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April 27, 2015 Updates

Michael Jordan's shoes have spawned a legion of collectors and shoe enthusiasts that will wait in line overnight just to get the latest version of Jordans. His shoes generally retail close to $200 but one collector recently spent a lot more than that to get a truly unique pair of Jordans. How much more? Well, according to the SCP Auctions, a pair of Nike Air Ships worn by Jordan during his rookie campaign were sold for $71, 533. CBSSports.com

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A debate over who is the best basketball player of all time, LeBron James or Michael Jordan, became heated early Saturday morning, and resulted in felony charges of aggravated assault and criminal trespassing for a State College man. At 3:49 a.m. Saturday, Daniel Mondelice, 22, and his roommate began the argument at their Calder Commons apartment, 520 E. Calder Way, the State College Police Department said. Daily Collegian

April 17, 2015 Updates

Twenty-two years later, Charles Barkley would like to clear his name of an infraction that even some of his teammates have thought he committed for all these many years. No, he didn't hang out with Michael Jordan too much during the 1993 playoffs, when Barkley's Suns lost to the Bulls in the only NBA Finals appearance of his Hall of Fame career. Asked about it on Thursday, Barkley revealed that the perception of his chumminess with Jordan during that series has always been false, rooted in a case of mistaken identity. “Michael and I laughed about that 10 years, 20 years later,” said Barkley, whose final NBA game came 15 years ago Sunday. “They say we played golf together everyday, and we never played golf. They said we had dinner together every night, and we never had dinner. So we always found it funny that people said we spent every night together. We never saw each other during the Finals.” Sporting News

Barkley can remember distinctly, he said, where the rumors about his time spent with Jordan began. He was sitting at home, watching television, when a broadcast from a news helicopter shoed Michael Jordan at a Phoenix-area golf course, playing a round. With him, the broadcast reported, was Barkley. The fact that he was golfing with Jordan, Barkley said, came as a surprise to him as he sat in his living room. “I guess Michael was playing golf somewhere and was playing with somebody who looked similar to me,” Barkley said, “and a helicopter flew over and said … that’s Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley playing golf. And to this day, every time I think about it, I just die laughing. They couldn’t get too low, but they had Michael Jordan and they said we were playing golf.” Sporting News

April 16, 2015 Updates

Iverson was asked plenty of questions, from who his most formidable opponents were (to which he gave a polite non-answer) to his favorite shoes to play in (he plugged his own shoes, obviously). Here were the most interesting responses. Before crossing him up, Jordan was his favorite player. For The Win

The Chicago Bulls are temporarily relocating the Michael Jordan statue outside the United Center. The Bulls say the statue will be moved from the east side of the arena to the southeast corner Thursday -- weather permitting -- to prepare for construction of an office building. ESPN.com

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Judged by many collectors to be the most important Michael Jordan jersey to have ever entered the market, MEARS Auctions is featuring the actual shirt he wore during the 1998 NBA Finals. Virtual-Strategy Magazine

It was as if Carter had been nominated to campaign for a role that he could not refuse. He never did look comfortable. "I didn't want be the next anybody," said Carter. He was starring for an expansion franchise with no pedigree in a country that was, at that time, entirely foreign to the NBA. There was little to no understanding of what was being asked of him. As flattered as Carter was by the comparisons to Jordan, he didn't recognize where the expectations were leading him until it was too late. "I knew of Michael Jordan, but I did not know him personally. So I can never be `the next,"' Carter said. "My approach is different from his approach, or the approach of any other player. You can try like hell to be `the next' anyone, and copy their approach, and you're still not going to be the same. That's the thing I was trying to fight through -- throughout my career." NBA.com

April 2, 2015 Updates

The man convicted of fatally shooting Michael Jordan’s father in eastern North Carolina more than two decades ago hopes to win a new trial with what his attorneys describe as a wealth of new evidence. The Durham-based lawyers representing Daniel Andre Green, 40, maintain that a range of issues – from allegations of false testimony to police and jury misconduct – marred the 1996 trial that led to a lifetime prison sentence. Charlotte Observer

April 1, 2015 Updates

But while Jordan was ready for the NBA, the NBA wasn’t quite ready for Jordan. After playing their first two preseason games in Peoria and St. Louis, the Bulls were set to show off their prized rookie to their hometown fans on October 9, 1984. They would face the Milwaukee Bucks, the defending Central Division champions led by former DePaul standout Terry Cummings, along with Sidney Moncrief, Paul Pressey and Craig Hodges. They were coached by eventual Hall of Famer Don Nelson. Needless to say, there would be some serious star power on the court. But instead of playing the game on their home court at Chicago Stadium, the Bulls met the Bucks somewhere else, a place that 31 years later is simply hard to fathom. That evening, as Michael Jordan was just beginning his iconic Bulls career, he played his very first game in the Chicagoland area — at a high school gymnasium. CSN Chicago

Washington High School in East Chicago, Indiana, was the lucky institution that hosted Jordan and the Bulls that night, and those who were there still can’t believe it actually occurred. “We were very excited. I mean, to have Michael Jordan playing at your high school gym? He was coming off the Olympics. Everybody was crazy about it,” said Michael Puente, a reporter for WBEZ-Radio who in 1984 was a sophomore at Washington High School. “It’s near the top as one of the biggest events that ever occurred in the city of East Chicago.” “Looking back, it’s hard to believe that that’s how it all transpired,” said Tim Hallam, the Bulls Senior Director of Public & Media Relations who’s been with the Bulls since 1977. He says that heading to East Chicago to play an NBA game that night didn’t seem all that unusual. CSN Chicago

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