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At times, would Blatt prefer to see James more engaged in timeouts and huddles? "I do," Blatt told Yahoo Sports. "But I've had players do that before. But the answer to that is just winning. This isn't a perfect world. This isn't utopia. In the NBA, it's different. Every glance, twitch, gets glorified and magnified. I just let it go. There's nothing I can do about it." Yahoo! Sports

Blatt's strategy seems simple: Over time, sell James – sell all these Cavaliers – on a vision for victory. "It is a process," Blatt told Yahoo Sports. "It really has to come first from the professional side. Man to man, we're OK. We don't go out drinking together, but we're fine man to man. But professionally, LeBron wants to win. And he wants from me, from any coach, a vehicle to help him win. "Sometimes, it's tougher. Sometimes, it's less so. He's one of the great players of all time. He's been in the Finals four straight years and five times overall. He's got his own opinions and he expresses them. At times, he can be stubborn. But what I know from him, what he wants from me, is a vehicle to help him win. And beyond that, nothing else is really important." Yahoo! Sports

James took a pass from Matthew Dellavedova at the top of the key, drove to the hoop, got bumped by Matt Barnes and somehow put in an off-balanced one-handed shot off the glass for the and-one. James' celebratory jig prompted reaction from Clippers star Chris Paul, who waved it off as if to say, "Don't even." The ensuing free throw gave the Cavaliers a 104-100 lead. Cleveland Plain Dealer

Obviously, that approach won't work in the NBA unless one has a resume highlighted with a few NBA championships. In an interview with Northeast Ohio Media Group, Blatt elaborated on the notion that he's not operating as he did in years past. "There are different things, but does that mean that I'm personally different?" Blatt asked NEOMG. "I don't think so. It's a different game and a different environment and naturally there are going to be things that I will have to adjust to." Cleveland Plain Dealer

The play was to find Irving at the top of the key, but the Clippers were overplaying him. James instead zipped a pass to a cutting Tristan Thompson who finished a layup and was fouled. James immediately looked at the coaching staff and pointing in their direction as if he was commending them for drawing up such a beautiful, effective play. It was the first time James has outwardly shown any level of satisfaction or gratitude towards Blatt. Cleveland Plain Dealer

January 16, 2015 Updates

Hearing about the discord between coach David Blatt and LeBron James for the past week, I noticed some interesting interactions on the sidelines between the two. I took these videos during timeouts. It sure looks to me like James is not paying attention to Blatt and is clearly disengaged. During some of the huddles he is staring into the distance, is 10 feet removed from the rest of the team, and even walks away from Blatt to the other side of the court, nowhere near his teammates. SheridanHoops

There was little to no interaction between LBJ and Blatt. With a few minutes to go in the fourth quarter, the Cavs made a miraculous comeback to tie it up from trailing by as many as 18, and while Blatt was drawing up a play, LBJ cut him off and took over the huddle. I don’t have an agenda here. I’m simply reporting what I saw. You be the judge. SheridanHoops

“It’s always fun; a pleasure,” James said of playing Bryant. “Two of the best competitors this game has ever seen. To be on the same court with him, someone I looked up to when I was a child growing up and seeing him go straight from high school to the NBA, it’s fun. It’s great. I hated him being out of the league last year because of injury. It’s fun having him back.” For The Win

“It’s a little different now,” Bryant said of facing James. “Some years ago, we were competing for championships. I was a lot more moody. Now it’s a little different. I get a chance to appreciate the competition and enjoy that interaction. We’ve gotten to know each other very well. Our relationship had changed over the years. We never really had much interaction until (they were on the Olympic team together in) 2008 and it has grown since then.” For The Win

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