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January 15, 2015 Updates

Carmelo Anthony, however, breezed through his royal hookup Wednesday when hanging with William’s younger brother, Prince Harry, at a reception at St. James’s Palace. Invited to help present awards for a coaching program sponsored through a partnership between the NBA and the Royal Foundation, the Knicks forward presented the fourth-in-line to the British throne with a size 15 shoe and a Knicks jersey with Harry’s official surname, Wales, emblazoned on the back. ESPN.com

For once, Melo confessed to being a little starstruck over his encounter with the man considered to be among Europe’s most eligible bachelors, even though they shared a few laughs during the ceremony. “It was an honor,” said Anthony. “You just don’t know what to expect. For me, walking into the room together, and the kids just laughing and joking, and he’s laughing and joking, just a warm welcome from him to me, it was an honor. “I never thought I would meet a prince. It’s royalty. You can feel it when you come over. So for me to come over and be right there, you feel that energy, that vibe. You get that royal feeling.” ESPN.com

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October 31, 2014 Updates
January 16, 2014 Updates
January 15, 2014 Updates

The Brooklyn Nets, like all human beings, operate on internal clocks, and on Tuesday they were still set to Eastern Standard Time. They're trying to get to Greenwich Mean. With a game here Thursday against the Atlanta Hawks as part of the NBA's Global Games program, the Nets have to adjust quickly if they hope to keep the momentum they've built in 2014. "I slept pretty much all day, woke up at 8, went back to sleep," said Paul Pierce of the team's first day in England. Wall Street Journal

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January 10, 2014 Updates

It would seem likely Williams wouldn’t make the trip to London, as the more prudent course of action seems to be having him stay home and get an additional week of rest and recovery time, then potentially returning to the court on Martin Luther King Day at the Garden against the Knicks. “We’ve hit a rut [before] with [Williams] not playing,” Joe Johnson said. “So the fact we’ve had a couple good games, we’re not going to get ahead of ourselves. We can’t wait for him to get back. … We definitely need him.” New York Post

December 26, 2013 Updates

In what has become one of the highlights for the NBA, the Nets head to London for a game against the Atlanta Hawks on Jan. 16. The Nets will cross the pond on Sunday, Jan 12th, giving the team three days to acclimate to the time change, practice, and see the sights. There is no word yet on whether Prince William and Kate Middleton have requested an audience with Sir Kevin Garnett and Co. It probably works the other way. The Nets, of course, must remember this is a business trip, first and foremost. The business of basketball has not been kind to the Nets. Center Brook Lopez was lost for the season on Dec. 20th after suffering a broken bone in his right foot. NBA.com

December 18, 2013 Updates
October 24, 2013 Updates

Wilkins, who was known as the Human Highlight Film for his explosive dunking ability as a player, told Starsport: “Eventually it’s going to happen. It’s inevitable. “I mean, whoever thought the NBA would play regular season games here? Nobody! But they’ve been doing it for years now. “Will it be the Hawks who come here? Hopefully not! I’d hate to leave Atlanta. But it could be a completely new franchise. An expansion. That’s the most likely thing. “I think it would be a good thing for the sport. It grows the borders for basketball worldwide. London would definitely be an attractive venue for that. “We all saw how well London put on the Olympics last summer and how great the basketball venue was. London would be a very attractive capital city for an NBA franchise. “I don’t think the travel would be an issue either. NBA teams already do a lot of flying all over north America. If you get the planning right it wouldn’t be a problem.” Daily Star

June 25, 2013 Updates

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