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November 20, 2014 Updates

When it comes to guards the Heat might move, I think it would be more likely to be Cole, considering the Heat opted not to extend him at the Oct. 31 deadline. If the Heat re-sign him in the offseason (unless he takes the one-year qualifying offer as a restricted free agent), it would carry his money past the 2016 offseason, when the Heat are trying to mass their cap space for free agency. Chalmers, by contrast, has a contract that ends just before the 2016 offseason. Advantage Mario. Ultimately, moving either could come down to the confidence that Shabazz Napier instills as the point guard of the future (his money goes beyond the 2016 offseason, but at the affordable rookie scale). South Florida Sun-Sentinel

November 19, 2014 Updates
November 18, 2014 Updates

But on Monday night, he revealed to CBSSports.com another factor in his free-agent decision -- one that offered plenty of insight into just how stressful and transformative the Big Three's four-year championship gauntlet really was for him. Money was a factor. Comfort level was another. But given a chance to insert himself into another Big Three as the third wheel with the Rockets, inviting all the attention and expectations that would've come with it, Bosh ultimately said: No, thanks. I'm good. "I could see where people would think that's an attractive site," Bosh told CBSSports.com, speaking of Houston, where half the NBA expected him to land back in July. "They were trying to win right away. And I was really happy to be touted that I possibly could've been out there. But you know, that doesn't guarantee anything, and I know that. All that guarantees is a bunch of pressure." CBSSports.com

"It's incredibly difficult to win a championship," Bosh told CBSSports.com. "I know that, and I know it's a whole process." While the basketball world was obsessing over James' next move back in July, Bosh and his family were on a month-long vacation that included humanitarian work in Africa. Once James returned to Cleveland, Bosh handled all the due diligence on his own free-agent decision by phone from there. "Bottom line, he enjoyed his four years in Miami and believes they can still compete for championships," Bosh's agent, Henry Thomas, told CBSSports.com. CBSSports.com

The Rockets had pushed all their chips to the center of the table in pursuit of Carmelo Anthony (who chose to stay in New York) and then Bosh, a perfect complement to Howard and Harden. With James gone and with Rockets GM Daryl Morey clearing the runway for Bosh to chase a third ring as the third wheel in his home state of Texas, it all seemed to be a fait accomplit. The Rockets sure seemed to think so. "Did they?" Bosh told CBSSports.com. "... I think they're still in contention for it even without me. It's free agency. It's a crazy time. It just kind of got crazy real fast and then it settled down completely." CBSSports.com

Bosh delivered the dagger — a 3-pointer 1:23 from the end that brought that 11-point lead. He credited Chalmers, who credited coach Erik Spoelstra, who credited everybody — including three rookies (James Ennis, Shabazz Napier and Andre Dawkins) who played together. Miami, on the tail end of a back-to-back, was without Dwyane Wade (hamstring), Luol Deng (wrist) and Josh McRoberts (foot). “We’re going to put the ball in [Chalmers’] hands sometimes, especially late in the game and especially with guys out. We were relying on him a bit and he came through,” said Bosh, who had a key offensive rebound that led to his own jumper, Chalmers assisting, to ignite the key 9-2 streak. New York Post

Williams brings experience and commitment to a team that embodies hard work and relentless perseverance. Williams shot 43.5 percent from three-point range in 
the preseason alone and continues to 
be impressive. “I’ve liked him for three or four years,” Head Coach Erik Spoelstra said. “His skill set, his toughness, that in the right situation and the right commitment to his conditioning and his weight and strength, he could be a guy that fits in our style of play. And I think that’s what you’re seeing right now. He looks totally different. He remade his body this summer.” NBA.com

James himself has acknowledged that the Spurs' dismantling of the Heat may have altered the course of NBA history, telling CNN's Rachel Nichols in September that "it would (have been) hard to leave back-to-back-to- back championships" but also saying that even he doesn't truly know what his final decision might have been. "You really can't live and think of what may have happened," James said. "For me, I've always been a person (to) kind of live in the moment." USA Today Sports

"I'm not sure that it would have been different (with James if the Heat had won)," said Ginobili, who capped off a renaissance season with the five-game Finals victory. "Actually, it could have made even more sense for him to go and try to win somewhere else. It would make it an even bigger (goal) to go and try to win in your home. I don't know the guy. I (have) just played against him many times, but I don't know how he thinks or what made him make the decision, but I'm not sure that it was because of (the Spurs winning)." USA Today Sports

November 17, 2014 Updates
November 16, 2014 Updates

Arroyo: We have the same example with me at the Miami Heat. I had LeBron, Wade and Boss to give the ball. Can Arroyo be the real Arroyo in a situation like that? No, he can’t. He has to be a distributor for all that players. This is a very very tough situation for guys who are used to be the elite players in their teams. Spanoulis wasn’t respected that much at Houston. But, you know Spanoulis wasn’t Spanoulis at Houston! This was the case. EuroHoops.net



Many players from the current squad in the list – including the two guys at the top.


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