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June 17, 2014 Updates
June 16, 2014 Updates

Leonard has been touted because of his NBA Finals performance, which featured one of the all-time turnaround. Leonard scored nine points each in Games 1 and 2, only to go on to produce 23.7 points over the final three games and end the series with averages of 17.8 points and 6.4 rebounds. OKC Thunder star Kevin Durant saw that performance as more of a system-based result, and he said as much in a casual Twitter debate. Sporting News

Jeff Caplan: Pop says he calls ZERO offensive plays for Kawhi. Everything he gets comes out of the flow of the offense. That will soon change, Pop says. Twitter @Caplan_NBA

But as he walked away from the championship podium, the only one in the building surprised he was named the Finals MVP in a landslide vote, he said everything you need to know about who he is and what's inside him with a hug. A deep, soulful hug with his mother, Kim Robertson. "I've got tears in my eyes, I'm so proud," Robertson said. "I'm very, very emotional. It's not about Kawhi winning the MVP or not. I'm just so glad we won." ESPN.com

"Me and my brother were in the car," Robertson said. "Kawhi was in the back and he just says, 'My dad is dead.' "I really didn't see Kawhi suffer from it. I wanted him to. I would say, 'Kawhi, you OK? You OK?' But I think he just kept it in. "I was kind of scared. You know how young men, they lose their father, who is a big figure in their life. It might turn them to do things bad. But Kawhi's always been strong. He's a good kid. He wants to get better and better." ESPN.com

Kawhi doesn't talk much about it, to anyone. Not even his mother. But sometimes you honor someone best with actions, rather than words. "From the moment it happened, he wanted to make his dad proud," Robertson said. "He wanted to keep on moving and moving and moving. "Kawhi just wants to get better and better and better. He does not want to be a superstar. He does not want to be in the limelight. He just wants to be good at what he loves to do." ESPN.com

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