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July 25, 2014 Updates

The ongoing saga of Manu Ginobili’s status for the upcoming FIBA Basketball World Cup took yet another turn after long-time national teammate/friend Luis Scola gave a scathing interview in the Argentine media threatening to boycott the event in light of rampant corruption within the country’s hoops federation. Ginobili is scheduled to receive an update on the stress fracture in his lower right leg on Friday. But even if healthy and cleared to participate, there now seems to be a chance that Ginobili and others could follow Scola’s lead if he does indeed follow through on his threat. San Antonio Express-News

As Scola told Hernan Sartori of Clarin, “Once you know and you stay involved, you become an accomplice. All we accomplished has been squandered. We have to keep fighting for transparency. But if this becomes a circus, I won’t be able to play anymore. I won’t be an accomplice.” Ginobili and Nocioni, among others, heartily endorsed his comments on Twitter. “The captain got angry and I’m great with that. Well said,” said Ginobili. Said Nocioni, “Embarrassment! I apologize because Argentine basketball does not deserve this!” San Antonio Express-News

July 10, 2014 Updates

So to keep Stephenson, the Pacers will likely have to increase the offer. But to avoid the tax, the Pacers must free up space and one imaginable way would be cutting ties with backup forward Luis Scola. While a league source recently told The Star that Scola is still in the Pacers' plans, Scola has roughly $2.5 million guaranteed in the final year of his contract and would be the easiest moving part to sacrifice in order to retain Stephenson. Indianapolis Star

May 27, 2014 Updates

But Scola is a true basketball character, a superstar on the international stage for the legendary Argentina team that dethroned Team USA early in the 2000s. Teammates and coaches revere him. Battier cited him this weekend as one of his favorite teammates, and Daryl Morey said Kevin McHale is still asking if the Rockets could reacquire Scola. Grantland

May 4, 2014 Updates
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March 22, 2014 Updates

Luis Scola: My son Matías is getting famous... The reporter asked "can you spell your name?" And he said "yes T-O-C" Oh, boy.... http://t.co/2zgTYUAh86 Twitter @LScola4

January 22, 2014 Updates

Scola, a starter through most of his eight-year career, admitted in wanting to feel assured about how the Pacers viewed him in their puzzle. “I had concerns,” Scola said, “because this was a team that was playing really well (and) had all the pieces. I was concerned about what’s going to be my role. When the trade was going down, you never really know what kind of situation you are (in). Sometimes you are the big part of the trade, sometimes you are the worst part of the trade if a team wanted to get rid of you or the other team really wanted to get you.” But any trepidation was quickly resolved because the Pacers wanted and needed Scola. “We sat him down and told him the (starting frontcourt) belongs to David and Roy and that those are our guys,” Vogel told Scola. “ ‘This is the first time, you’ll have to come off the bench, but you’re going to come off the bench and play a lot and be a major part of a special season.’ ” Indianapolis Star

January 21, 2014 Updates

On Tuesday afternoon, Scola, the 6-9, 240-pound power forward, felt comfortable in his old home because he’s thriving in his new role. “I’m getting closer to the end of my career, so the most important thing for me is winning and this is a great chance for me to achieve that,” said Scola, a first-year Pacer averaging 8.3 points in 18 minutes as a backup. “It’s a great place to work and as a matter of fact, we’re winning a lot of games.” Indianapolis Star

Scola knew that West wasn’t going anywhere. So when he arrived in Indianapolis after a trade sent Miles Plumlee, Gerald Green and the 2014 first-round draft pick to Phoenix, Scola greeted Vogel with two questions – "What on Earth should he say to his childhood idol and new boss, Larry Bird? And secondly, ‘Am I going to play?’ ” Vogel recalled. Indianapolis Star

January 15, 2014 Updates

FIBA: The team has recruited some veterans including Luis Scola and CJ Watson and there is also the return of Danny Granger after a long injury. Can you talk about this roster. Paul George: Our group of players is amazingly competitive and talented. Everybody knows about the talent of Luis Scola. He has a huge basketball IQ, he knows the game very well and he is a superb teammate. CJ Watson brings his experience as a back-up point guard. Last but not least, Danny Granger's comeback is a great thing for us. He was injured for a while and is feeling better game after game. Our roster is very solid and our second unit is very productive. FIBA.com

December 12, 2013 Updates

His career reinvigorated at age 33 in Indiana with the East-leading Pacers, Scola now weighs 235 and hovers around 8 percent body fat. Fellow Argentines Manu Ginobili of the Spurs and Pablo Prigioni of the Knicks also follow the Paleo diet, he said. "My carbohydrate sources are fruit and vegetables," Scola said. "That's 90 percent or 80 percent of my carbohydrates." CBSSports.com

November 22, 2013 Updates

Bird spent no time settling in. He signed three free agents — three-point shooter Chris Copeland, and backup and No. 3 point-guards, C.J. Watson and Donald Sloan. Bird re-signed West and traded spare parts Miles Plumlee and Gerald Green along with the Pacers' lottery-protected 2014 first-round draft pick to Phoenix for power forward Luis Scola. "Once I took the job and got back, the first guy I wanted was C.J. Watson, but Scola's the guy," Bird said. "I wanted him for a couple years. I was very reluctant to trade a first-round pick but if we've got the team I think we have, that one extra guy can make a major difference." USA Today Sports

November 13, 2013 Updates

No other team this season comes close to having three big men in that scoring category. "(Coach Frank) Vogel, as well as the players, understand their strengths, so he gets them the ball where they can have the most success," the scout said. "It's a simple game when you do that. West and Scola are great pick-and-pop bigs. Hibbert is primarily a deep roll man but can make the 15-footer. Pick your poison." Bleacher Report

November 5, 2013 Updates
October 30, 2013 Updates

Scola readily admits he had numerous conversations with recently retired professional players during the offseason in an effort to gauge when those players knew it was time to hang up the laces for good. Scola says while the thought of retirement has crossed his mind, he still has more left to give before walking away from the game. “Well I’ve had conversations with some people who have recently retired and I don’t feel close to retirement,” Scola told HOOPSWORLD about the subject of retirement. “But I don’t know how quick the process is. I know it’s normal that you’ll start to feel like ‘this is it I just can’t do it anymore.’ I don’t feel like I’m close to that moment. But I just don’t know how quick this process takes hold. Hopefully the process is long so I have more years.” HoopsWorld

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