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March 18, 2015 Updates

What about you? How do you think your role has evolved over the season and how would you like to see it evolve? Love: Yeah, I think it’s ever-evolving. I think I’ve been on the perimeter quite a bit but I’m been fortunate to be able to mix it up, and as I mentioned earlier, play an inside-out brand of basketball. So that’s what I was trying to do last night: Take the ball to the hoop, be aggressive play in the paint, but also space the floor so Kyrie [Irving] and LeBron [James] could play down. For The Win

What’s something about playing with LeBron that we don’t know? Love: I think he’s very cerebral. He’s a guy that, you know, just soaks everything up. He knows what play is coming from the other team. We’re watching film and talking about the other team and personnel and you know what they want to accomplish out there on the floor and he’s the one speaking up. It’s the coaches that have the scout, but he’s been around the league many times and knows other team’s coaching staff and how other players like to play and goes out there and speaks his mind and kind of tells us how we’re going to play out there. For The Win

Love, meanwhile, has sat out the past two games, and his status for Wednesday’s game is unclear. The team has insisted Love was resting and is healthy, but he has dealt with back spasms at various points this season. New York Post

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March 15, 2015 Updates

Love continues to deal with soreness in his back and found himself benched again in the fourth quarter of Cleveland's overtime victory Thursday in San Antonio. But with the Cavaliers (42-25) having won 23 of their past 28 games to surge to second place in the East, Love said it's no time to sulk. ESPN.com

The three-time All-Star denied that he might need a procedure after the season to address any specific concerns but acknowledged that he has been dealing with stiffness and recurring back spasms since November. "It's something I want to get right before we get to the playoffs, because that's what's most important at this point," Love, 26, told ESPN.com before Saturday's practice in preparation for Sunday's game against the Magic. "It's not something that's -- I'm going to have to address my body. But I address my body every offseason. I'll go from my toe all the way up to my head to try to figure out how to better my body for next season. It's not something that's going to bother me down the road." ESPN.com

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March 7, 2015 Updates

Love is launching 8.1 threes per contest in his last seven games. His highest rate of threes taken in Minnesota was 6.6 last year, and that was along with the inside touches he received. No matter what the statistics suggest, Love is not in agreement on the big-man long distance tag. "I heard some people calling me that but I know I'm not a stretch-four," Love told NEOMG. "I'm a post player who can shoot. Right now I'm just doing what I'm called to do. For good, bad or indifferent, I'm playing my role and doing what's asked of me. Tonight, I stayed out on the perimeter." Cleveland Plain Dealer

March 6, 2015 Updates

Last summer, the C’s thought Kevin Love was a more realistic target than James, and they pushed hard to get in on his sweepstakes. Ainge did everything in his asset-laden power to pair Love with Rajon Rondo, even though he knew he was putting himself in a position to have to overpay Rondo when he becomes an unrestricted free agent this summer. Boston Herald

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February 28, 2015 Updates

The Timberwolves asked for promising shooting guard Klay Thompson, one half of the league's best backcourt nicknamed the "Splash Brothers." When the Warriors were unwilling to part with Thompson, Love was sent to Cleveland in a package built around 2014 first-overall pick Andrew Wiggins. "That was a crazy summer for me," Love said Thursday morning. "But as soon as LeBron got in touch with me, that was kind of all put to an end. We're both two very good teams. Looking back, sure there's things you can look at and say, 'What could've been.' But I also would've been thinking about this situation had it been the other way around. I'm happy to be here and just want to continue to win." Cleveland Plain Dealer

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February 26, 2015 Updates

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