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March 20, 2013 Updates

Before he was released from Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, Lil Wayne got a visit from an NBA player who regards the rap star as a "big brother." "I just went to make sure my friend was good," the Los Angeles Clippers' Chris Paul told Yahoo! Sports on Tuesday after the team's a shootaround at Sleep Train Arena. "I don't really want to talk about what is going on [with Wayne's medical condition]. But as a friend, I just wanted to make sure he was OK." Wayne was released Monday after being hospitalized for nearly a week, according to a tweet from rapper Mack Maine. The Associated Press reported that the Grammy award winner was hospitalized for a seizure. Paul was among several celebrities, including rappers Drake, Nicki Minaj and Birdman, who visited Wayne. Yahoo! Sports

"I listen to his music. He's my favorite," Paul said. "There are a lot of parallels with sports and stuff like that and his work ethic. He is unbelievable." The bond hasn't kept Weezy from rooting against Paul when the Clippers play Wayne's beloved Los Angeles Lakers. The Clippers are 3-0 against the Lakers this season, something Paul hasn't been shy about telling his buddy. "When I always beat the Lakers he is the first person I call," Paul said. Yeah, seriously." Yahoo! Sports

March 16, 2013 Updates

Lil Wayne had no shortage of famous visitors last night -- Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul and his wife Jada stopped by Cedars-Sinai to see how the famous rapper was doing. Cameras also caught Drake, Weezy's protégé, visiting Wayne last night as well. As TMZ first reported, Wayne was hospitalized twice this week for seizures. His situation was dire last night, but his condition eventually stabilized. According to our sources, Wayne went on a Sizzurp binge between his hospital visits and doctors had to pump his stomach three time to flush the drugs from his system. TMZ.com

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December 26, 2012 Updates

On the flip side, have you come to appreciate the other players' music? JJ Redick: The funny thing about it is that I grew up around hip-hop, because basketball and hip-hop are so intertwined in pop culture. I was the only white kid on my teams growing up, and we used to travel all over the country, so I used to be really into hip-hop. I grew up listening to Tupac and Biggie and Nas, Atmosphere, Brother Ali, some independent rappers as well. I used to actually write lyrics and battle-rap in high school, so I can definitely appreciate it. I'm not a huge fan of what's out right now -- I think that's partly why I don't listen to it as much. I've been a huge Kanye fan and a huge Lil Wayne fan and a huge Rick Ross fan, so when they put an album out I usually get it that day, and I'll listen to that for a while. Billboard

December 3, 2012 Updates

SLAM: You hosted a basketball camp this past summer in Michigan. How’d that go? Jonas Jerebko: It went great. That’s something I always wanted to do. I kind of wanted to do it at home—coming from Sweden, I wanted to give an NBA experience to the kids over here. But I just felt like the best situation was in Detroit and I wanted to have my own basketball camp. We got about 50 people signed up for it, and then we decided to fill the camp up—we wanted to have a full camp—so we got in contact with an AAU team down in downtown Detroit, and we gave that team free scholarships for the whole camp and we just decided to fill the camp up with free scholarships. We had kids from all over Michigan send applications via YouTube on why they should come to the camp for free. Kids were driving three hours [to come]; we had kids from downtown who couldn’t even get to the arena, so we went and picked ‘em up. The kids got free t-shirts and gear—Lil Wayne was really nice and sent a lot of Trukfit gear. SLAM

June 15, 2012 Updates

Lil Wayne was a no-show for Thursday night's game 2. But fallout from his negative comments continued to reverberate around the arena and the country. NBA super fan Jimmy Goldstein, who sat two seats away from the rapper Tuesday night, said he was shocked by Lil Wayne's harsh judgment of the arena and city. “I couldn't believe that,” Goldstein said shortly before the start of Thursday night's Game 2. “I get such great treatment (here). Better than any other arena.” Oklahoman

June 13, 2012 Updates

Lil Wayne got to see a Thunder playoff game inside The Peake, after all. The rapper was sitting courtside for Game 1 of the NBA Finals between OKC and Miami on Tuesday night — after buying his own tickets, a Thunder spokesman told Yahoo! Sports. Oklahoman

June 12, 2012 Updates

Marc J. Spears: Thunder expect rapper Lil Wayne to attend Game 1 of the NBA Finals tonight. Wonder if he'll be sitting next to KD's mom courtside this time? Twitter

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May 10, 2012 Updates
May 9, 2012 Updates

Lil Wayne was sitting courtside at a recent Lakers playoff game, cheering on his favorite player, Kobe Bryant, whom the rapper says has inspired much more than just his music. "He's inspired not only songs, but he's inspired me in life in general just the way he attacks things, the way he never backs down, the way he fights through injury," Lil Wayne said. "Not only do he fight through injury, and not only do he play through injury, he excel through injury. I take those type of things and I just apply them to my everyday life." Los Angeles Times

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