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May 9, 2012 Updates

Lil Wayne, one of the most revered artsts in hip-hop, said he grew up watching Bryant. The rap star and the basketball star have on multiple occasions publicly expressed their admiration for each other. "I learned a lot from Kobe," Lil Wayne said. Though Lil Wayne has a diamond grill and sits only a few feet from the sideline, he said he comes to games as an anonymous fan and doesn't expect any recognition from the players. "This is the playoffs, I dont expect them to acknowledge me. I dont even expect them to notice me," Lil he said. Los Angeles Times

February 26, 2012 Updates

Why that title: Anthony and the rapper Fabolous hosted the event at Vain, which proved to be one of the most populated nightspots the entire ASW. When and where: We arrived sometime after 1 a.m. at Vain, just in time to see some of the biggest names hanging around this weekend to arrive. Performers: Fab -- who was a popular party guest and host this week -- once again took the mike. Before he arrived -- which was closer to 2 a.m. -- we counted four DJs in various spots around the nightclub, which actually was a nice touch. If you wanted to hear the good salty language hip-hop that gets sold out of car trunks, you likely were hanging out on the rooftop, where a DJ spun ATL-sounding hip-hop. If you wanted more mainstream pop, dance and hip-hop music, you tried to muscle your way to the main floor. And if you wanted to hear Drake, Lil Wayne and made-for-radio hip-hop music, you may have stayed in some of the private VIP rooms. Celebrities we saw: Kobe Bryant walked in just as we were walking in, which caused ripples of excitement throughout the crowd in the street. Kevin Durant, Andrew Bynum, Anthony, Lala Vasquez, Fabolous, Russell Westbrook, Ne-Yo, LaMarcus Aldridge, Kamerion Wimbley and Evan Turner. ESPN.com

June 10, 2011 Updates
March 29, 2011 Updates

Lou Williams and a few others 76ers attended Saturday night's concert despite having a noon game the following day vs. the Sacramento Kings. After the loss, Lou, believing their attendance at the concert had already been brought up, commented on it, saying that some guys who went to the concert played well (Jrue Holiday, Spencer Hawes), while other guys didn't play so well (Lou himself). Pretty quickly, this became a very big deal with folks saying the Sixers were being unprofessional and immature, staying out until 3:30 a.m. in the morning, and jeopardizing their preparation for the game -- an overtime loss to the Kings. Before tonight's game against the Chicago Bulls, we went straight to Lou himself to get an explanation about exactly how all of this blew up on them. Later, I went back to Lou to ask him if he really was out until 3:30 a.m. and he denied that, saying he has a kid now and he can't be out all night like that. He seemed exasperated by all of this and didn't want to keep talking about it. Philadelphia Inquirer

Were you suprised at the reaction? "No, that's what happens, gives people something to talk about." Was there partying after? "We don't have heavy drinkers, we don't have heavy partiers, we just went and enjoyed a concert. Actually, I was the only one that played bad that was there." Did you consider not going because it was an early game? "The concert was over at 10 o'clock. And like I said, we've done worse, late dinners, late movies. We went to a concert, we weren't crowd surfing or anything. We were sitting comfortably in a suite and sat back and enjoyed the show." Philadelphia Inquirer

And you don't sleep anyway cause you have a newborn? "I don't sleep anyway. Like I said, if that was made for an excuse for us to lose the game, I was the only one that played bad that was there. That's it. I don't think it's that big of a deal. Period." The decision to attend a concert when the next day's game is at noon (meaning most players arrive by about 10 a.m.) might not be totally blameless here, but I've heard some blatant lies regarding the situation: saying certain guys attended who did not attend, saying they were out partying all night. But this all seems a reflection of some sort of cultural stereotype rather than the reality of the situation: Lou went to the concert, he didn't play well. Jrue went to the concert, he played one of his best games of the season. Also of note, some of the Sacramento Kings attended the concert, as well. Philadelphia Inquirer

February 9, 2011 Updates
January 22, 2011 Updates
November 7, 2010 Updates

Lil Wayne turned up courtside in red baseball cap and long dreadlocks to watch the unbeaten New Orleans Hornets edge the Miami Heat 96-93 Friday night, a day after his release from a New York City jail. Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Carter Jr., was freed Thursday after serving eight months in a gun case. Asked how it felt to be back, Wayne told the The Times-Picayune: "Like I never left." Forbes.com

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