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May 25, 2015 Updates

The Grizzlies have one major task this summer: keeping Gasol. The 29-year-old plans to hit unrestricted free agency for the first time and teams are lining up to make pitches. Whether or not San Antonio gets in the game, as many have speculated, someone is likely to make a tempting offer. But Gasol is a perfect for the Grizz, on the court and temperamentally, and it will take a lot for him to leave. If he is re-signed Memphis then needs to look long and hard at its wings. NBA.com

May 21, 2015 Updates
May 20, 2015 Updates
May 19, 2015 Updates

The Spurs will feel out Memphis center Marc Gasol, too, but the prevailing belief now is that Aldridge is more likely to change teams. The Trail Blazers' hope is that the Texas native will be enticed by the five-year, $107 million deal they can offer as opposed to the four-year, $82 million that other suitors will have on the table. But that home-team advantage has been greatly diminished by the looming spike in the salary cap in 2016. Aldridge, 29, will strongly consider doing a two-year deal with a player option for '16-'17 that would get him back to the market in a position to make tens of millions more at the new max. CBSSports.com

May 18, 2015 Updates

The working expectation on Beale Street at the minute is that Green will decide to exercise his $9.2-million player option for next season after falling well short of the Final Piece of the Puzzle dreams that Memphis had when it acquired him from Boston in January. ESPN.com

Sources say, furthermore, that they've tried to engage Conley in extension talks. More than once. But the five-year, $40 million pact they signed Conley to in 2010 -- openly second-guessed all over the NBA map at the time -- proved to be too shrewd. So the consensus starting point guard on the league's All-Underrated Team simply can't sign an extension, working from the figures on his current deal, that could come close to the sort of offers he's likely to attract as a 2016 free agent at the age of 28. ESPN.com

The Grizz, as a result, have no choice here. Conley is such a part of the furniture in the Grit/Grind World that you can safely presume his No. 11 will be raised to the rafters of the FedEx Forum someday. But it would be foolish for him to consent to an extension now, computing the increases from his current salary of $9-plus million, when he has the chance to test the market in a year at the same time that the NBA's salary cap is poised to jump from the high $60 million range into $90 million territory. Which means that the Grizz can count on two nervy summers in a row. ESPN.com

May 17, 2015 Updates

Speaking of rings, Marc wants one in the worst kind of way and isn't sure just yet on where he'll pursue it. As he said in our chat and has before in others, it would take quite a lot for him to leave the special situation they have in Memphis. And yes, for those Tennesseans who surely wondered, Marc is known to have a favorite sushi spot that he approves of in the city that adopted him so many years ago. "The city of Memphis and the franchise means a lot to me," he told USA TODAY Sports. "It's not going to be easy for me to leave a place like that." USA Today Sports

"I don't think I'm going to enjoy that part of it, because I think a lot of is just, you know, it's just not what's important," he said. "It's meaningless, all the 'We want you … ' No, 'What is your plan?' You want to see a plan. "I haven't figured (the free agency plan) out yet. I haven't really put any thought in it. I'm just going to see what I want first as a family and from there we'll go. We'll ask the questions that we have to ask, and we'll go from there." USA Today Sports

As for the notion that his decision will have everything to do with the Grizzlies' fate in this coming postseason, Marc isn't sure he sees it that way. "I wouldn't say so, I mean I don't know," he said. "I'm sure it's going to play a factor, but I'm not going into the playoffs thinking, 'Well whatever happens here, I'm going to make my decision on that.' It can't work that way." USA Today Sports

May 16, 2015 Updates

“Are the pieces in place where you guys expect to go further?” a reporter asked. “Can you get it done with this team that’s in here right now?” “I think so,” Zach Randolph said. “I think we need to add a couple more pieces and then we’re right there. Add some shooting, get some shooting. Spread the floor, open the floor. We’re right there. We have a good team.” Memphis Commercial Appeal



The Gasols go 1-2 in a list short on big names 18 years into franchise history.


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