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The group assembled in suite 35 on the Krieg DeVault Club Level of Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Pritchard, who sat in the front of the room on a bar-style high chair, highlighted the key points of being a GM and explained the fundamentals of drafting, signing, and acquiring players. “It was amazing how educated the people were in the room,” Pritchard said afterwards. “The people had great questions. That’s what it’s ultimately about, trying to help them get in this business.” The number one job of a general manager, he said, is to communicate with the owner. It’s integral to constantly keep the team owner in the loop so that priorities are aligned, it’s understood what’s fiscally possible, and a culture is defined. NBA.com

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Pritchard, a six-year NBA player, has worked in an NBA front office since 2004 when he was the director of player personnel for the Portland Trail Blazers. In 2007, he was promoted to General Manager. He’s currently in his second season with the Pacers and first as GM. An hour before the Pacers-Raptors game on Feb. 8, Pritchard is hosting a seminar, "How to Be a GM." He’s had the idea for a while, but after receiving tremendous feedback on twitter, he decided to move forward with the idea. "I thought about it a couple of times and the one thing I know is there’s a lot of people that want to get into business and they also need to get a little direction number one, but also get a foundation," Pritchard explained. NBA.com

The job is so complex that it would probably take days to understand some of the nuances and pieces to working in a front office. That’s why Pritchard says he will cover the fundamentals—which are just as important upstairs as they are on the basketball court. He also plans to answer questions from the participants. "You can’t really get into too much detail, but what you can do is give them a foundation so they can understand what being a general manager is all about, see if they want to do it, and how to get into the business and what is my typical day made up of." To earn a front office position, you have to be willing to work your way up. Just take a look at Peter Dinwiddie’s story. Before the season, he was promoted to Vice President of Basketball Operations, but he started with the franchise in ticket sales. A 'whatever it takes' mentality and perseverance are both vital components. NBA.com

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The Trail Blazers hired Chris McGowan as president on Monday. He replaces Larry Miller, who replaced Steve Patterson, who replaced Bob Whitsitt. Also, McGowan will work alongside general manager Neil Olshey, who replaced Rich Cho, who replaced Kevin Pritchard, who replaced Patterson, who replaced John Nash, who replaced Whitsitt. Point is, it hasn't felt easy to explain around here since Whitsitt left, has it? The hope here isn't that McGowan will walk on water, or help a basketball team that feels headed to another NBA Draft Lottery find a miracle way out of this mess. Rather, the hope is that McGowan can work closely enough with Olshey to end the convoluted decade of madness and again make the basketball, not the business (or some gobbled combination) feel like it's driving the bus again. Oregonian

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The way Pritchard sees it, Granger was forced to play a role he was not naturally fit for when the Pacers made him their focal point. “Danny was put into a position a few years ago where he needed to score a lot and now we don’t need his scoring as much, we need his overall game and he’s a heck of an overall player,” Pritchard said. “That’s what we need out of Danny and he gives it. He’s shown to be very unselfish, he’s given up a lot of his offense to be a better defensive player last year. We got the fifth-best record in the league last year, you don’t just say, “We don’t need him.” That’s a bunch of baloney. I don’t believe that.” HoopsWorld

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Assisted by the Pacers’ new general manager, Kevin Pritchard, Walsh filled out the bench over the summer but called himself “kind of a caretaker.” Bird’s departure from a promising young team has been attributed to back and shoulder problems or organizational friction, depending on the source. Walsh, 71, said he did not know if Bird was merely on leave or gone for good, but added, “At my age, I’m no long-term solution.” He is, however, walking steadily, requiring only the occasional use of a cane, recovered from all that occurred after his three-year liaison that transported him from the suburbs of the city they call Naptown to a 2,700-square-foot apartment on the Upper West Side and to the Garden’s bright lights, where he was often struck by the thought, “Oh, man, this is the top of the food chain.” New York Times

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Peter Dinwiddie has been promoted by the Indiana Pacers to Vice President of Basketball Operations. Dinwiddie will assist Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations/General Manager Kevin Pritchard and Pacers President of Basketball Operations Donnie Walsh in various capacities, including compliance with the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement, assisting in player contract negotiations, salary cap management and compliance with NBA player personnel rules. He is an Indianapolis native who attended Indiana University and has a degree from the New England School of Law. RealGM

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Most front office people bring in their own personnel. But it was pretty obvious that general manager Kevin Pritchard would be elevated in the front office. How much did you know about him before this? Donnie Walsh: "I had dinner with Kevin when I first came back. I really didn't know him when I came in. Larry had already recommended him to Herb, (former general manager) David Morway was already gone, so when I walked in here, I knew he was going to be here. I've really enjoyed working with him. He's exactly the kind of guy I want to work with. I still make some calls, but he's really good at working the phones. I think sharing ideas -- he's been a general manager before -- is great. The way I see myself doing the job now, he's a perfect fit for me. I've got confidence in him. He's somebody I really enjoy talking about basketball with him." Indianapolis Star

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Why do GMs hire their agent's other clients instead of best coaching candidate available? Peter Vecsey: We know we don't like it. It's been happening for years. It's not only Warren LeGarie and Olshey, it's Arn Tellem. That's where he started, as a workout guy. Arn Tellem has been pushing him. Warren has got a cult going or something, the way these GMs, presidents and owners listen to him. It's fascinating that he's able to get one of his clients into Portland with what went on with Kevin Pritchard. Your listeners are well aware of that. I believe I was the one who broke that story about how it happened. They ended up getting fired because the line to the owner and the owner's right hand guy, they tried to usurp Miller and maybe it's worked. Maybe that's why Miller left. I don't know Miller but maybe he left because they weren't listening to him any more. I don't know. Blazers Edge

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