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October 16, 2012 Updates
October 12, 2012 Updates

Living in a hotel near the Bulls' practice facility, Kyrylo Fesenko recently wanted to check out downtown Chicago. So the affable Ukrainian, who never has had a driver's license,did what he has done at his two previous NBA stops: He took a cab. One small problem: The Chicago area is a bit larger than Salt Lake City and Indianapolis. After spending $140 for a ride, Fesenko found new motivation. "I'm actually thinking about getting my license now," Fesenko said. "I was like, '$70 each way? Uh, uh, that's not going to happen.'" Chicago Tribune

Fesenko is getting serious. Well, at least in the moments he isn't sticking his hairbrush into the phalanx of microphones surrounding Kirk Hinrich after a recent game. "Don't get me wrong: I will never, ever stop joking. That's who I am," Fesenko said. "But now, I just understand more when to joke. When it's time to do hard work and when it's time to have fun. "In that case, I really adore Coach Thibs (Tom Thibodeau). He's really hard on us. But when we have a water break, he's OK to crack a couple of jokes. It's pretty cool. I'm watching him and trying to absorb everything I can. A defensive-minded player and a defensive-minded coach, what could be better for me?" Chicago Tribune

October 5, 2012 Updates

A physical player with surprising athleticism for his size, "Fes" developed into a fan favorite despite receiving limited playing time during his stint in Utah, where he played four seasons before signing with Indiana in the middle of last season's lockout-shortened schedule. "He’s a little bit more mature—a little bit. Still very athletic. Great locker-room guy, great sense of humor. Huge body—he’s 7-2, 7-3, very wide—but moves well with his weight. He can help us," said Carlos Boozer about his former Jazz teammate, who still doesn't have a driver's license. "No! I asked him that, too. He’s a little older now. when we drafted him, he was a little younger. I think he still has a driver. He said, ‘I think it’s time for me to get my license.’ I said, ‘Yeah, it might be.’" CSN Chicago

October 1, 2012 Updates
September 28, 2012 Updates
September 27, 2012 Updates

The Chicago Bulls have invited veteran center Kyrylo Fesenko to training camp on a non-guaranteed contract, according to sources close to the situation. Sources told ESPN.com that Fesenko is on course to sign with the Bulls by week's end after working out for team officials this week. ESPN.com

September 24, 2012 Updates
September 12, 2012 Updates

On the big man front, a source says 7-foot-1, 280-pound Ukrainian center Kyrylo Fesenko is scheduled to work out for San Antonio next week. The Spurs aren't the only team wanting a look at the 25-year-old, though, as Fesenko -- who spent most of last season on Indiana's bench after playing his first four seasons in Utah -- may work out in Cleveland soon thereafter. There have also been discussions with Miami and Atlanta. SI.com

June 30, 2012 Updates

Center Kyrylo Fesenko is open to re-signing with the Pacers. He only played in three games after being acquired late in the season. Indianapolis Star

May 29, 2012 Updates

There's no guarantee they'll open training camp in the fall with the same roster. Roy Hibbert (restricted), George Hill (restricted), Leandro Barbosa (unrestricted), Lou Amundson (unrestricted), Kyrylo Fesenko (unrestricted) and A.J. Price (unrestricted) are all free agents. It's a long shot, but Vogel said he'd like to have the same roster next season. "I think we're really good now and I think we have a tremendous chance for growth w the guys we have on our roster," he said. Indianapolis Star

May 16, 2012 Updates

Chris Tomasson: Two years ago, Kyrylo Fesenko said he could have been a Chernobyl baby. Fesenko, whose birthplace and hometown is Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, told me that's a 5-hour drive from where the Chernobyl nuclear disaster occurred 4/26/86. Since Fesenko was born 12/24/86, he told me glad the wind wasn't blowing then from Chernobyl when he was still his mother's womb. "I'd have like three hands and four feet,'' he said at time. When I first saw Fesenko in this series, he said, "I'm hiding my extra arms.'' Sulia

May 5, 2012 Updates

Fesenko, Pacers forward Danny Granger and other players on the team were leaving Club 23 in Downtown Orlando at around 2:45 a.m. Thursday when they got into an argument with a group of people outside the bar. Orlando police riding bicycles moved in to make sure the incident didn't escalate to a fight and the Pacers walked away from the pack. Cell- phone video of the incident was posted on TMZ.com. "I was approached by a group of people. They started verbally abusing me," Fesenko said after the Pacers' practice Friday afternoon. "We just, we did the mature thing. We walked out of there. That's it." Orlando Sentinel

What do you want a bunch of 20-somethings with cash to do on a free night? Sit in the hotel and study for the LSATs? Read the collected works of Proust? "Some drunk guys raised their voices, the whole thing was defused and we walked home," said Dahntay Jones, who was among the Pacers who spent part of the night at Club 23 right down the street from the team hotel. "Everybody did the right thing, the mature thing. And actually, the guys came over later and apologized." Indianapolis Star

Danny Granger was still scratching his head after Friday's practice, trying to figure out how he and his teammates became a TMZ staple. "My wife called me about it," he said, smiling. "I couldn't believe it. Nothing happened. Absolutely nothing." Indianapolis Star

May 4, 2012 Updates

Cops rushed in to break up a heated late night exchange between several members of the Indiana Pacers and a pack of angry clubgoers in Orlando early this morning ... and the whole thing was caught on tape. TMZ obtained footage ... showing 7'1" Kyrylo Fesenko confronting a group of people outside of Club 23 around 2:45 AM. Sources at the scene tell us ... the whole thing began when one of the clubgoers angrily accused Kyrylo of "bumping into him" ... and then unleashed a flurry of verbal attacks at the NBA star. TMZ.com

As Kyrylo tried to walk away from the situation ... the mob grew in numbers and the taunts became louder. That's when Kyrylo's teammate Danny Granger charged towards the clubgoers ... only to be restrained by some of his friends. Multiple bike cops peddled to the scene and diffused the situation ... with Granger and Kyrylo calmly walking away without further incident. TMZ.com

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