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On another note, I continue to hear that Scola, also a free agent, has been working out frequently at the Fieldhouse, “more than anyone,” a team source said. Scola, 35, was the oldest player on the team but still looks like he has a few more solid, productive years in him. And he has no intentions of retiring anytime soon. Vigilant Sports

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He said when he joined the Pacers before last season that he wants to play as long as anyone will have him, and he doesn't rule out the possibility of playing past 40. “I don't feel close to the end, that's the truth,” he said Sunday. “I know people don't play that much longer after 35, but I'm feeling well. I don't know how fast the process is from the moment you start feeling close to the end versus the actual end. But I'm not feeling close to the end. I've got energy and I feel I can still do this and I'm still having fun and I can work out hard and play hard every day. As long as all that's still there I don't see me being close to retirement.” NBA.com

“This is a great place and I believe it's going to be a very good team next year. It's not up to me, you know? We'll see if the guys in the front office are happy with what I did and then we'll talk. Every team that wants you to stay, it's a good thing. It means you did well and they like you and think you can help them. So I'm looking forward to getting a positive nod on that and then move on from that. I don't know what's going to happen.” NBA.com

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Veteran forward Luis Scola said Friday that, prior to "clicking the past two or three weeks," he was concerned the team was experiencing some of the separation that Vogel spoke of. "We were falling apart, and nothing was working, and we continued to have people hurt," Scola said. "But at some point, people got healthy, and then we started playing well and then we started winning games, and we kind of clicked, and we feel a lot better right now." Bleacher Report

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Sure, the Indiana forward acknowledges, it would have been nice to join the Spurs back in 2007-08 and play with Manu Ginobili, his best friend and fellow Argentine. But there is another lost opportunity he regrets even more. “To have a chance to play with Manu would have been big, but I played with Manu every summer,” Scola said Tuesday. “The chance to play with Tim Duncan, that will always be hard to miss, because he’s my biggest hero.” San Antonio Express-News

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Before Stephenson had committed to Charlotte, his representatives had recognized his successful growth with the Indiana Pacers and a desire to stay. Move a salary off the books, move a player here or there and keep your homegrown talent, Stephenson’s management team urged the Pacers’ front office. With the ability to shed part or all of Luis Scola’s and Donald Sloan’s contracts, people involved in negotiations brought up scenarios to remove those deals to create an increased Year 1 and Year 2 salary for Stephenson in a deal with Indiana. Suggestions went unanswered, without execution. Under the direction of Larry Bird and Herb Simon, the Pacers remained resistant in their contract offer to Stephenson, and lost him. Bird had called Stephenson’s behaviors “disappointing” late in last season’s playoffs, had failed to convince ownership enough of his former second round pick to spike into a luxury tax area, but Stephenson was his guy. He always shielded Stephenson privately and publicly. Away from this partnership, Stephenson understands there’s no turning back now, no grudge to keep. RealGM

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Brazil scored 14 fast break points to Argentina’s zero. Prigioni and Scola ended the game in foul trouble, and for the latter, he knew that Brazil had him figured out. Afterwards in the mixed zone, he answered every question hurriedly, and became agitated when asked about Argentina’s group of players, most notably himself, Manu Ginobili and Carlos Delfino, the latter two, not playing in this World Cup due to injury. “What group,” Scola said. “Manu is not here. Manu hasn’t been here in a couple of years. Delfino’s not here. What is this group? We keep talking about a group but it doesn’t exist. We keep changing players every year and it’s probably two or three players that played in the Olympics before that won medals so what is exactly this group?” TalkBasket

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Reports out of Spain yesterday suggested Euroleague powerhouse Real Madrid was very interested in acquiring Argentinian forward Luis Scola. Earlier in the day, though, Scola told HoopsHype he had no plans to go anywhere. "I have a contract with the Pacers and I will continue there," Scola said. "We'll see what happens next year." HoopsHype

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