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For Kent Bazemore, most of his vitamin sessions have centered on his reconfigured shooting stroke. Not long after Bazemore signed with the Hawks last year, he began working with the assistant coach Ben Sullivan, who picked apart Bazemore’s mechanics. Bazemore had an elongated motion, and the ball tended to come off his ring finger and pinkie. “Ben’s a very forward guy,” Bazemore said. “He pretty much said, ‘I’ve been looking at your jumper, and I honestly don’t know how you make shots.’ ” New York Times

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The Hawks compare themselves to an expensive watch (“We’re all a gear,” says guard Kent Bazemore) and a deep-dish pizza (“We’re all a piece,” says Teague). When Teague took a charge this season, he hollered at Brand, “My first one ever!” And when he returned from a gimpy hamstring, he asked Budenholzer if he could come off the bench, “so I don’t mess us up.” A WWE devotee, Teague likens himself to Rey Mysterio, Korver to Shawn Michaels, Horford to Hulk Hogan, Millsap to The Undertaker. The team plays UNO or Spades together on the plane and adheres to breaking bread on the road, despite the limited menu options. “Coach takes us to these fancy Italian restaurants, with foie gras and escargot,” Brand laments. “We’re like, Hey, anybody got any french fries with ketchup over here?” Sports Illustrated

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Two starters, Paul Millsap and DeMarre Carroll, will be free agents at the end of the season. How important would be for the team to keep those guys? Kent Bazemore: I think the way we're playing, how we finish out the season will speak volumes for any free agents we have coming up. The chemistry is great, we are all familiar with each other. I think it'll work out. HoopsHype

I guess you are satisfied with the decision you made signing with the Hawks this summer. Kent Bazemore: Yeah. I had a lot teams that reached out - the Warriors, the Lakers, they all reached out. Boston was a team that was there, the Charlotte Hornets were there... My agent did a great job looking at all the options. I've got a lot of family in the East Coast. My mom has already been at a few games... It feels good being here. A perfect match. I want to make a name for myself in this league and the Hawks are trying to do the same. HoopsHype

Let's talk about the All-Star hashtag skit. It was a tribute to the one Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake did, right? Kent Bazemore: Oh yeah, yeah, it was definitely a spinoff of that. The Hawks PR came up with the idea and myself and Mike Muscala did it. I hope they saw it, I hope they get to see it one day... And who came up with the nicknames? I loved 'Better Call Paul' Millsap and 'Machine Gun' Korver. KB: Thank you, man. Me and Mike spent a lot of time with the guys on the bench. Throughout the games we are always making hashtags, just fooling around, you know. Trying to stay in tune for the game, and the skit was like a synopsis of the foolery that can come up with. HoopsHype

What was the reaction in the locker room when they saw the video? KB: They still repeat some of the hashtags. We all call Kyle 'Machine Gun' Korver now anytime he hits a three... Anytime one of the players makes a play, one of the guys on the bench will throw out one of the hashtags. It's always a good time. Do you like the mean tweets by Jimmy Kimmel or the hashtag feature by Fallon? KB: They are both very hilarious and creative... I think the hashtag skit is probably the best, it requires a lot more skill, because it's all on the fly, it's very versatile, it can go in so many directions with it... The mean tweets, I can go to Twitter and search my name and find a thousand of those. The hashtag skit is probably my favorite of the two. HoopsHype

Kent Bazemore: Danny Ferry was doing a good job of cleaning up the organization, getting the right guys in the right spots. The foundation he laid definitely got the Hawks organization going in the right direction. It's tough, with all the other teams, the competition to sign guys, salary cap restrictions, to finally get a team and finally win with it. HoopsHype

How did the locker room deal with the Danny Ferry situation? Kent Bazemore: We handled it well. At the end, everyone knows Mr. Ferry was around a ton. He's a great guy, man. It's a business at the end of the day and everyone makes mistakes, but we are not in any position to judge anyone... They've got transcripts or whatever... We don't really know what was going on there. He's still watching over us from a distance. He stills gets the bulk of the credit for turning around the Hawks organization. We kind of miss him. Coach Budenholzer has done a great job filling in, and also Mr. Steve Koonin. The sun is shining bright even on rainy days in the Hawks organization. HoopsHype

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On whether the Spurs did contact him, Bazemore confirmed there were some discussions between he and San Antonio over the summer. “Yeah,” said Bazemore, “they reached out to my agent, showed some interest, but I came here (Atlanta), so the second best thing obviously – same system.” I asked Bazemore why he chose Atlanta in the end, despite being pursued by a few teams when he was a free agent. “It was a good mix, an up-and-coming team, myself, I’m an up-and-coming player,” said Bazemore. “The system is good, how the ball moves, a lot of pick-and-rolls stuff, those play to my strengths; how they play defensively, how active they are defensively and I was in talks with them a lot.” ProjectSpurs.com

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