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December 7, 2014 Updates

When asked if Teague’s talents have been overlooked, Stevens said: “Not with those of us who watch games all the time. He’s a huge key to what they do. They spread the floor and have a guy who can get into the paint and make plays. And you go back to this. When you go back to this time and time again when you look at some of the hardest covers in the league, there are these guys who can go downhill and a million miles an hour and still finish plays. “I brought up the name of [Kyle] Lowry. I brought up the name of Monta Ellis. Those guys when it’s all on the line are tough to stop from getting to the basket. They become even tougher to stop when Kyle Korver and Mike Scott, Horford, and Millsap are all standing around [available to shoot 3-pointers].” Boston Globe

November 11, 2014 Updates
October 14, 2014 Updates

When did you first get into the tat game and how many tattoos do you have total now?: Mike Scott: I started very late, honestly. My junior year in college. I didn't have my ears pierced or any tattoos — not until my later years of college. But I've honestly really stopped counting. I know people hate when you say that, but I really just stopped counting after college. Is it, like, more than 20 total? And what percentage would you estimate are emojis? Mike Scott: Oh, it's definitely more than 20. Definitely more than 20. About 80%, 85% are emojis, I would say. Mashable

So why emojis? I'd never really seen emoji tattoos before yours. The story behind it is I just use emojis a lot when I text. It's me; it's original. People are doing it now, but no one else had it before I started getting into it. I dunno — I guess I started the trend. It's a trend I see now but for sure no one had it when I started. Mike Scott: Sometimes they say what you can't say. They can express the words that you can't say about how you feel. You can do a whole conversation just using emojis and people will understand. I actually do that a lot. What's the one emoji that doesn't exist that you think is missing? Mike Scott: They definitely need a middle finger emoji. I can't think of many others but that's definitely one I'd like to use for a couple people. Mashable

But what about those two girls kind of dancing side by side? You have that one too, but that's a pretty rare emoji. Mike Scott: Yeah, I just like it. I got the two girls on one arm and then the lady in the red dress on the other. I guess you could say I got my girls on one side and then my mistress on the other side. [Laughs.] I don't even know how to use the two girls one. What do you use it for? Mike Scott: [Laughs] Man, you can use it for a lot of things. I won't go into too much detail, but I always find a way when people text to get them to understand the emojis I'm using. Mashable

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August 1, 2014 Updates

Chris Vivlamore: Mike Scott deal is for three years, team option on third. #ATLHawks Twitter @CVivlamoreAJC

July 29, 2014 Updates
July 25, 2014 Updates
July 1, 2014 Updates
June 30, 2014 Updates

Chris Vivlamore: Today is deadline for qualifying offers to restricted free agents. Expect Hawks to offer Scott and Mack, not Ayon. #ATLHawks Twitter @ajchawks

May 11, 2014 Updates
May 6, 2014 Updates

Mike Scott will be a restricted free agent this summer after the second-year player made considerable strides this season. Scott averaged 9.6 points and 3.6 rebounds in 80 regular-season games. He may have increased his price tag with his Game 5 performance in the playoffs against the Pacers. “I’m just going to leave that to the GM and the coaching staff but of course I want to come back,” Scott said. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

May 5, 2014 Updates
May 2, 2014 Updates

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