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Discreetly, the Knicks-Cavaliers Sunday matinee was pulled off ABC recently in an unprecedented move. It was the first time in the network’s 13 years of telecasting Sunday games it has obliterated a basketball window without replacing it with another game, according to industry sources. In place of the 1 p.m. contest will be Oscar programming, according to a source. New York Post

February 19, 2015 Updates

Charles Barkley did two segments on the Dan Patrick Show this morning. When he was asked about Kevin Durant’s new beef with the media, Barkley started talking about the “clowns on the internet.” Then he went on a tangent about how most guys in the media are good guys at heart, but said that there are some “scumbags” like Peter Vecsey, Skip Bayless, and Phil Mushnick. Vecsey’s feud with Barkley dates way back, and Phil Mushnick was bashing Barkley’s ‘role model’ ad in the early 90’s. As for Bayless, Barkley has previously called him a “punk-ass” hater, and opined that the First Taker has “surpassed Vecsey as the biggest jackass in the history of journalism.” The Big Lead

February 18, 2015 Updates

At the NBA All-Star break, the Milwaukee Bucks on FOX Sports Wisconsin are averaging a 2.26 household rating (per Nielsen). Ratings are trending 326 percent higher compared to this time last season, putting the team on pace to have one of the highest-rated seasons since 2009-10. The increase in TV viewership is the highest of any NBA team televised on a regional sports network. NBA.com

Silver is concerned with keeping the game relevant amid stiff competition from other sports. It's vital to stay affordable and attractive to an aging population as well as the next generation of hoop fans. It's entertainment, after all, and Silver wants to keep the NBA in the center of the spotlight. "I realize we have to earn the fans' support every day," he told The AP. "Over the course of my business career I've seen a lot of great businesses seemingly disappear. We don't take anything for granted and we realize that especially when it comes to the changing world of television that we have to focus on what's happening on tablets and smartphones and how young people are consuming media." USA Today Sports

February 17, 2015 Updates

David Letterman sent ‘Late Show’ intern Todd to the NBA All-Star Game, and between trying on Dikembe Mutombo’s clothes, finding out how sweaty Patrick Ewing was, and angering Kevin Durant, Todd more than justified the decision. Seriously. Kevin Durant really didn’t like him. For The Win

What are your thoughts with all the KD unhappy talk? Is he ready to leave OKC? Does the media bother him that much? I think it was blown up a bit. This season has frustrated him and he's been a bit moody with the media, but I don't think it's something that eats at him and angers him on a consistent basis. He's still usually pretty good with us. And as far as your question about leaving OKC, KD wasn't referring just to the OKC media. When he made the comments, he was in NYC talking to reporters from all over the world. He faces far less media fanfare in OKC, so any harboring hatred of the media shouldn't affect a free agency decision. Oklahoman

Wall was then asked if the negativity then creates distrust between player and reporter. “No, because some players don’t trust other players either,” said Wall, who scored 19 points in Sunday’s all-star game. “It’s all about you. You can build a friendship with them but still know it’s a business they have to do. So if they ever write a bad story, you can’t ever get mad at those guys because they’re doing their job.” Washington Post

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