials go, it might as well be — especially when compared to Tiago Splitter’s car spots. Interest is high with the involvement of Kawhi Leonard, whose deadpan potential is off the charts. San Antonio Express-News

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“I think Kawhi is the new [Tony] Parker, [Manu] Ginobilli, [Tim] Duncan kind of guy,” Gregg Popovich said to HOOPSWORLD at Spurs media day. “He’s going to take over as the star of the show as time goes on. Timmy and Manu have obviously figured out a way to continue to play very well and be at the top of their games at their age. Tony is still young enough to be the star that he is, but he’ll get older too and that’s where Kawhi comes in. He’s been phenomenal. He’s improved more quickly than any player we’ve ever had because his mindset is such that he wants to be great and he has all the reasons to be so we have to put him in the position where he can be a great player.” HoopsWorld

"I think Kawhi is the new Parker, Ginobili, Duncan kind of guy. He's going to take over as the star of the show as time goes on," Popovich said. "He's been phenomenal, he's improved more quickly than any player we've ever had because his mindset is such that he wants to be great. And he has all the reasons to be." ESPN.com

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How good do you think Kawhi Leonard can be? Boris Diaw: He's great. I think he's going to be an All-Star one day. He's got it all, he can do everything on the court: plays defense, gets rebounds and he can score. Everything. HoopsHype

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"I just talked to Kawhi and told him he was absolutely amazing," Popovich said after Game 7. "Nobody expected him at this young age to play the way he has through the whole playoffs. He really is a star in the making. He's just beginning to feel what he has. He's like a little baby learning how to walk, as far as NBA basketball is concerned. He (could be) a senior in college this year, and he's come so far, and a lot of that credit goes to [Spurs assistant coaches] Chip Engelland and Chad Forcier what they've done in developing him." USA Today Sports

"It's very tough, knowing you left it all out on the floor," Leonard said after the Game 7 loss. "All I can do is learn from it moving forward, try to get better this summer and try to get the team back here next year." USA Today Sports

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