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Brooklyn Nets head coach Lionel Hollins joked with reporters on Tuesday that they should get their phone cameras ready, as he was "probably going to cry" in his return to Memphis. The Grizzlies organization honored the man who started the grit-and-grind era with a video tribute before tipoff. Hollins kept his composure while being welcomed back, which was surely not an easy task. He spent 15 years with the franchise, in both Vancouver and Memphis, and he remained in the city last season after he was replaced by Dave Joerger. CBSSports.com

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Brooklyn Nets Coach Lionel Hollins recently stated, unprompted, that NBA Commissioner Adam Silver should name Garnett to the all-star team this weekend in New York in recognition for what he’s done to revolutionize the game and carry the league for two decades. Garnett, who hasn’t stated whether or not he’ll retire after this season, brushed off reporters when asked about the possibility, since he has grown weary of people making note of his past accomplishments and treating what once was routine for him – like dunking – as something special. He’s got no time for sympathy or praise. Washington Post

“I’m sure he doesn’t want it,” Minnesota Timberwolves Coach Flip Saunders said, when asked about Garnett going through this season without much applause. “I think part of it is, he’s in Brooklyn. People don’t identify him with Brooklyn. You see the people that go out, they’re with a team that somebody can identify with. Tim Duncan in San Antonio. I think Kevin, if he was in Boston or Minnesota, he’d probably have more of that.” Washington Post

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King was adamant that the reports that first-year coach Lionel Hollins' job is in jeopardy are absolutely false. "I don't know where that story came from about Lionel, but it's not true," King said. ESPN.com

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Nets coach Lionel Hollins wanted to make a point about facing up to and fighting through adversity when he was asked if he ever changed his approach during a bad stretch. But he took his analogies to the extreme. “Do you change your approach when life doesn’t go the way you want it? There’s some people that change their approach, they go kill themselves,” Hollins said Thursday in East Rutherford. The coach apparently realized immediately that suicidal references were way over the top and tried to explain his point. “But we’re trying to compete and play. I’m not trying to equate basketball with death — life and death. But still, there’s adversity and you have to fight through it,” Hollins said before giving another life-lesson analogy that went a tad too far. New York Post

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In fact, a pair of recent reports have cast doubt on whether Hollins and Johnson will still be with the team when the snow subsides. The Nets’ brass is prepared to “evaluate” Hollins, according to a report from ESPN. Johnson, meanwhile, was being discussed in trade talks with the Charlotte Hornets, who were offering a package including Brooklyn native Lance Stephenson, swingman Gerald Henderson and forward Marvin Williams, according to a report from Yahoo Sports. But according to a source with knowledge of the Nets’ thinking, the report about Hollins was untrue and the trade talks with the Hornets had ended. Still, the two teams could reignite negotiations closer to the Feb. 19 trade deadline. In fact, the Hornets have discussed sending Stephenson to Brooklyn no fewer than three times since signing him to a three-year, $27 million deal last summer, according to the source. Wall Street Journal

The Brooklyn Nets, increasingly worried about the team's recent lack of competitiveness, have launched an in-season evaluation of various facets of the team, including new coach Lionel Hollins, according to league sources. ‎The Nets lost consecutive road games last week to the Los Angeles Clippers ‎and Utah Jazz by 39 and 35 points, respect‎ively, sparking concern within the organization about whether Hollins' message is getting through. It's just the fifth time in NBA history that a team has lost back-to-back games by 35 points or more. ESPN.com

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