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Greece? You’ll find legitimate NBA players considering Somalia before they entertain offers from the only two teams in Greece that can be players in the game: Olympiakos and Panathinaikos. Those two teams were a combined 57-5 in league play last season. The third place team was 16-10. “It’s ironic,’’ says agent Marc Cornstein of Pinnacle Hoops, who has extensive experience placing players in Europe. “(Olympiakos and Panathinaikos) were in the forefront with Childress and Kleiza. They were very aggressive in the past. But they are lagging because of the economic climate over there. It’s very quiet.” HoopsHype

July 18, 2011 Updates

According to website HoopsHype.com, several players in addition to Williams and Songaila had signed with European teams as of early last week. Still other NBA players are reportedly at least considering overseas deals. While Williams’ deal includes an opt-out in case the NBA lockout ends, Songaila’s does not. Bartelstein said NBA players are convinced there will be a long lockout. Boston Celtics center Nenad Krstic had every intention of exploring the NBA free agent market if not for the lockout, said his agent, Marc Cornstein, president of Pinnacle Management Corp. But when CSKA Moscow came calling, “he got offered a tremendous contract by Moscow,” Cornstein said. Sporting News

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Guys like Brandon Jennings, Andrei Kirilenko, Deron Williams, Trevor Ariza and Kobe Bryant have all expressed interest in playing overseas. Good luck. The reality is, there are not many teams in Europe or elsewhere who will be able to hand out hefty contracts to any player, no matter their NBA credentials. That was part of Krstic’s thinking in bolting the NBA -- where he surely would have gotten offers -- for Russia. Knowing there are limited spots, Krstic made sure he was occupying one of those places. “I think what a lot of people don’t realize is, you’re going to have a perfect storm of issues here,” Krstic’s agent, Marc Cornstein, told Sporting News. “The economy in Europe is not great, that is a consideration. The lockout here is a big consideration. The bigger teams, like Moscow, are going to be very aggressive early. But beyond that, there are very few teams overseas that are going to be able give lucrative contracts. Sporting News

June 9, 2011 Updates

The most important question is, did Kim Kardashian influence Kris Humphries decision at all? The decision was to fire Dan Fegan of Lagardère Unlimited who used to be Humphries’ agent. In Fegan’s place is Marc Cornstein of Pinnacle Management. Cornstein is tasked with helping Humphries earn enough money to support himself in case he divorces Kardashian (while doing a Google search on Humphries I found a story that the two are signing a prenuptial agreement). Sports Agent Blog

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Kris Humphries continues to make news and changes this off-season. His latest move won’t get him on the cover of People like he was after proposing to reality star Kim Kardashian a few weeks back. But it will impact Humphries’ professional life and finances. He changed agents Monday from Dan Fegan to Marc Cornstein, who is now responsible for getting Humphries a lucrative contract after his career season with the Nets and after just paying $2 million on Kim’s ring. “We’re obviously really thrilled,” Cornstein said. “He’s a tremendous player and even a better person. He’s the exact kind of player you want to work with. We’re excited for the free agency process to start. I hope it can start July 1 like it typically does. We have to wait and see.” Bergen Record

Cornstein isn’t ready to talk dollars and cents yet because this is his first day as Humphries’ agent and no one really knows what the collective bargaining agreement will allow teams to spend. But Humphries is in a good place. He’s coming of a season in which he averaged 10.0 points and 10.4 rebounds, was the Nets’ best defender and became a fan favorite as well as a favorite of coach Avery Johnson’s. Cornstein said the Nets will have every chance to retain Humphries. Bergen Record

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The intriguing aspect of the Vazquez saga is that his American agent is Marc Cornstein. (Vazquez also is represented by two agents overseas.) Cornstein had a public falling out with the Magic, particularly General Manager Otis Smith, in 2007 after the club did not re-sign PF Darko Milicic. Cornstein says he and Smith have put their nasty feud behind them, adding that he would help facilitate Vazquez' move to the Magic if he decides to come over. "One (Milicic's issues) would have nothing to do with the other," Cornstein said. "Otis and I are fine. We've seen each other. It was years ago. It was an emotional time. I was less than thrilled way it was handled. It's past history." Orlando Sentinel

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